PowerWrap Ankle Brace USA Made by Core Products

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PowerWrap Ankle Brace USA Made by Core Products

PowerWrap® Ankle Brace - Easy to Fit, Comfortable to Wear

The PowerWrap Ankle Brace with our exclusive Positive Tensioning System gives you a custom fit every time without the need to tie laces. Hook and loop tabs with laces to hold brace in place. Easier and more cost effective than taping for stability. Spiral stays help to stabilize ankle and control abnormal eversion and inversion of ankle. With a soft fit over the Achilles tendon and seamless bottom, it’s great for sports, home or anytime you need extra support. Bilateral design. One Size fits 6” - 12” (15cm - 30cm) ankle; L/XL fits 12” - 14” (30cm - 36cm) ankle.

Item Description

AKL6350 PowerWrap Ankle Brace - Black

Hand Wash Cold, Mild Soap No Chlorine Additive, Hang Dry AVOID DIRECT HEAT

Made in the USA by Core Products