NEW! Limited Edition 2021 Annual Ornament- An American Christmas (Silver Plated) by Wendell August Made in USA 91938ORNSI

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Limited Edition 2021 Annual Ornament  - Plated in Silver

The 2021 Annual Ornament, An American Christmas, now plated in silver, these limited edition ornaments create heirloom gifts the recipient won’t soon forget. Celebrate an American Christmas with an unforgettable ornament.

Start Your Tradition Today

For more than 40 years, the Wendell August Forge Annual Ornament has become a tradition cherished by families across America. Whether a grandmother starting a collection for their grandchild, or a coworker looking for something special, the Annual Ornament is a gift that means more.

2021 Annual Ornament: An American Christmas

The 2021 Annual Ornament, An American Christmas, celebrates this most wonderful time of the year in the heart of our beautiful country. For many of us, there are few more magical places than a bustling small town Main Street during the holidays. May this Christmas once again be filled with window shopping, the sounds of carols, family, friends and a hot cocoa in hand.

Make this Christmas an American Christmas by supporting local and giving American-made. Give a handcrafted gift that means more.

Handcrafted in America

Material:Silver Plated

Dimensions:2 1/8"