Sale: 8 oz Box Solar Powered Sea Salt Made in USA

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Sunshine and seawater--the only ingredients in our mineral rich, solar evaporated sea salt. This is the same salt as in our 6 oz jars, just newer packaging, with branding more focused on the sustainability of our process. Inspired By: A never ending love of the magic of crystallization and the ocean. Tastes Like: Rich, briny and bright, this salt captures the mineral bounty of our local waters. Try it On: All things For an interesting contrast, you can compare our sea salt to say Maldon Salt or Jacobson Salt-both of which are amazing, beautiful flaky salts. Our sea salt is not flakey, it is more granular, and that's because it's very difficult to produce flaky sea salt by solar evaporation which we use. Jacobsen Salt and Maldon Salt are able to produce their salts by boiling seawater which allows them to control the crystallization, the downside being it's much more energy intensive than our method. Similar in consistency and minerality to Celtic sea salt.

Proudly Made in Washington.