"The Good Duck" Rubber Duck by Celebriducks Made in USA

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Brand New! "The Good Duck" USA Made by Celebriducks!

  • PVC, Phthalate, & BPA Free
  • Medical & Food Grade
  • 100% Made In The USA
  • Safe For Teething
  • Soft
  • Floats Upright
  • Completely Sealed
  • Recyclable

    Three great colors including yellow, pink, and light blue!

    We've worked hard to make The Good Duck the safest rubber duck on the market. All manufacturing and 100% of the materials are made in the USA. It might interest you to know that rubber ducks were originally an American invention, but now they are all manufactured overseas. CelebriDucks is pleased to lead the migration of The Rubber Duck industry back to The United States.

    100% made in America! PVC Free - Phthalate Free - BPA Free Medical and Food Grade Materials Safe for babies to teethe on Soft to the touch Recyclable Completely Sealed to keep out water Comes in a bright colorful gift box Latex Free Paint Free Won't mold

    Why did we try to build a better duck? Through listening to Mommy Bloggers we became convinced that there were no rubber ducks on the market which were safe enough for very young children to put in their mouths. Absolutely none of the ducks were made from tested food grade and medical grade materials. Mothers complained that even the PVC free ducks had questionable materials which smelled like "chemicals," had peeling paint, did not float upright, and were hard as rocks.

    Mothers also complained that the natural latex ducks on the market caused allergies, degraded over time, took on water through the hole in the bottom, and were often found to have black mold growing inside. Finally the moms did not trust the integrity of overseas manufacturing facilities.

    Since the folks at CelebriDucks always listen to our Mothers, we created The Good Duck, 100% made in the USA with tested medical and food grade materials and completely sealed to keep out water.

    This is for 1ea duck.

    Made in USA.