Fence Jumper Goat Milk Soap Bar Citrus Clove Rosemary

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We named this soap after our escape artist, Daisy. She can get out of any fence! The 4-oil blend of Lemon, Grapefruit, Rosemary and Clove are perfect. With its beautiful swirls and lively scent, you will feel a spring in your step after you shower with this soap! Key Features of Our Soap: • Pure Goat Milk: Sourced from our own farm-raised goats. Packed with vitamins and minerals, the raw milk infuses into your skin, leaving it feeling conditioned, moisturized, and soft. I find myself using less lotion when I keep some of this soap by the kitchen and bathroom sinks, even in the harsh Nebraska winters. • All-Natural Ingredients: We only use ingredients straight from Mother Nature. No weird chemicals or synthetic stuff – just pure, wholesome goodness for your skin. Clays, seed infusions and charcoal are some of the ingredients we use. • Infused with Essential Oils: We've carefully selected premium essential oils to infuse our soap with natural fragrances.

Made in USA