Re-Made in the USA Hardcover Book by Founder Todd Lipscomb

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This book is by Todd, the founder of

Re-Made in the USA: How We Can Restore Jobs, Retool Manufacturing, and Compete With the World (Hardcover, 234 pages, published by Wiley & Sons, Inc) by Todd Lipscomb 

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Description: Todd Lipscomb is founder and president of the successful company He spent nearly fifteen years in the tech industry, including executive roles overseeing Asia finance and worldwide operating expenditures of over $180 million per quarter with Western Digital Corporation. His experience watching Asian countries take American manufacturing jobs convinced him to move back to the United States and start, which sells only high-quality American-made goods.

This book is a business-based rallying cry to reclaim the US economy. There is a nagging feeling that the U.S. is slipping as a nation and our people are powerless to do anything to fix it. Issues such as jobs, product quality and safety, wages, the economy, and our status as the world's leading superpower are all tied together with our massive trade deficit.

Re-Made in the USA addresses these issues using the author's firsthand observations and analysis, and offers a practical plan for how we can get our economy and global status back.

  • A practical action plan to get the nation back on track
  • If you're worried about America when you start reading this book, you'll finish feeling empowered
  • Todd Lipscomb has a distinguished record in international business

    America's future does not have to be on the decline. In inspiring terms, Re-Made in the USA lays out the choice Americans have between doing nothing and doing what we do best; rolling up our sleeves and working hard to fix the problem.

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    Written and Printed in USA.