Chevron Pattern Soft Wool Throw 48" x 70" Blanket Made in USA

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Chevron Pattern Soft Wool Throw Size Blanket Made in USA

● Size: 48" x 70"
Color American Harvest is a neutral beige shade made from a combination of natural USA Organic Cotton yarn and Foxfibre® Coyote Brown heirloom cotton yarn. Foxfibre® is organically grown in a rich color which is integral to the fiber itself. Not a drop of artificial dyes is needed to make these blankets beautiful
● Colors Patriot Blue and Mountain Grey are made from a combination of natural yarn and dyed yarn. These beautiful, richly colored yarns are spun and dyed in the Carolinas using the highest standards in the industry.
● Woven in New Hampshire by a company with a rich tradition in textiles, going back to the 1960’s. Although made on power looms, much of this work is done by hand with loving care. Every piece is inspected before sewing, and then again after the sewing process and again before it is packed for shipping.
● Perfect substantial weight to keep you warm in the winter and open breathable weave to keep you cool in the summer
● Made with 100% USA Organic Cotton