Flame 65pc Set Made in USA by Liberty Tabletop

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Flame 65pc Set Made in USA by Liberty Tabletop

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Ignite your table with Liberty Tabletop’s unique Flame pattern! Inspired by the furnaces that keep our factory running, Flame is a bold new look designed for those who want to take their kitchen to the next level. Set your food ablaze with the brightest fire flatware in the industry! Proudly made in the USA, these “euro” sized pieces are sure to be a scorching hit with your friends and family! Description

18-10 stainless steel Heavy weight forged knife with a serrated blade Dishwasher safe 100% Made In USA Dinner Knife 9" 3.9 oz Dinner Fork 8 1/4" 1.8 oz Salad Fork 7" 1.4 oz Place Spoon 7 1/8" 1.4 oz Teaspoon 6" 1.3 oz

Included: Dinner Forks (12), Salad Forks/Dessert Forks (12), Place Spoons (12), Teaspoons (12), Dinner Knives (12), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Butter Knives (1),

100% Made in USA