Clearance:SteelBee® Razor Saver Made in USA

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Features: * Prevents corrosion to extend blade life (up to 3X) * Fits all standard men’s/women’s razors * Releases Zerust Vapor to inhibit rust and degradation * Product effective for up to 2 years * Over 30,000 sold Details: It's a little known fact that rust corrosion on the blade is what makes the blade go dull. Blade manufacturers like Gillette, Schick, Harrys, and Dollar Shave Club, coat blades in a thin rust protectant film to protect the blade from corrosion until the pack is opened. That film is designed to wear away as soon as you start using it, which is why the blade feels dull after a couple of weeks. The SteelBee combats corrosion and keeps your razor blades sharper for up to 3x longer. Using patented technology, the SteelBee releases a protective vapor shield around your blades, that keeps the steel protected from moisture, which dramatically slows the corrosion process and extends the life of your razor blades. 

The Steel Bee is Made in USA