Soda Cash Candle 2-Pack (7up & Fruit Flavors)

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Love the smell of Fanta, etc.? Take some home with you! Handmade in the USA by us here at Jewelry Candle Co. using upcycled cans and natural soy wax. This amazing Coke candle also has REAL cash inside it with a guaranteed minimum of a REAL $2 bill inside EVERY Soda Cash CAN-DLE! This is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life that not only loves Coke but also would love a cash surprise inside the candle! 

These are good sized, 12 oz can-dles with a 80 hour plus burned time and smell absolutely INCREDIBLE!

The scent of this smells just like your favorite soda, AMAZING! 

Each is a reused soda can. 2-Pack means two candles. Pick your two favorite. 

Each candle has at least a $2 prize, meaning 2-pack has two prizes total.

Made in USA