Electra Fish Extension Cord Connection Holder Made in USA

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  • Fast: Electra Fish is quicker and more convenient than bulky plastic extension cord connectors. You simply put the ends of 2 extension cords through the fish and connect them and then pull the cords into the teeth of the fish which hold cords tight.

  • Universal: Electra fish works for anyone that uses extension cords including contractors, homeowners, electricians, painters, HVAC Technicians, Plumbers, Painters, Oil field workers etc. If you want to keep the ends of extension cords plugged together the effective, fast and easy way, Electra Fish is a solution that works universally for all individuals, companies, and businesses.
  • Safe: Plastic Extension Cord connectors close connections into a tight air space and do not allow them to breath. Electra Fish keeps the ends of the cords out in the open air. They are easier to connect and disconnect and safer.
  • Durable: Electra Fish is made from thick durable rubber. It will stand the test of time and hold up in tough conditions.
  • Invented, Patented and Made in the USA. Golden Hammer Award Innovation and Design Winner in 2019!
  • Made in USA