Uncle Jim's Pepper Mustard Pack of Six Made in USA

Uncle Jim's Pepper Mustard Pack of Six Made in USA
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What exactly IS Uncle Jimís Pepper Mustard?

Well, itís not JUST a condiment. Itís somewhere between a dip and a spread, with extreme sauce capability as well. Itís sweet and tangy with a kick. Itís thick, too. You donít pour Uncle JimísÖyou SPREAD it! Itís HOT, but not TOO hotÖit has FLAVORÖit wonít destroy your taste buds, but it may addict them. So look Ė take your favorite cheese, cracker, pretzel, bratwurst, hot dog, hamburger or other ďdip-ableĒ food and either DIP IT or LATHER on some Uncle Jimís Pepper Mustard. The ORIGINAL version features Hungarian Wax Peppers and for those who want a bit more heat (without sacrificing the flavor) try the Habanero version. Want something a little different, our revamped Wasabi is now gluten free! They are all FRICKINí AWESOME! Itís VERSATILE too! Add a tablespoon or two to your favorite recipe, marinade, or rub to really kick up the flavor.

Same sweet & tangy goodness, available in a six pack! You can mix and match between all three flavors of Uncle Jim's Pepper Mustard. Choose from 2ea Original, Habanero or Gluten Free Wasabi or all 6 the same flavor.

I have personally tried the Original and found it not too spicy at all and delicious on chicken.

Made in the USA-Ohio by Uncle Jim's Foods, Inc!