Cook's Spoon with Holes by Rada Cutlery Made in USA R125

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The Cook’s Spoon with holes is a superior spoon designed by and for serious cooks.


This large spoon features an extra long handle to allow you to easily reach the bottom of pans and dishes. It has a thumb recess for comfort, with holes in the bowl of the spoon to drain juices and liquids. This makes a perfect serving spoon for fruits and cooked vegetables, as well as the ideal utensil for cooking pasta.


The stub-nosed cooking spoon design provides for better stirring and scraping of the flat surface of pans. The stainless steel construction ensures a durability that will make it an invaluable implement in your kitchen for years to come.

BOWL DIMENSIONS 21/2 x 3 x 1/2 inches

HANDLE LENGTH  9 inches 

TOTAL LENGTH 11½ inches

MATERIAL Quality 300 Series High Nickel Stainless Steel