Winter Cardinal Luncheon Tray by Wendell August Made in USA 11850228

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Let the stunning intricacy of the Winter Cardinal Luncheon Tray grace your home all year long. The state bird of seven U.S. states, cardinals remain in their home territory throughout the change of seasons. The striking red color of the male is a timeless delight to spot - winter, spring, summer or fall - in the species' native woodlands, gardens, shrublands and wetlands.

A tribute to the beauty of the cardinal, our Luncheon Tray's hand-wrought design is the product of expert die cutters here at Wendell August Forge, where we craft our pieces using methods rooted in centuries-old metalworking techniques.

Whether used as a hostess tray or displayed as a magnificent objet d'art, the Winter Cardinal Luncheon Tray's appeal is based in the simple charm of nature and earthy elements.


Size:12 x 18 Inches


Made in USA