4-Pack of MaskTweak - Making Masks Fit Better Made in USA masktweak

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4-Pack of MaskTweak is a Mask Solution - MAKING MASKS FIT BETTER!

Can be worn over or under the ears 

4PK only $34.99

This product is perfect for making cloth or surgical masks fit tighter or looser. It closes the gap on the sides and prevents the mask from riding up or down. It also provides the wearer with the option to place the mask straps below their ears on the neck instead of over the ears. Some people have sensitive ears and this product can help alleviate the discomfort they experience.
  • Closes the gap on the sides and prevents the mask from comfortable & flexible
  • Works with cloth or surgical masks
  • Great for kids and adults 
  • Customizable snap closure, easy to use 
  • Place flat side against the back of your head so hooks are facing out. 
  • Lift strap and slide one side of Maskīweak under hook. 
  • Slide second strap under the opposite hook. 
  • Adjust to ideal position either around ears or below ears on neck. 
  • Unique PATENTED design 
  • Medical grade plastic 
  • FDA approved
  • Made in USA

  • MaskTweak