Deluxe Wool Shell Bag by Duluth Pack Made in USA B111W B112W

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Deluxe Wool Shell Bag by Duluth Pack Made in USA

Duluth took their widely popular wool standard shell bag purses and are now offering them in deluxe. Get the classic wool look you want, with an added durable leather bottom and accents. Nylon lined with roller buckle closure.

Durable wool exterior

Nylon interior (for easy cleaning)

Adjustable leather shoulder strap with shoulder pad

Durable Leather bottom

Internal zippered pocket for organization

Guaranteed for Life.

For generations, this bag has been a companion of professionals that know the value of a light, yet almost indestructible utility bag for the woods. Gamekeepers, shooters, woodsmen, and even scientists in the field widely use this simple yet versatile bag to carry everything from shells and tools to small game and specimens. Of course, don’t let the name or rugged construction fool you, many of our customers find this fashionable series of bags great as an everyday purse or handbag. Our Wool Shell Bags are constructed of durable wool material and lined with nylon. Also has an internal slip pocket for organization. Comes with a leather shoulder strap. These classics don’t get old; they just get more experienced. Made in USA.

SKU: B-111-W, B-112-W

Item No. B-111-W #100

Dimensions: 8H x 11W x 2D Capacity: 176 cubic inches Construction: durable wool exterior, nylon lined, leather shoulder strap, roller buckle closure, leather bottom

Made in USA