Cozy Cabin Cash Money Candles Made in USA

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Cozy Cabin In The Woods Cash Money Candle fragrance is of crisp air, sweet golden amber, mandarin leaf, white cedar, raw cinnamon, rich cardamom, nutmeg shavings, sandalwood, & cashmere vanilla create a tranquil aroma of a woodland forest.

All our Cash Money Candles come with a REAL $2 bill inside every candle! Everyone loves the $2 bill and often collects them and refuses to spend them as you might find a rare one with some REAL value! This is a fun, unique way to keep the old tradition of sending $2 bills in greeting cards to your loved ones for the holidays or special occasions like birthdays and such, but in a much COOLER way! The gift receipient will LOVE the thrill of burning their Cash Candle down in excitment and anticipation to get to their cash surprise inside! Thanks for shopping with us!

When your Cash Money Candle burns low enough you can enjoy your cash surprise worth $2 - $2,500 that's hidden inside for an additional surprise!

  • 100 percent premium natural soy candle with cotton wicks
  • Made in the USA & Family Owned
  • 21 ounce jar with a 2 cotton wicks for a cleaner burn
  • Every Cash Candle comes with a REAL $2 bill inside it with a 2nd chance to win up to $2500 inside every Cash Money Candle.
  • Candle with surprise cash/money inside it is a great gift idea!
  • This is NOT a lottery as we do NOT give odds and EVERY candle does have a real $2 bill in it no matter what. Anything above and beyond the $2 bill is chosen at RANDOM as once again this is just a fun, NOVELTY gift!

Made in USA