Nostalgic Old Fashioned Claey’s Lemon 🍋  Sanded Hard Candy

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Nostalgic! Our friends at Claey’s Candy have been making this sanded hard candy since 1919. Lemon flavor is a old fashioned flavor and packaging helps create the nostalgic old fashioned look for your displays. This is one of our best seller flavors lemon 🍋. Place in baskets and bins at your point of purchase for impulse sales. Each bag has a peg hole as well. These are super tasty and to be making these since 1919 is a testament on the great quality product and taste. This is a classic old fashioned treat you would find in many chocolate and sweet shops. These are always fun 🤩 items for kids & customers as brings back lots of memories. We offer these to our customers to help bring those nostalgic displays to life. Conversation & Memory starter! Kid in a candy store many customers will remember receiving these from their grandparents during their childhood. Great colors for your displays and merchandising! Case Size : 1 Shelf Life : 12 Months

Made in USA