About Us

An America that makes nothing? No way!

Based in Oceanside CA, in San Diego county, Made in USA Forever.com was founded by Todd Lipscomb (seen in photo with his family) to provide an easy, fun way to buy products made in the USA by suppliers across our nations. Most suppliers are small, family owned businesses.

Ultimately, it is about protecting America’s future. Where in history has a country outsourced it's ability to produce and continued to thrive? Rome and Spain both show very similar historical trends only to eventually collapse.

Stand with us to protect America’s ability to produce, create jobs, and remain a world leader.

Lipscomb has spent over ten years in the high tech industry, including one of the nation’s leading computer component manufacturers. He authored a book "Re-Made in The USA: How We Can Restore Jobs, Retool Manufacturing, and Compete with The World" (published by Wiley & Sons, 2011). Having worked abroad in Asia for over seven years, he knows firsthand the challenges America is facing.

You can write Todd at madeinusaforevertodd@gmail.com, call 888-861-0365 (toll-free) or 760-295-5900.