North Carolina Mop Sauce Made in USA

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This fabulous classic Mopping Sauce hails from the hill country of North Carolina where pork shoulder is the popular choice for BBQ. Made with vinegar, tomatoes, chilis and black pepper, it's zesty and flavorful. Basting with this tangy, thin sauce keeps the meat juicy and moist and the allows flavor of the meat to shine. For best results, baste your pork with North Carolina Mop Sauce every 30 mins while smoking. If you are cooking ribs, brush on additional sauce after roasting and let the meat rest, tented with foil. For extra flavorful North Carolina style pulled pork, add a generous amount while shredding the warm smoked pork shoulder. Paradigm BBQ sauces do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors flavor or preservatives. 12 fl oz | Glass bottle