Artichoke Scarpetta Pasta Sauce Big 24oz Made in Maine

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Artichoke hearts are nutritious, delicious and a remarkable centerpiece to this savory tomato sauce. Flawlessly enhanced by organic Italian chianti wine and sautéed onions and garlic, our Scarpetta sauce is a sensational addition to any type of pasta. Scarpetta, meaning "little shoe", is often used among native Italians when eating homemade pasta sauces so delightful that every drop must be savored and wiped clean from dinner plates with fresh Italian bread. A piquant combination of artichoke hearts, vine-ripened tomatoes, imported chianti, and fresh onions, slowly simmered, makes our Pemberton's artichoke Scarpetta sauce a delicious companion to your favorite pasta and bread-dipping appetizers. Yum! Made in Maine. Big 24oz.