California North Razor Shavecream 8oz Pump 08002

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California North Razor Shavecream 8oz Pump
* 8 oz * Award Winner. Excellent slip to protect against nicks and cuts.
* Foamless Conditioning Blade Barrier great for any beard or hair.
* Promotes Healthy Looking Skin for men, or legs for women.
* Dermatologist tested and recommended, pH balanced.
Promotes Healthy Looking Skin.
Razor Shavecream is foamless and not a soap-based product with maximum lubricity.
It is easy to see what you are shaving, recommended for heavier beards, and for anyone who likes the use of a cream that is close to a gel in feeling.
This formulation creates a slippery glide surface and absorbs into the hair follicle, swelling it standing it away from the face.
This allows for a closer shave, while the product does condition your skin with each use.
Women use this product especially to shave their legs, which can appear dry after shaving without any preparation on the skin.
You do not need more than a coating of this product, not a heavy amount at all. It has a very light orange botanical scent.
Follow with California North After Shave Care, or our O2XYGEN Fragrance After Shave Balm.

Code: 08002

Made in USA