Party Spreader Black Handle USA Made by Rada Cutlery W235

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Party Spreader Black Handle USA Made by Rada Cutlery W235

The Rada Party Spreader is the best possible tool for an array of tasks that involve spreading.

This stainless steel spreader features a 3 3/8’s-inch blade designed specifically for spreading. It’s perfect for cheeseballs, cracker spreads, dips, frosting, jams, yogurt, or any food that you might want to distribute to another. The blade features a sturdy, non-flexing face for easy spreading, while its small serrations making cutting through harder spreads and various other foods a snap.

Our customers agree that the Rada Party Spreader is one of the best kitchen utensils available.

“Great - as are all Rada knives. Highly recommend this spreader and all RADA knives. If you can use a product, order it. They are beautiful and very functional. Best knives I have ever used. Better than high priced knives anywhere!” raved a Party Spreader user in a 5-star online review.

Rada Cutlery has manufactured knives and kitchen products since 1948.

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