ZoxSo Game Set by Mindspan Labs Hand-Made in America

ZoxSo Game Set by Mindspan Labs Hand-Made in America
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ZoxSo Game Set by Mindspan Labs Hand-Made in America

"The New Ancient Game" from Mindspan Labs, ZoxSo is a fast-paced mix of fierce placement and clash of forces. It's a traditional-style, abstract strategy game for two players, ages 8 and up.

Capture the Throne!
To win a game of ZoxSo you must Capture the Throne; and once you've played you'll realize that it's about... all or nothing!

In the first phase of the game, players alternate placing pieces on the board, simultaneously strengthening their own positions while cutting into their opponent's plans. In the second phase, players maneuver their forces: moving around the board, capturing, blocking, and threatening their opponent's pieces -- with the goal of either getting their own Xing onto the Golden Throne in the center of the board, or alternatively, capturing their opponent's Xing.

Oh, we should warn you: The games are very fast, incredibly explosive, and all decisive! Yes, there are no draws in ZoxSo. So, do you think that you have what it will take to become a ZoxSo master?

This game set's contents:
One full-color 20" x 20" board; twenty colored, double-sided 1.5" diameter plastic game-pieces (ten per player); one complete full-color rules pamphlet with clear diagrams and descriptions, and a high-quality compact set-up box for easy storage and transport. One player's pieces are dark and the other player's pieces are light (specific color of the dark pieces vary from set to set. Game set features a compact, heavy duty six-panel tri-fold game board.

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Hand-Made in the USA.