Classic Hemmed Pillowcases Set of 2 made from USA Farmer Grown Cotton

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Classic Hemmed Pillowcases made from 100% USA Cotton

Created for you, the sleeper, our sustainable, luxurious, made in the USA pillowcases are crafted by experts who have been making pillowcases for over 115 years. We used our extensive experience to create the perfect fabric which is a balance between delicate, soft and breathable versus sturdy and crisp. Our classic American bedding is percale fabric made with 100 % West Texas Organic Cotton. Because they last, you don't need an endless supply of bedding. When you choose American Blossom, you chose American Quality.

Standard set includes 2 standard pillowcases (21" x 31")
King set includes 2 king size pillowcases (21 x 41")
Made from 100% West Texas Organic Cotton
Color Natural - Unbleached in the warm beige shade as nature made it heavier, more durable fabric than the flimsy imported sheets commonly sold by major retailers
Environmentally friendly, pure, chemical free softness
Made in the USA ethically and sustainably
Higher thread count does not guarantee higher quality pillowcases. Many imported pillowcases have manipulated and untrue thread counts. American Blossom developed a custom fabric which is approximately 180 threads per square inch.
Machine Washable & Dry-able. Excellent pillow cases.

Made in USA