NEW Package-Crayon Rocks Special Birthday in a Box

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By Request- New Packaging for Crayon Rocks Birthday in a Box! A new and updated look to our line of handcrafted, natural soy wax crayons. Birthday in a Box is a set of 8 brilliant and vibrant soy way crayons, that are packaged in an exclusive purple velvet bag, then nestled in a kraft box with a wooden laser cutout (styles of wooden cutout may vary), just waiting to be colored by the Birthday Child. The complete set has a large To/From tag on the cover, and is ready to pick up as a gift, signed and given. Birthday gift shopping at its and easy. Crayon Rocks....Draw Write Smile. Simply the best coloring tool for all ages made from USA grown soy wax and other natural plant waxes. Non-toxic Biodegradable and compostable from renewable resource.