Serrated Regular Paring Knife USA Made by Rada Cutlery W242

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Serrated Regular Paring Knife USA Made by Rada Cutlery W242

Black handle. Blade 3 ¼", overall 6 ¾"

The Serrated Regular Paring knife is the alternative version of our best selling knife, the Regular Paring, one specially developed for cooks who like to make use of serrated blades.

This 3-inch serrated knife is ideal for any cook who likes to make a saw-cutting action when preparing foods. Its super-fine serration allows the knife to quickly penetrate the outer surface of even the toughest foods, ensuring quick and precise cuts where such might normally be difficult.

Whether you need to cut, slice, or peel, the Serrated Regular Paring will prove to be the best paring knife for the job. The zippy-saw-cutting action is possible because of the blade’s mini-serrations, which will readily work through tough and fibrous foods such as asparagus, broccoli, carrots, onion, rhubarb, and much more!

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Made in USA