Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce Made in USA

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Kansas City, Missouri is famous for messy, sticky, pork ribs slathered with a tomato based barbecue sauce rich with the subtle sweetness of molasses. Based on that food memory, our flavor experts created this multiple napkin sauce that is sweet yet smoky with the right amount of molasses and spices to go with smoked pork ribs, steaks, and much, much more. We’re willing to wager you won’t be able to resist licking this delectable sticky sauce off your fingers. This latest addition to our barbecue across America line of sauces is now one of our bestselling BBQ sauces. One taste and you’ll understand why. While made to complement smoked pork ribs, this sauce is so good it’ll go with anything that comes off a grill, including veggie burgers. Paradigm BBQ sauces do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors flavor or preservatives. They are small batch made in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 12 fl oz | Glass bottle

Made in USA