Ponderosa Pine Wood Soap Saver Tray made in USA

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This innovative design is made by us the seller and we have a design patent pending This novelty SOAP dish is not only a stunning eye catching conversation piece, but it is also very functional as a soap dish. The minimal surface area on the top allows soap to dry quickly after use, which will extend the life of the soap. The two outer edges "S" and P" are slightly raised higher than the inside "O" and "A", which allows for just two points of contact with a new bar of soap. This will eliminate any sticking issues that are common with soap dishes that have multiple points of contact with the soap. The bottom profile allows for airflow underneath, which allows the soap dish to dry out quickly after use...extending the life of the soap dish. This soap dish is proudly made in the USA by us, Howells Products. This is a brand new item launched in Oct. 2023. these are NOT wrapped in retail bands. natural Ponderosa Pine. Proudly Made in Oregon.