Ener-Gel Cushion Maxx Insoles Made in USA by Paragon

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Ener-Gel Cushion Maxx Insoles Made in USA

Men's Sizes: Small: 6 to 9.5, Large: 10 to 14

Women's Sizes: Small: 6 to 10, Large: 10.5 to 14

Crafted in Pennsylvania
Everyday foot pain relief and support for work, walking, and sports, plus enhanced performance.
Recommended by podiatrists. Affordable alternative to orthotics.
Great for sport or work shoes with a removable insole or other loose fitting shoes.
Designed for comfort and to eliminate foot pain.
Contoured heel cup for support with gel-foam for cushioning and energy return.
Easily trimmed to exact size needed.
Flexible arch support.
Durable, breathable, and odorless.
Improves walking and sport performance.
Note: Most major competitor's insoles are made in China, BUT Ener-Gel insoles are BETTER and often CHEAPER.
Made in USA

Wouldn't it be great have less pain? Ener-Gel helps!

Note: EnerGel insoles are sold by the pair.