Cranberry Sauce with Port Made in USA

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Our flavor experts at Paradigm wanted to create a natural, flavorful cranberry sauce that wasn’t full of unnecessary ingredients and didn’t look like a can at the holiday dinner table. To add complexity to a simple condiment, we included rich port wine, orange peel, and warming fall spices. The result is a cranberry sauce so delicious you’ll want to keep a jar on hand year round. Our cranberry sauce is not limited to turkey. Try some the next time you make roasted pork loin or pan seared duck breast. Use it as a spread on a ham sandwich with the addition of cream cheese for a lunch box surprise. Paradigm’s Cranberry Sauce is vegan and contains only six ingredients. It is not made with high-fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives or colors, and does not contain additional gelling agents. The cranberries are sourced locally in the great Northwest. 9.5oz | Glass jar