Classic Caramel Sauce Made in USA

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Luscious, smooth, buttery, and creamy Classic Caramel dessert sauce with delicious toffee flavors. Made with 100% cane sugar, heavy cream, butter, and pure vanilla. Long considered the wunderkind of dessert sauces, caramel sauces can be used with almost any dessert. Our Classic Caramel sauce is no different. Made only with the best quality ingredients, every spoonful overflows with rich and mouth-watering toffee-like flavors. Paradigm’s Classic Caramel is an all-purpose dessert sauce. Use this versatile and delectable sauce on ice cream, cakes, cookies, pancakes, crepes, waffles, and more. The possibilities are endless! Add a spoonful to your coffee in place of sugar for a decadent morning pick-me-up. 10oz | Glass Jar