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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

What an amazing year it has been! Growth in traffic and business to has moved far beyond expectations. Wiley & Sons, our nation’s best business book publisher, came out with my book “Re-Made in The USA”. I appeared on national television, as well as over a hundred radio interviews of every type, place, and size. Our new Facebook page’s “friend” level shot from zero to over 7,500 people.

All of these efforts enabled us to assist our now over 500 USA suppliers get their name out and earn money. The big chain stores do not care where items are made, whereas will always care, and as always entirely free of charge.

Last year I shared the gift I received with you in the last few weeks of 2010 – Faith in spite of the dark economy that our effort would succeed.

2011 was a year of opportunity and hard work, as well as a time to build a solid foundation. Preparation for something more. Something excellent. 2012 will be a big year!

What began as a hope was turned into a possibility. In 2011, possibility turned into potential. This coming year action turns potential into energy and momentum on every front.

For instance, what if we were able to add a new “Made in USA” supplier every business day? How many Americans would that help?

We move into 2012 with that energy. It is a precious gift and I thank you! Can you feel it too?

Merry Christmas and God Bless the United States of America!

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“Made in USA” Sales & Focus Surge!

It might be premature with Christmas right around the corner, nevertheless let me Thank You a bit early this year. I am humbled and a bit stunned to see the early sales numbers.

We smashed through every record this year and were particularly amazing over Thanksgiving weekend with thousands upon thousands of visitors and customers!

Thanks to you, word is getting out! Eyes are opening across to the nation that WE can make a difference if we act. This growth is not a fad; it is the sound of a great people awakening.

The USA's fate is not ordained. No other country gets to decide our nation's destiny.

You are helping to bring this important topic into public discussion and the media. Raising subjects such as: Buying what we make = jobs, and too many imports = fewer jobs and lower wages.

I hear it in so many conversations and radio interviews. There is a real hunger to fix things, to make our future and our children's future better. To heal our nation.

The beauty of it is that this is not a red state or blue state effort. This issue effects every kind of folk from every kind of background and many are rolling up their sleeves to make things right again.

Thank you, and God Bless The United States of America!

New Items:

Discovery Scope© Viewing Kit is a handheld microscope with special features for viewing a hidden world of living things. Whether in the lawn, garden, or puddle, the Discovery Scope© will give you or your child an unforgettable connection with the natural world. Made in California.

Handmade Coffee Table and 2 End Tables set by E.W. Mattila. Solid wood made from western pine with a clear finish, so the beauty shines through. Handmade by skilled artisans, the quality and pride in their workmanship is exceptional. Made in Montana.

New Hampshire Bowl & Board makes handmade wood products of the highest quality. Each is made from American hardwood and is designed to last and be passed down to the next generation. Each bowl is hand sanded and finished in bees wax (no chemicals are used). Great for gift giving. Made in New Hampshire.

Spectacular handmade patriotic trays and plates by Wendell August. Wendell August has been forging metal in Pennsylvania since 1923. Their skilled craftsmen turn aluminum and other metals in to unique artistic gifts one piece at a time. Made in Pennsylvania.

Spinzit® Ratcheting Tool has revolutionized the ratchet. No more holding the socket to prevent back turning. Great for hard to reach places. Available in two sizes. Fits any socket wrench. Made in Wisconsin.

Fruit & Veggie Leather by Montana Leather Creations is 100% natural, unique fruit leather that will not leave your hands sticky. Available in three different types: Summer Strawberry, Peachy Küech, and Grizz Berry. Convenient .5 oz. packages are perfect for on the go. Made in Montana.

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This Week Only Sale:

Items featured on sale this week at are wood toys so solid that your kids may someday give them to their kids! Made for generations by Americans, they are a part of our heritage. Plus, products that last for many years of hard use (play) are much better for our environment than that imported junk that falls apart after a few weeks.

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Dangerous Imported Toys

83,000,000 toys were recalled four holiday seasons ago due to safety issues, mainly due to dangerous lead in the paint and plastics. The FACT is that 100% of those toys were imported and the lion’s share from China.

Though our Center for Disease Control ( continues to warn about it, sadly our government has done nothing to test any of the tens of millions of toys coming through our ports and borders.

Lead is particularly insidious to children as anyone with young kids will tell you that toys are put into the mouth. Lead is never flushed out of some parts of the body, like the brain, and its effects can take a decade to appear. How can a parent possibly know which imported toy or what company to hold accountable?

Fact: ZERO percent of the American-Made toys have been found to have lead in them. That is a really easy way to be sure!

Therefore, not only is buying “Made in USA” products better for our economy, workers, much greener, and has much better quality, but is safer for those who above all deserve our protection most – Our Nation’s Children.

Improvements for Christmas:

We added a new “Holiday Gifts” section just for the holiday season with lots of fun stuff to spread some cheer! More to be added, so please check back.

Link to Holiday Section:

We have significantly improved our Gift Certificates. This is a great way to give American-Made and let your loved one pick just the right item, size, and color they like.

Now there is a choice of either a free e-mail with the gift certificate, or a neat, printed gift card sent by Priority Mail for just $6 that you can give out.

These certificates can be used to purchase any of the products from the 500 small, mostly family owned makers that are on Also, we are just a phone call away if the recipient has any questions.

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New Items:

Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers by Cupcake Pants are an adorable way to enhance your event. Spice up ordinary cupcakes with these festive Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers. A wonderful addition to birthday parties, holiday parties, baby and bridal showers, and even bachelorette parties. Made in Washington.

Stunning, handmade holiday ornaments and tree toppers by Wendell August. Wendell August has been forging metal in Pennsylvania since 1923. Their skilled craftsmen turn aluminum and other metals into unique artistic gifts made one piece at a time. Made in Pennsylvania.

Karen Helenz Handiworks creates beautiful handmade knits. Their Cotton Candy Cane scarf makes a wonderful holiday gift. Any of their scarves and shrugs would be a welcome addition to a women’s wardrobe. Made in California.

Texas Jeans has added two new jeans to their collection of great quality American-Made jeans. Men’s Flannel Lined 100% Cotton Jeans are perfect for winter. Made in the same way as the Original Fit Jean, these jeans are comfortable, stylish, and affordable. The Texas Trucker Comfort Waist 100% Cotton Jean is meant for those who keep American moving. Made with a comfort waist band these jeans are durable and comfortable. Made in North Carolina.

Super Duty Tripod Sprinklers by Slip Fit Manufacturing are the toughest sprinklers you can buy. Perfect for the yard or garden. Quality craftsmanship, built to last. Made in Washington.

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This Week Only Sale – Speaking of safe stuff for kids, Dano makes the best infant play and teether toys around out of medical grade plastic.

This is the only “Rubber Duck” presently made in the USA (it is not rubber, it is medical grade plastic for safety). All the other rubber ducks out there are from China, etc. My kids have a Dano Duck and really enjoy it. Bring back a tradition!

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Europe Disease Spreading to USA

Europe's economic sickness has spread from Greece and Ireland to Italy their third largest economy. Not only does their government have to cover this year's deficit, but also borrow hundreds of billions for debt coming due.

If Italy is too big to fail, then it is also too big to save should things not be set right immediately. France is far from being the savior, as they will soon have their own debt troubles.

The politicians are bobbing and weaving, although no one says it, the fact is that this disease is the same one that is undermining our own economy - deindustrialization.

The panic may spread to the USA, yet the disease is already here. We see it in thousands of factories that have closed and had their equipment sent to China, etc.

The issue is not that our politicians have been less adept at overspending, but that Japan, China, and Korea have been loaning our own money back to us to keep this façade going. Our hole is deeper, yet we have greatness on our side. We are the people that said NO to tyranny, to slavery, to inequality. Our ancestors created a civilization in the wild over a few short generations that brought freedom to the world.

That spark is alive and well in every state, in every city, and in so many of us.

It is time to take a stand. No matter how small, every one of us has a hand in the outcome. History will judge us over these next few years. Let us be remembered for the stand we took. How we were able to turn the darkness into renewal. Transform a cold winter into spring.

Buying made in USA products equals jobs and is key to getting our country back on track. It does not matter to me where you purchase your products, just that you buy American-made. Perhaps a farmer's market, a local independent store, or from's 500 suppliers, just please join me in making it a Made in USA holiday.

We hold the power! We vote for the USA or for some other nation with every purchase!

New Items

Green Guru surpasses environmental and social standards by using upcycled materials. They make unique backpacks, bags, and accessories out of old bike tubes, wetsuits, and banners. They also incorporate recycled and conventional materials to make their high quality products. Made in Colorado.

Diane Shapley-Box has written and illustrated her third children's book "Fred Visits the Emerald Coast." The new book is available in a set that includes all three of her adorable children's books. The books feature Fred the Frog and his lovable animal friends. Made in Texas.

Goodnighties has added two more items to their collection of innovative sleepwear for women. Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear neutralizes stress by stimulating blood flow to tired muscles. Patented revolutionary fabric looks great, is comfortable, non-binding and anti-microbial. Made in USA.

Observe the complete metamorphosis of the Monarch Butterfly in this beautifully photographed poster by David Lowenstern. The poster is artistic as well as educational. Photographed and printed in the USA.

Bloomin Cards makes distinctive, handmade, earth-friendly cards. Cards are embedded with wildflower seeds that will actually grow when planted. Bloomin Cards is also committed to diversity by employing individuals with disabilities to help create each unique card. Made in Colorado.

Handmade Tool Caddy by Civron Engineering organizes all of your supplies. Holds tools upright, items will not fall over. Initially designed to hold the many tools of a hobby enthusiast, this inventive caddy has innumerable uses. Made in Ohio.

2 Jackaroo has made an adorable burp cloth creatively called the Crème Drulee. The burp cloth coordinates with the Belleche and Belleche Lite Nursing Covers. It is the perfect addition to their cute collection for nursing moms. Made in North Carolina.

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This Week Only Sale - Kitchen Tools from Patriot Plastics. This great Michigan startup is making awesome kitchen tools and we have them on sale just in time for Thanksgiving!

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Make it a USA Christmas Season

Thanks to your support, we have expanded rapidly this year. We are up to over 500 USA suppliers providing products to

95% of these suppliers are small, family owned businesses and together we have been able to help make a difference for them and their employees. You and I have given many of them thousands of dollars of business and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars of business. I have heard from quite a few that they have had to add shifts or even people because of our efforts.

It always moves me to hear their defiant tone about not giving up on their employees and our nation. These makers are real Americans and not the kind of people who give up on the workers they have known for years simply because it might be cheaper to buy chintzy Chinese supplies. I am glad to give them a way to present their products to you on completely free of charge. Actually, not only free as together we send them money with each order placed! They may not be able to get on the shelves at the big retailers, yet they will always have an ally with as long as they truly make their products here.

Whether you buy locally, through us, or some other source, I want to thank you for caring and urge you to make it a Made in USA Christmas season.

There are lots of good reasons to buy American-made. Making products in the USA means jobs here, better wages, no chemicals in the toys like the 83 million mostly Chinese toys recalled a few years ago due to dangerous lead, much better for the world environment, supporting small businesses, and much more.

Some suppliers, such as Schaefer Ranchwear and the little boy's outfits from Capitol Clothing do not carry a lot of stock, so we need to get those orders in soon to make sure USA products are under the Christmas tree.

Do you want to buy American but are unsure about what size or color? We have improved our gift certificate process to include not only a free e-mail option, but also an option for a special certificate and card to be sent anywhere you like via Priority Mail for just $6. Your loved one can buy anything on our website at their convenience, and we are always here if they need help.

Thank you again, and God Bless the United States of America.

New Items

Winter Jackets, men's pants, and shorts made by Freeride Systems. Freeride Systems designs products in the Colorado Mountains. Custom apparel created to withstand rigorous standards and extreme conditions. Have confidence that these products will perform anywhere. Made in Colorado.

Clementine All-Natural Art Kit for children made with all-natural ingredients. This healthy art kit is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. Perfect for little ones. Made in Colorado.

Belleche and Belleche Lite Nursing Covers made by 2 Jackaroo. Very cute and comfortable option for nursing mothers. Designed for convenience, comfort, and style. Belleche Lite was awarded 2011 Top Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine. Made in North Carolina.

FACEMATE Monitor Accessory created by Iconic Tsunami. Personalize your computer space with this great new computer monitor accessory. Easily fits onto monitor and transforms it into your own personal billboard. Available in three color choices and two sizes. Made in Delaware.

Give yourself an instant facelift with Facelift Bungee hair accessory. Facelift Bungee offers an affordable, removable, natural way to give yourself a new look. Inserts into hair. Available in two colors. Made in Florida.

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Sale - This week only fun thermals for guys and gals! Great for layering or wearing alone on a cool day! These fun thermals have been a huge hit and are a steal for under $10. Perfect for under the Christmas Tree!

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Truth in Labeling and Washington Defeat

Many times folks call or write to ask about labeling problems on products. Boxes, bottles, and tags seem to list all sorts of information, except the key information on country of origin. Many hide behind inane statements, like “Distributed by (fill in blank)” and give a USA address. This is particularly a problem with store brands at the big retailers.

I used to try to figure it out and even made a few phone calls, but frankly I have had enough. If they do not clearly show “Made in USA” I assume otherwise. Some may actually be made here, although if they do not have the pride or intelligence to show it, then for me it is foreign made.

Hiding behind vagueness when the economy is as bad as it is now shows what kind of organization they really are at heart.

As a father of young children, this especially drives me nuts on food, which is supposed to be clearly labeled. Truthful labeling allows us to make a real decision. For example, I was recently at the grocery store picking up some beef for dinner and noticed they had added the label “….from USA and/or Mexico”. Though the butcher probably did not enjoy the next ten minutes “chatting” with me, at least it tipped me off to the fact that batch of meat could be foreign. Since he could not say with certainty on that product, I simply switched to another product which was domestic. A small change in dinner plans not only supports our own farmers and tax base, but keeps my five year old and three year old healthier.

Big Loss on Korean, Panama, and Columbia Free Trade Agreements

Sadly, we were defeated in Washington last week as both houses rammed through the Korean, Columbia, and Panama so called “free-trade” deals. They lower import duties without dealing with the tricks used particularly by South Korea to protect its industry. For instance, the Korean IRS has been auditing Koreans that buy foreign cars. How many Hyundai’s and Kia’s would they sell here if we matched that with our IRS?

The China currency bill made it through the Senate, but leadership in the House of Representatives (yes, I see the irony) has not let it come to a vote yet, though they passed a very similar bipartisan bill just last year.

We have sent a copy of my book “Re-Made in The USA” to all 100 Senators, and given the situation we are sending a copy to each Representative too. No need to do anything on your part, these are going out Priority Mail to each of the 435 voting Representatives at my expense.

New Items

Brazos Walking Sticks makes beautiful hand-made, high quality Walking Sticks and Canes. Sticks are unique, strong, and attractive. Many styles and sizes are available. Brazos Walking Sticks is family owned and operated employing local craftsmen. Made in Texas.

Dancing Drum has created educational books, CD, and DVD sets that bring music from around the world home. Dancing Drum aims to educate, entertain, and inspire people through percussion. The music is authentic and engaging. Made in Indiana.

NuLook Valance, “for the naked blinds” offers a unique system to instantly beautify windows. Easy to install, no rods or brackets needed. Fits standard vertical blinds and windows with a measurement of 35” to 48”. Valances have a traditional 5” ruffle and are available in many colors. Give your room a NuLook. Made in Illinois.

Earth Creations has added some new items to their line of high quality, eco-friendly clothing. Shirts, skirts, and scarves are made with USA organic cotton. Earth Creations has put second and third generation sewers back to work in Moulton, Alabama. Moulton used to be a big time sewing town, but over the years sewing was outsourced. Once again, we have the opportunity to support the Gulf States. Made in Alabama.

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On Sale This Week

There are no safer, greener toys available than from the awesome startup “Green Toys”. They use 100% safe recycled plastic to make some wonderful toys for boys and girls. Your support has enabled us to inject thousands of dollars into suppliers like Green Toys. Stock up now, as this is definitely the only time these will be on sale before Christmas.

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Vital Legislative Week on the USA Versus both China

This week could be the biggest in Washington on trade since NAFTA was forced through. Very important legislation regarding both China and South Korea could each come up for a vote in Congress this week.

Not only is it very important to let your Congressman know how you feel, it takes just two minutes. Use this link, then enter your zip code in the top right:

Firstly, the China currency bill is meant to finally force them to allow their currency to fluctuate freely. The Chinese use their currency like a massive tariff, both protecting their home grown industry and allowing their exports to be artificially cheap here. I discuss this in more depth in my book, but they game it by about 70%. This is a major piece in China’s grand political game to be the world’s next super power. It causes us to close our factories without a fight, while they gain that industrial might! For some industries, this is as big as the wage issue. We have lost thousands of factories and millions of jobs to China. It is time to take a stand on their cheating.

We sent a copy of my book with a note to all 100 senators, in hopes of getting through a bit. I have to say I was proud a South Carolina Republican stood with a New York Democrat to do the right thing and move this through the senate last week. A similar bill passed the house last year with strong bi-partisan support, though this time it is far from clear, as big retailers have really turned up the lobbying heat (yes, against their own USA customers).

Is your congressman voting for the USA or China? They need to vote “Yes” for the USA.

Secondly, the other major issue this week is the so called “free trade” deals with South Korea, Columbia, and Panama. All the evidence I have seen indicates, particularly the Korean portion, will kill several hundred thousand good manufacturing jobs here, while adding only some seasonal agriculture jobs. Not a good deal at all!

Plus, this will lower tariffs without addressing the dirty tricks South Korea uses to protect their own manufacturers. For example, nearly every Korean who buys a car from outside their nation, a Ford or even BMW, gets audited by the Korean IRS! Who would buy Hyundai’s or Kia’s here if we responded even half so aggressively?

The deal also does not protect us from Chinese or even North Korean exports simply passing through South Korean ports.

We already pay a huge amount to defend South Korea, including 90% of the cost of our tens of thousands of American troops stationed there protecting their factories. Must they take our factories and jobs too?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Wal-Mart itself has been lobbying hard for this deal. Please join me in standing for the rest of us.

Is your congressman voting for the USA or South Korea, Columbia, and Panama?

New Products:

Tuff Guard truly is the Perfect Garden Hose made by JGB Enterprises. Unique construction makes it the only hose that is flexible, un-kinkable, and crush proof. It is up to 50% lighter than other garden hoses. Professional quality hose made with new technology at a great price. Made in USA.

Murbles is a fun new outdoor game created by Kramer Kreations. The Murble is basically an oversized marble that you use to play the game. The game itself is sort of a mix between horseshoes and bocce ball. Play with 2-4 players. Outdoor fun for all ages. Made in Florida.

Goodnighties has created innovative sleepwear for women. Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear neutralizes stress by stimulating blood flow to tired muscles. You’ll have a better night sleep by getting to sleep quicker and sleeping longer. Patented revolutionary fabric looks great, is comfortable, non-binding and anti-microbial. Made in USA.

Brand of the Free creates thought provoking, environmentally cautious t-shirts for men and women. Made from US cotton and 100% Certified Organic cotton. Shirts feature superior color fastness and minimal shrinkage. All labor and production takes place in the USA, sweatshop free. Shirts are made with an athletic fit and run slightly small. Made in Virginia.

Daddy Van’s All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish is naturally chemical free, nontoxic, and safe for your home and family. Leaves furniture nourished, healthy and glowing. Every ingredient is renewable and Earth-friendly. Available in your choice of four scents in one 5 oz. tin. Made in USA.

Home Care Pill Boxes by Borin-Halbich, Inc. feature compartmentalized dispensers that are designed to simplify and improve the accuracy of medication dispensing in the home. Patients use the Home Care Pill Boxes to ensure that the proper medication is taken at the correct day and time. Boxes are color-coded and easy to use. Made in USA.

Link to New Items:

This Week Only Sale – Fantastic Slippers made by the Minnesota coop Footskins for men and women! Slippers made by Americans using only American leather make a perfect Christmas gift! You will not see these prices again before the holidays, if ever.

Link to Sale Items:


China Challenge

Not many years ago I was walking in Shenzhen, China when I noticed a mother allowing her young son to eat out of the garbage just below a new skyscraper. Looking around, there were scores of street people and many bore the marks of industry gone bad – missing limbs, etc. The police keep them off the main roads, yet they were always there, just steps away behind the scenes.

I wondered how could a “people’s government” be so unconcerned for its own people? In much of the world, people have no choice. “Communism” in China is simply a word that a run amuck pseudo-capitalist police state hides behind. The working conditions and pollution coming out of the subcontractors that really make things in China shows in some ways the dark ages still have not ended.

Incredibly, this is the nation that we have closed thousands of American factories for in favor of their chintzy versions. In exchange for our jobs, we get “low, low” prices. With the low prices, we get poor quality. In the end, we actually end up paying more. For example, having a 20% or more, lower initial price tag, but also having to replace that item twice as often is not a good deal.

“But, they have lower wages” is the line I always hear in the media, yet I know the real numbers from my former executive positions and that is only part of the story. There is more on this in my book, but if we can get even a somewhat level playing field on issues like product safety, worker safety, and particularly China’s massive currency manipulation, then WE CAN go head to head with them in nearly every industry.

I learned many things while living in Asia for seven years, most importantly is what a precious, rare thing true freedom is and how blessed I am to be born in the USA.

The hallowing out of our industry is killing millions of good jobs here, as well as weakening us from the inside out. It is a challenge we must face every bit as important and insidious as what we faced and defeated in WWII. Luckily, each one of us can make a real difference in the outcome. No other nation gets to decide the USA’s fate. It is time to roll up our sleeves and do what Americans do best – fix problems.

New Items

Vintage Body Spa has produced a natural herbal line especially for babies called Eco Baby Botanicals. Keep your baby happy and smelling good with one of these great new baby products. Made in Kentucky.

Justin Carriage Works has created a new Motorcycle Gas Tank Clock with your choice of brand decals and a Motorcycle Trike Pet Cruiser designed for small dogs to ride along with you on your motorcycle. Made in USA.

RocLok Hide-a-Key is a rock hide-a-key and lock box in one. Hide your key in plain sight and safeguard it behind a three digit combination locked chamber. Select from among five different realistic hand-made river or volcanic rocks. Made in Oregon.

Flag Connections makes beautiful American flag display cases. Hand-made by veterans. Proudly display your 3’x5’ or 5’ x 9.5’ flag. A perfect gift for someone in the armed forces or commemorate a veteran. Made in New York.

CAMIC Designs offers quality products for animal lovers. Affordable, high quality pet photo frames, ornaments, and even checker boards make perfect gifts or additions to your home. Perfect for the pet lover. Made in Colorado.

Two great new pins made by one of the last pin makers in America. One is a beautiful two flag “Buy American” pin. The second is a beautiful flag with “” on pin. Display your support! Made in Boston.

Link to New Items:

On Sale This Week Only

True American blue jeans from Texas Jeans that beat the pants off foreign-made Levi’s on price and quality. Made in USA starting with the farmer’s cotton right through to the final stitch!

Link to Sale Items:


Real Stimulus: Buy American, New Products, Cool Sale

I was asked in a radio interview recently what I would suggest if I could add something to the President’s job speech. The biggest thing I wish I had heard that would resonate with millions would have been a simple two word sentence – “Buy American”.

It is time. Time for renewal that will only grow from the actions of individuals. It will take millions of folks coming together to do the right thing. Voting with our dollars for the USA instead of China and other countries. Voting for our future and our children’s future. Standing with freedom instead of shipping trillions of dollars to police states.

This economy is one sick patient. More economic “stimulus” is much like treating a cancer patient with cocaine. He may feel good for a few minutes, but that cancer sure is not going away. No trick up the Federal Reserve’s sleeve is going to be a miracle medicine. Just living within our means, hard work, and buying what we make – in short, those things that made our nation great in the first place.

What about protectionism?

Let me share with you what I know for a fact from working in Asia for nearly seven years that every major nation is absolutely protectionist. WE are the only major power so open. Free trade is only free coming this way. Want to sell cars in China? Better work with a local manufacturer that is going to steal all the technology and know how they can from you.

I discuss these issues in some depth in my book, Re-Made in The USA. It is time for the USA to get smart and get a lot more protectionist.

Protectionism is from the word “protect” meaning to shield from injury or harm. Protecting our nation, people young and old, our economy, and our very way of life. If that is protectionist, I will wear it as a badge of honor.

New Items:

Green Toys™ has created new eco-friendly, safe toys and dinnerware for kids. Products are made with no BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings. Products are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Items are packaged using only recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks. Made in California.

King Louie is a union made apparel manufacturing company based in Kansas since 1937. King Louie America proudly continues to provide union made apparel in their tradition of quality and value. We are pleased to introduce exciting new styles to our line of men’s and women’s wear, including shirts and jackets. Union made in the USA.

Two great new “Buy American” slogan products. First is a “Buy American” flag pin. Beautifully handmade by a one of the last pin makers in America. Second is a clip on Sun Visor printed with the American flag and “Buy American”. Made in USA.

Link to New Items:

This Week’s Sale:

In the year 1819 Alabama became the 22nd state, bicycles were introduced in NYC, Spain renounced their claim to part of Florida, the steamship Savannah was the first ever steam power craft to cross an ocean (aptly from Savannah, Georgia to Liverpool) AND our supplier whose products are on sale this week, Jacob Bromwell was founded!

Generations of Americans know Jacob Bromwell kitchen items well. Items like these could have been offshored years ago, although this management team is way too ethical for that. They have been making products here for nearly 200 years, and their commitment to our nation is so profound I would not be surprised if they make it another 200 years.

Exclusive sale on this week only:

Thank You!


Balanced Trade

One common thread in history is that when leaders respond to a situation that they do not really understand, instead of adjusting, they react badly.

For example, long after industrialization made machine guns, men were still lining up in WWI and beyond much as they had in Napoleon’s time to charge not into glory, but their graves.

Both parties in Washington understand our nation’s economy is waning well beyond the false promises they made to take care of everything. They have borrowed over $14,000,000,000,000 and growing rapidly not to invest in our future, but to continue the lie that everything is OK.

Again, let me emphasize both parties – we have in fact spent over a trillion dollars on Bush’s Iraq war and unfortunately Obama’s stimulus plan spent historic amounts money, but did not pull the economy out of recession.

Rather than face the real issues undermining our economy, namely the trade deficit, both parties locked on to the easiest short-term solutions that borrow from our future instead of fix today’s problems.

We have allowed a massive trade deficit with China and other countries. We closed thousands of factories to import their chintzy goods in spite of the dangers. They are now Washington’s biggest creditor. These are not isolated events.

We must live within our means. If we buy what we make, we have jobs. Leaders from our history, such as Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton would have seen it as obvious, however today’s leaders are under the spell of the economist Keynes. He encourages deficit spending as a government cure all and that gave the politicians all the excuse they needed.

Some say that wages are too high here and that we need to concentrate on other things than manufacturing, yet Germany has extraordinarily high wages BECAUSE they still manufacture.

A great nation is a like a symphony with us all playing our part. Not everyone can be an engineer or lawyer (thank goodness). Having good, honest jobs of every sort brings a people together.

Making products here again will not only bring down the trade deficit, it will bring down unemployment. Plus, those folks put back to work will pay taxes which will improve budget deficits from the city through the federal levels. Given real opportunity, our young people will have a stake in our nation and way of life. Let our children and grandchildren have a place to work hard and build things I cannot even imagine yet. America’s time is not through, and in fact even the sky will not be the limit.

We just need to roll up our sleeves and fix it, buy what we make, remember our roots, dream again.

New Items:

Crescent Moon Snowshoes has been making snowshoes for men, women, and children since 1994 and has established a reputation for manufacturing uniquely designed, high performance snowshoes. They use technically superior materials and components in the bindings, decking, and crampons in all of their snowshoes. All of Crescent Moon Snowshoes feature a TIG welded aluminum frame and an extremely strong decking material that has great abrasion and tear resistance. Every Crescent Moon Snowshoe is handmade in Boulder, CO and inspected for the highest standards of performance and reliability before it is shipped. Made in Colorado.

“Never Forget” 9/11 Commemorative T-Shrts available in two styles by Nightmare Graphics. Select from gray or blue 100% cotton in sizes S to XXL. A portion of all a proceeds will be donated to the Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation. Made in USA.

AJDouglas & Company is an innovative woodworking company started by a retiree in Seattle, Washington. They create handmade outdoor wood furniture made from Northwest Pine or Red Cedar. The Adirondack chair, matching ottoman, and bistro table, plus planters and window boxes are all high quality, skillfully made products. Made in Washington.

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Through this Sunday, September 4th, great jackets made in Arkansas with 100% USA fabric in nearly every color and size choice for kids, guys, and gals.

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Taking a Stand; They Tried to Hankook Me!

I was talking with my daughter this morning. More to the point, I was listening to her excitedly describe the game she was playing.

It reminded me of the day over five years ago when I held her in my arms the first time. Looking into her bright eyes, I wondered if she would know the USA I grew up in. Where the sky was the limit and we did not even lock the doors.

I had been a rising executive in the tech industry, even living in Asia for seven years, getting wealthier and more powerful while the nation that gave me everything was getting poorer. My faith was tested and I made a life changing decision, in spite of everything I knew in that moment what I would do – Take a real stand for our nation.

I resolved to found with my own resources (no banks), energy, and time to stop the hemorrhaging of our jobs and factories to other nations. Using all I learned about business here and in Asia, I would put myself to the test every day to make it work. Yes, success was unlikely, yet sometimes taking a stand is more important than potential failure.

Failure? Not with Americans like you that also care about our nation. After only a few short years, we have grown to help protect nearly 480 suppliers, our nation’s premier publisher released my book “Re-Made in The USA” last spring, and --- we added over 3000 readers to this newsletter in the last month alone!

We are still small relative to the money gushing out of our nation from even a single Wal-Mart (Fact: Wal-Mart is by far the largest importer from China), although with your help, we are growing every day. We are making a real difference to entrepreneurs, workers, and their families all over our great nation.

The mess our country is in was not created overnight, nor will the solution be overnight. Similar to the Asian leadership, I have learned to think in terms of decades, rather than the latest, daily nonsense from Washington and Wall Street. I believe it would be beneficial for all of us to adapt a longer term view and keep in mind that our jobs depend on making it here.

The work is a lot more challenging than my old job, but also much more meaningful. There have been sacrifices and daily tests, but also growth and value in doing something worthwhile and meaningful. Meaningful for you too, I hope. Take a look at something as simple and American as a pair of jeans. Wrangler, Levi’s, and Lee have all sold us out. However, when you buy an American-made jean here, you make a difference and make it happen. Some American has to grow the cotton, weave the cloth, sew the jeans, transport it, etc. All those folks that touch the process benefit, PLUS you get great jeans!

Thank you! And God Bless the United States of America!!!

They Tried to Hankook Me! -- Last weekend we dropped by the locally owned Goodyear tire dealer to get new tires for my wife’s car. The salesman went on and on about how he was going to save us big. Turned out they were getting money from Hankook, the Korean tire maker. I told him in no uncertain terms we were buying Made in USA tires and stepped towards the door – Suddenly lots were available. Imagine that!

New Products

Body and Foot Massagers by Medi-Rub Corp. Use massagers to increase localized circulation which increases blood flow and delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to damaged, inflamed, or injured tissue. Regular use of massagers triggers a systemic release of endorphins, relieving stress and strain and promoting an overall sense of well-being. The MR-2 2000Plus Body Massager was developed by chiropractors and physical therapists in the treatment of joint and muscle pain. The MR-3F 2000Plus Foot Massager is designed to stimulate blood flow in the feet and calves. Made in California.

Knit Check Waffle Robe by Telegraph Hill. Terry lined robe made from 100% mircrofiber. Waffle outer layer is soft knit check. Fast drying, mildew, and stain resistant. Available in sizes S-XL. An excellent gift! Made in California.

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Our Allentown, PA based supplier Sovereign not just makes some of our very popular pocket t-shirts, turtle necks, etc., but they are also our awesome maker of Big & Tall items. With a size range of Medium to 10XB or 10XT, no guy has to do without great stuff. Plus, some come in over 20 colors! We have over 18 of their shirt styles on sale this week only.

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Downgrade, 14 Million Unemployed, Hershey's Sells Out

You heard about the S&P rating firm downgrading our government's Federal debt, but did you realize that the portion of borrowed from foreigners has risen from 1% in 1946 to 47% today? Yes, China, Japan, etc. sell us stuff that we used to make ourselves, and turn around to loan our own money back to us. Since 1790 our debt was considered rock solid through peace and war, booms and depressions, etc. Now our debt has more in common with Greece than Germany.

The pseudo "good news" in the press last Friday that government estimates show a net gain of 114K jobs. That is net additions including low paying food service, minus 37K jobs eliminated at all government levels.

According to The Wall Street Journal, 14 million more folks are looking for work, and that EXCLUDES those of our people that have given up!

Washington does a lot of grandstanding, however they are missing the simple, yet vital point - When we buy what our neighbor makes, he has job! And so do we! Plus, the working pay taxes and our government at every level collects more money without even raising taxes!

Solving the trade deficit by returning to our roots of manufacturing and buying what we make, also goes a huge way in solving the unemployment and budget deficit issue. I discuss this more in my new book "Re-Made in The USA".

Speaking of American jobs, I was shocked recently when I picked up a bag of Hershey's Miniatures. What could be more American than Hershey's chocolate? I have been enjoying them for over forty years. I fondly remember my grandmother giving them to me when I was a little guy. This morning on the back of the bag clear as day was "Mfd. in Mexico". I put back the bag, ending a tradition for our family.

I decided to take action and called Hershey's customer service line (800-468-1714) to tell them my concerns. Sadly, the operator was actually rude and unapologetic. She clearly does not realize that her job is likely to be outsourced next...

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Bike Fisherman is a fishing rod holder for bicycles. Finally you can ride your bike to your favorite fishing hole. Light weight (under one pound), easy to install injection mold never has to be removed, simply slide your fishing rods in and out. The fishing rods are seated deep and have a quick to fasten security strap, so they will not bounce out of your fishing rod holder in rough terrain.

Brahms Mount weaves blankets with a signature design based on classical elements grounded in tradition. Transcending short-lived fashion trends, these fabrics complement every décor, making a distinctive impression in every home. Woven on antique shuttle looms, these fabrics evoke richness and resilience reminiscent of hand-woven textiles. For more than twenty-five years, customers have been enchanted by the beauty and comfort of Brahms Mount throws, blankets, and baby blankets. Made in Maine.

Firefighter bags made by Professional Life Support Products is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on quality and durability. Their products can help make the difference so that life support gear is well protected and will perform at critical times. Since this is so important, they use only the most durable and highest quality material in all products. All products are designed by firemen and life support professionals. Made in Illinois.

Flashlight Hangers package of 2 out-of-sight hangers that attached to your bed frame to facility easy storage of your flashlight. Be prepared and have peace of mind.

EZ Grow 2 Row Patio Garden by E-Z Grow Patio Gardens is made with sturdy wooden frame with heavy duty commercial grade vinyl "pockets", heavy support rods, and vinyl end covers. Quick and easy to setup. Made in Ohio.

Playaway Toy Co. offers indoor play options during winter, night time, rainy days. These grays days can now be turned into play days with the Rainy Day Indoor Playground. Up in seconds, then what enjoy hours of indoor fun.

Our Men's and women's sweaters are now available in XXL! Check out the women's Rib and Jersey Stitch. For men there are the popular Shaker and Jersey Stitch.

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Sale: Wallets on sale extended through Monday evening. Yes, they use real American leather to craft these beautiful pieces in places like Maine and Minnesota.

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Urgent on Interest Rates

The fiasco in Washington will touch all of us sooner or later. I worked in Finance for many years and wrote a book for beginning investors before launching I have been watching interest rates for over three decades and have never seen a more compelling moment.

Interest rates are at historic lows, but that is likely not to continue. Rates have been low because the dollar has been the key trading currency, social security taxes help to fund our national debt and a perception that our national debt is riskless. Those underlying assumptions keeping interest rates low are decaying rapidly.

Even when a debt agreement is reached the federal government's voracious borrowing will merely be taken down a notch. They will still need trillions both to fund the continuing spending and to deal with bonds coming due every month.

Social Security was net positive, meaning collecting more in taxes than it was paying out day to day, however that recently changed. Payouts from here on out will be more than what is collected. Far from being able to hide the true deficit numbers behind Social Security, politicians will now have to come up with tens of billions just to fund ongoing payouts.

The dollars replacement of the British Pound as the world currency was complete at the end of WWII, though that is fracturing rapidly now. The only thing slowing it is the lack of another obvious currency to count on.

More ominously, this debt situation has forced into light that the USA government debt and continuing borrowing is not only far from riskless, but that our debt is looking to have more in common with Greece than Germany. Even with an agreement on the debt, it is very likely USA debt will be downgraded by multiple rating agencies in the near future.

The downgrade issue alone makes much higher interest rates in the near future very likely. Additionally, coupled with these other issues, the odds of significant interest rates climbing higher and faster is surging.

I AM URGING MY READERS and CUSTOMERS TO LOCK IN LOW INTEREST RATES NOW if applicable. This is not for everybody, but for those with higher rates on older loans and mortgages, or variable rate mortgages, this could very well be a historic moment to lock in low rates now before the storm hits. Please share this insight with your friends and family that might be affected. Call your bank and/or check local ratings of banks and/or mortgage brokers to find those with high integrity. Interest rates rising a few points can make a difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars in payments. What if they rise five or six percent? We saw interest rates in the high teens in the late seventies.

Why do I care? Yes, I like you, but I also need you and yours financially healthy to be a part of America's industrial resurgence. My faith in our nation tells me that it does not matter how bad Washington makes things in the short-term because the small businesses we protect and you will be beacons of light in the storm - employing real Americans and helping to rebuild our nation's economy.

New Products

Fun new patriotic office bundle of the United States by Jotit. Includes 6 pack of USA Note Cards, 1 USA Sticky Pad, and 1 USA Magnet. Made in USA.

Two great new patriotic t-shirts by Bayside. First is "Remember 9/11" and the second is "Jobs for America". 100% pre-shrunk cotton in white. Show your support with one of these moving shirts. Made in USA.

All natural gourmet bath fizzies by Miss Moonmaker. Handmade from simple herbs and spices or flowers from the garden. Each product is custom blended with select plants, spices, and essential oils each with their own intent and healing properties that can benefit many aspects of life such as your mood, muscles, joints, spirit, and scent. Select from seven wonderful scents. Made in Maine.

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On sale this week only our hugely popular soft, premium towels from 1888 Mills. These use USA-Grown cotton and are special ordered from their Griffin, Georgia mill. Not only are they truly some of the highest end towels around, but are made right here instead of Turkey or Pakistan!

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Vote USA or China?

Thanks again for all your support! My national TV appearance went really well last week.

Here is a link:

If the link does not work, just go to and search "Made in USA". It will be the first video that pops up. It shows a picture of a toy fire truck in the first screen.

One thing I brought up is that we vote every time we buy something. We either support our own nation and that person that makes it, or we support China, etc. Keeping our money here causes a virtuous circle of economic activity. For example, not only does someone have to sew the jeans, but a farmer grows the cotton, someone else weaves the cloth and so on. All of those Americans in turn have money in their pocket to support their families or maybe buy something from you or me.

We have already added the new product that the announcer suddenly showed me during the interview to It is the Universal Tablet Holder from Hand-e-holder™ shown below.

Update on the free library books - I lost track, but we got a big response and were able to cover all requests. We sent way more than the fifty free copies of my book Re-Made in The USA I promised to local libraries across the nation. Thank you for your input!

New Items:

New from North Carolina! Merry-Grow-Round Revolving Plant Hanger for indoor and outdoor use. Revolves 360 degrees for full sun exposure. Holds up to 15 pounds. Made in North Carolina.

Bully Tools is a manufacturer of American made gardening, lawn, roofing, flooring, and agricultural tools for contractors and consumers. All Bully Tools are produced in Steubenville, Ohio. Their commitment to producing domestically directly impacts our country by keeping Americans working. Their commitment to quality ensures that you will purchase a tool that will give you many years of service. Made in Ohio.

Red, White, and Blue Logo Pen. Get the word out while showing your support with this quality pen. Made in USA.

Men's and Women's shirts and hoodies by Troop Nation. Troop Nation focuses on showing support for the men and women of the military. Their motto is: Provoke one thought. Inspire endless change. Made in USA.

The Stashable Storage Tube is designed to be portable and can be conveniently carried in a pocket or purse. It can be attached nearly anywhere and in any position. Store anything that you would like to protect from damage, loss, or unauthorized access. It protects the contents from being crushed or ruined by liquids, though its primary function as a security device is delivered through concealed use. Quite simply, an item that cannot be found, cannot be taken. Made in USA.

Natural Art Freedom to Fish 2012 - 12 month calendar created by a fisherman/photographer as a way to fund his fight to defend our freedom to fish and access a dependable supply of safe American seafood. Made in USA.

Universal Tablet Holder the Hand-e-holder™ allows you to hold and view your iPad™/tablet device comfortably in your hand, while providing a 360 degree rotation. The Hand-e-holder™ is the key component to using all the other accessories. Also available is the Universal Tablet Holder for LEG Hand-e-holder™. The Hand-e-holder™ Leg Strap kit allows you to view your iPad™/tablet device as it is attached comfortably to your leg, while providing a 360 degree rotation. Ideal for aviation knee-board use. Made in USA.

Tree Grow Kit Pack of 3. Choose from 15 different trees! Growing a tree from seed is a magical and fascinating experience for people of all ages. Our seed germination kits give you everything you need to germinate tree seed - seeds, growing medium, a mini-greenhouse, and detailed instructions. Instructions lead you through the whole process from cold-stratifying your seeds to germination to transplanting. Made in USA.

The Quarter Flip Game is bound to be the next rage. It is a game like Corn Hole but can be played indoors or out. The object of the game is to flip a quarter into the hole. Great fun! Made in USA.

Three Commemorative 9/11 Puzzles by Masterpieces Puzzle Company. Three puzzles included are: God Bless America, Honored Heroes, and We Will Never Forget. 500 pieces each. Made in USA.

Blunt Force Smooth Face Straight or Curved Handle Hammer by Hardcore Hammers. Since lots of guys out there swing hammers as a daily part of their job, yet almost never need them for driving nails, this great hammer is for everything else they need to pound. They just need some blunt force. That's why we made a smooth hammer: because "POUND IT" can mean more than just driving nails. Available in choice of 3 handle colors. Hardcore Hammers also created the new "POUND IT" Men's T-Shirt. This T-shirt tells everyone what you do with your hammer. All Black, 100% Cotton, 100% American made T-shirt has the phrase "POUND IT." on the front and the Hardcore Hammers Anvil Logo across entire back, with website address below. Made in USA.

Extra Wide Dress Sock by Extra Wide Sock Company is thin enough to wear with your favorite pair of dress shoes, or just when you want a lighter weight sock. Designed specifically for wide feet. Truly non-binding - will not leave those rings around your calves, and no more squeezing into socks that are too tight for your wider feet. Now dress up and be comfortable too! Available in Black, Brown, Navy, and Tan. Made in USA.

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My book "Re-Made in The USA" through Sunday the 17th, and a Super Sock Sale from Monday.


Todd Live on National TV July 4th!!!

Hi Team,

I am very excited to let you know that I will be live on national television on Fox & Friends July 4th at 6:45 am EST. What better day to make my first live nationwide TV appearance than on our nation's birthday?

The focus will be our USA efforts including my new book "Re-Made in The USA", our website, and how Americans can still buy USA-Made products!

The first thing I said to Fox when we started talking about doing this appearance is "This is not a Red State, Blue State issue, it is a Red, White, and Blue issue". Meaning this issue unifies us and is beyond politics. Our nation faces its greatest challenges since 1939, when ALL Americans can stand together against those that would destroy our way of life.

This is my first live appearance on national television, so I am very excited, but also a bit nervous. Wish me luck.

Have a great holiday weekend and God Bless The United States of America!


100 Years Ago This Summer, New Products, Sale

One hundred years ago this summer change was in the air. Chevrolet started selling cars, SMU was founded, the first Indy 500 was run, and NYC opened its main library branch. The US Navy landed the first ever airplane on a ship, then ironically made the first ever sea rescue of an unrelated airplane a couple weeks later.

Old rivals in Europe, superpowers whose days were numbered, England and France were coming together to face a new threat - the German states had been welded together by the Kaiser and its power was rising.

Had the Europeans looked to the West they would have seen a new power growing that would soon be the greatest free nation the world has ever known. People from many nations were coming together with dreams and gumption. Industry was spreading and cities rising. What is hardship to such great men and women?

We face hardship today too -- De-industrialization, inane business and governmental leadership, and apathy that kills a nation from within. The problems may be new, but just as our forefathers faced down challenge after challenge, we are Americans and we will face down these new hardships. 100 years does not change that spirit.

New Items:

KB Footwear produces original Made in America AGAIN footwear. These work and safety shoes are manufactured using original Knapp tooling that has been in usa since 1921. They proudly offer Made in American AGAIN high quality footwear. Their dedication to craftsmanship and innovation continues today as a leading manufacturer in American footwear. They believe in using only finest leathers and quality components. Designed for comfort, engineered for safety. Made in Wisconsin of 100% USA components.

Texas Jeans has created a Women's 100% organic cotton crew neck tee shirt. 5.75 oz. organic cotton jersey. Rib set on collar with double needle hems for durability. The natural colors are products of the sun, soil, and rainfall conditions that vary from year to year. 100% organic cotton grown in Texas.

Bo Regards, Inc. has crafted a beautiful Pet Fire Safety Plaque. The Fire Safety Plaque will keep your pet safe in the event of a fire or other emergency within your home. The plaque is 8.5" X 8.5" and comes in 3 finishes. Lightweight though durable, the textured design provides a classic vintage aesthetic, making the plaque not only the perfect safety tool, but also an attractive addition to your exterior décor. Made in USA.

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I am so excited about KB Shoes bringing it back to the USA, that their super high quality are on sale this week only.

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50 USA Libraries, New Products, Sale

Good news came recently, as I received my first e-mail from a person to have come across and read my new book Re-Made in The USA in their library. He had enthusiastic questions and was full of hope for our nation. How that made my day!

Sadly, several others have reported that they went to look for the book at their local library and were told various versions of how their libraries were hardly buying books anymore due to budget cuts. Decaying local tax revenue, caused in no small part by deindustrialization leaving less and less tax revenue as factories move abroad. The local revenue that feeds our libraries is drying up. Few things are sadder than a library without books, and what are the implications to the education of our young?

This has troubled me. Together, we are making progress on the Made in USA issue, still the thought of empty library shelves has me wanting to take direct action.

Free copies of my book for libraries - For the first fifty people that reply to this note with an actual address of one of our nation's libraries that you feel should have one, I will donate a copy and pay all shipping and handling expenses. It is a modest start, although who knows what can grow from a good beginning?

If it goes well, I may do more -- a lot more.

New Items:

One of the only US Flag makers left in America, Valley Forge Flag Co. is proud to make All-American flags and flagpoles using quality, craftsmanship, and expertise of American manufacturing. Each step in their process is carefully reviewed to ensure a superior quality product. Now available is an 18' Steel pole in Bronze or Black for outdoor use. Available with or without a 3'x5' Nylon US Flag. Made in USA.

We are excited to introduce ROUND HOUSE® a line of overalls and dungarees produced by Round House Manufacturing Company LLC in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The company was started in 1903 and is the oldest operating manufacturer in the state of Oklahoma and still builds ROUND HOUSE® brand workwear and kids overalls according to the "Fit Best, Wear Longest" standard: Tough. Affordable. Made in the USA.

We have added many new products from American manufacturer Imperial Blades. Imperial Blades are made from high quality materials for professional grade performance and service life. Their universal design attaches easily to a number of popular multi-tools. With a wide variety of blade and cutting options, Imperial Blades offers more for less, top quality replacement blades for oscillating tools at the best price. Made in USA.

Save your change in one of our cute new coin banks. Choose your favorite design in a Penny or Dime shape, size 5" x 1" with a twist off top. Made in USA.

Keep your gloves, shoes, or sports gear smelling fresh and clean! has created nylon sock shells (connected with a strap) filled with crushed red cedar chips to absorb odor and extend the life of your products. Eliminates moisture leaving cleaner odor-free gear. Check out the Glove Dogs, Shoe Dogs, and Bag Dogs. Made in USA.

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July 4th, our nation's birthday is almost here. This week we have lots of stuff on sale to help celebrate. All of it made here in the USA.

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Urgent News on Bad Free Trade Deals

There is sudden movement to ram through one sided so-called “free trade” deals with Korea, Colombia, and Panama.

Working in Asia really opened my eyes to the truth about these deals. I saw firsthand how in spite of all the talk of free trade, there is really no such thing as goods only flow to the USA, plus how difficult it is for us to export to Asian nations. It is no surprise they have other priorities, such as taking care of their own. They know that manufacturing is vital to economic growth and prosperity. Additionally, they have complex legal and cultural barriers beyond just direct tariffs. For example, Korea protects its automotive industry not so much through direct tariffs that even our politicians could comprehend, but through more subtle barriers – the Korean IRS very, very often audits the taxes of those Koreans that dare to buy American or other foreign cars.

That is why the Korean Free Trade deal is such a fiasco for the USA. It deals with direct tariffs, while completely ignoring the deeper factors that keep our products out. The Economic Policy Institute estimates we will actually have a net loss 160,000 jobs in the USA if this goes through. Plus, the jobs lost would be good manufacturing jobs, while the jobs gained here would be lower paying agricultural harvesting, etc. meaning wages would drop there too.

I was a Finance Executive at my former company and ran Market Research for a stint too, so I know numbers. The fact is I have seen zero valid evidence in the numbers that ANY of the so-called free trade deals actually cause a net gain of jobs or wages here in our nation. The numbers they cite can only be called propaganda. There is obvious evidence that a small number of USA people and companies gain, although many more of our folks lose. That means the net change is a net loss to our people as a whole!

One would think that with the economy down, those that benefit from our nation’s decay would give it a rest, and let these free trade deals wait, but The Wall Street Journal reports that our largest national retailer (a Wal-Mart minion is in fact quoted in the article -- sent their lobbyists to visit all 100 senators last week in an effort to ram through the so-called “free trade” agreements with Korea, Panama, and Columbia.

The large chain stores give huge donations to the national level of the US Chamber of Congress. In spite of many local Chamber of Congress’s being all about “Made in USA”, the national level is sadly point man for this lobbying blitz.

A rather desperate sounding national level Chamber executive quoted in the WSJ: “’We're fighting like hell because if the vote doesn't happen by the recess, we risk it not happening in the fall,’ said Christopher Wenk, senior director for international policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.”

Now the few that benefit from our nation’s decay are rallying the best lobbyist mercenary’s money can buy and with truckloads of blood money are coming hard to get these three trade deals passed before Congress recesses in August. If we can delay them until then, we win for this year. No politician wants this to see the light of day just before the election. Isn’t that reason enough to stand against it?

Please stand with me and take just a few minutes to lobby your senators. Together, with your help and many other good folks, let’s do all we can to stop these free trade deals.

It is very easy to contact your senator, simply click here:

There is a menu at the top right to select your state, look for the contact button on the senator’s page. They will know exactly what you mean when you mention stopping the Korean/Columbia/Panama free trade deals.

Sometimes we need to take a stand…


Exploding Chinese Watermelons; Father’s Day Sale; New Products

Watermelons in China exploding in mass made headlines recently ( ). It makes a funny headline, although our media missed key points. First, they caught that it was a “fertilizer”, but it was actually a highly concentrated steroid which is quite dangerous for people. Second, what are the farmers doing with the pieces of toxic watermelons after they explode? Feeding it to farm animals and fish, though it will damage their digestive systems AND much of it will still be there when people eat products from those animals and fish, such as eggs, milk, and meat!

Though it is unlikely we will see Chinese watermelons exploding on our grocer’s shelves (it happens too fast), it is very likely food products tainted with these powerful steroids are already here.

This is very similar to the widespread intentional use of the plastics chemical Melamine used in Chinese dairy products to make the protein content appear higher. Think that did not hit here? That was what was in the whey imported from China used in pet food that caused kidney failure in many thousands of American pets.

In spite of these issues and others, like the 83 million toys being recalled in 2008 (all foreign, 80% Chinese) due to lead paint, our government does nothing. No cargo containers are opened at the border or ports to test for these and many other dangerous chemicals. Why not? I can only conclude that Washington is more concerned about the hundreds of billions of dollars they borrow from China to fund their spending than our health.

Father’s Day Sale

Dad is a true American, so one thing he would really appreciate on Father’s Day is a gift made right here in the USA. It shows you care and is sure to be a big hit. You can walk by and say “…And it is Made in the USA, just like you Dad!” We have a very special sale this week just for Dads.

Don’t worry about sizes, as exchanges are easy, although if you want to let him choose, gift certificates are available that never expire!

New Items:

The Carson Bag create beautiful, high-quality women’s handbags inspired by Carson Smith and the paratroopers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Imagine: a paratrooper's rucksack—its function and durability depend on high standards for its material and construction. The Carson Bag begins with this fundamental premise and it does not disappoint. Carson bags are designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. They are lightweight and roomy enough to hold all essentials including a laptop or an ipad. Made in the USA by a master craftsman using time honored bench made methods, these bags are produced in luxurious leathers, top-of-the-line composite fabrics, uniquely custom printed laminated linen, and traditionally woven canvases. In a world of mass production they look to carve out a space where individuality is respected and encouraged. Made in USA.

Beautiful Flag Pins handcrafted by a true master with decades of experience in Massachusetts. Now added to our collection of pins are: USA Flagpole, California State, Illinois State, Michigan State, New York State, or Texas State. One of the few pins still made in America. Very high quality! Made in USA.

"" bumper stickers are now available for purchase. "Your source for American made products" and logo printed on front. Show your support with a bumper sticker!

Our favorite jean maker, Texas Jeans has added two new styles to their collection, Loose Fit Jeans and Carpenter Shorts. Jeans are as American as apple pie, but the shame is most are no longer made here anymore. Texas Jeans are great fitting, comfortable denim. Real jeans for real men. Made in USA.

Neptune's Harvest Organic Kelp Meal Multi-Purpose Fertilizer 1-0-2 12lb. Pail is Ascophyllum Nodosum, which is widely recognized as one of the finest marine plants available for agriculture today. Kelp Meal is a natural and cost affective enhancement to any soil fertilization and conditioning program. It is suitable for all crops and applications, and can be mixed with most soil conditioners and fertilizers, potting soil, seed and transplant beds, as well as composting materials. Made in USA.

Stacking Cups and Race Cars by Green Toys™. Eco-conscious toys are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. No BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings. Perfect for little ones! Made in USA.

Sign Caddy™ is the most versatile sign presentation invention ever. Printing and displaying the perfect sign in your home, office, or store couldn't be easier. The Sign Caddy transforms the sign industry to a viable do-it-yourself approach that delivers the benefits of customization, low cost, and high quality, for both commercial and personal use. Easy to use, choose and print from any of the 150 professionally designed signs, place your printed sign in the patented frame, and display. Package includes: Sign Caddy Frame, Suction Hook, CD-Rom Sign Library. Made in USA.

Miracle Cloth is an all purpose cleaning and polishing sensation that has completely stood the test of time. Easy to use. In just minutes, Miracle Cloth can not only make sliver, brass, bronze, gold, and copper look and shine like new, but also stainless steel, chrome, magnesium, nickel, aluminum, silverware, pewter, tile, as well as porcelain. Miracle Cloth contains real coconut oil which adds depth and an extra protective coating to anything you apply it to. Made in USA.

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USA Spring, News, Sale

Since spring is upon us, this issue features American-Made items that are always popular this time of year. There is no need for imports for many fine products.

Avoid paying high gas prices, be greener, and get some exercise with these light Reel Mowers made in Indiana by American Mowers. The 5-Blade is fine for small lawns, the 7-Blade is better for bigger lawns.

Keep tomatoes and other vine veggies where they are supposed to grow with the Veggie Cage and Tomato Rings. Made in Missouri.

Make sure deer and other naughty critters do not eat your garden with various Bobbex deer and animal repellents. Keep them away without dangerous chemicals that could hurt you or them. Made in Connecticut.

Check out the dozens of Bully Tools shovels, rakes, gardening tools, and many other quality products for construction or lawn needs. Made in Ohio.

New "Carpenter Shorts" from Texas Jeans have tons of places to put things and extra deep pockets. Perfect for work around the home or garden. Made with USA grown cotton in North Carolina.

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Other News:

Exciting addition to the Kirsch family farm, our Maple Syrup source – a New Baby! A beautiful baby girl has joined the team as of just two weeks ago. Congratulations! Talk about a family business!

Regarding my new book, Re-Made in The USA, it is now also available in 170 Hudson's airport bookstores and newsstands that carry books.

Here is a free preview of Chapter One:

On Sale This Week: Awesome bags from Battle Lake Outdoors in Minnesota.

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Small Business = Real Jobs

Few would argue against the point that a successful country must be able to create meaningful jobs for its citizens. "Make work" jobs funded by the government that create no value for our culture could be considered expensive welfare.

The government does fund, through tax-payer money, very important jobs like teachers that do count. Nevertheless, most job creation by far comes from small and mid-sized businesses. These jobs are extremely valuable for these people and our nation. They are higher quality jobs that folks can take pride in, knowing that they are making a substantial contribution to our society.

Especially now that credit is very hard to get for small businesses, each person hired is a serious investment paid for out of daily cash flow. Folks are doing "real" work, adding value for you, as rapidly as they possibly can.

I did not plan it this way, but it turns out 97% of the suppliers on are small businesses. Where quality matters. Where they know their employees. Where every order makes a difference.

They often cannot get on the shelves at the big chain stores, but you find their very cool items on Many, many times suppliers have made comments like "We had to add two new employees because of your orders!"

That is a real difference you can really feel good about!

New Items:

Two new beautifully made cheese boards by Kentucky Cutting Boards. A real piece of America heritage that is perfect for the kitchen! Boards are made of real Appalachian Maple and Cherry hardwood (maple is touted as one of the safest anti-bacterial food cutting surface available -including plastic). Each board comes with a label indicating the type of wood used for the inlays plus care and preservation recommendations. Made by real Kentuckian artisans. Made in USA.

Flatbed Truck & Race Car Set by Green Toys™. Gentlemen (and ladies) start your environmentally responsible engines! The Green Toys™ Flatbed Truck with Race Car is on the move. This sturdy blue truck hauls our sleek red hot rod on its back, and has a flatbed that tilts up to allow the car to roll off. These eco-conscious vehicles are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. No BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings. Made in USA.

Special Limited Time Girl's Oxford Jacket by American Fit. Very cute girl's jacket available in Fuchsia only. 100% nylon oxford shell with color-coordinated snap front. Perfect for spring. Sizes: 2T to YL Made in USA.

thinksport™ and thinkbaby™ LIVESTRONG Sunscreens SPF 30+ 3oz. Nothing beats a day in the sun and nothing makes this day safer than thinksport and thinkbaby's LIVESTRONG endorsed sunscreens. The new sunscreens developed by thinksport and thinkbaby are highly effective, fall into the highest category for water resistance and have a sensible SPF 30+ rating. thinksport and thinkbaby LIVESTRONG sunscreens do not contain nano particles. Made in USA.

Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms will provide you with a lifetime of weaving enjoyment. The Mirrix family of looms make bead weaving easy for anyone! From bracelets and necklaces to large beaded pieces, Mirrix looms provide the perfect tension and ease of use to help you create whatever your heart desires. Mirrix has a tapestry loom to fit everyone's needs and budget from the 12" Little Guy to the 38" Zeus Looms. A unique shedding device makes it easy to make a shed and the high-quality of the loom makes perfect tension easy to achieve. Made in USA.

Our favorite jean maker, Texas Jeans has begun making their popular Original "Classic Fit" in Black. Jeans are as American as apple pie, but the shame is most are not even made here anymore. The Original Texas Jean are great fitting, comfortable, rugged 5 pocket jean in Black denim. Made 100% in the USA out of 100% Cotton Denim. Texas Jeans are the real deal! A real jean for real men. Made in USA.

We have added a line of Aspire cleaning supplies by Misty®. All are professional strength and can be used at home or the office. Choose from: Glass & Surface Cleaner, Furniture Cleaner & Polish, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Heavy-Duty Multi-purpose Cleaner, and Dust Mop Treatment. Made in USA.

Perfect for the office, try Presstex® Report Cover Prong, Recycled Presstex® Round Ring 1" Binder, or Pressboard 25-Pt. Classification Folders made by Acco. Available in assorted colors. Also by Acco are Recycled Paper Clips in regular or jumbo size. Made in USA.

Two beautiful Patriotic Frames by Meet You at the Bridge. The first frame is 8X10 poplar wood stained in a light pecan finish. The second is 8X10 bonanza black wood eco friendly composite wood frame. Solid material with a very smooth wrapped laminate finish equal to or better than most stained wood frames. Both frames made with non-glare glass. Matt is white with a black beveled edge. Both frames hold a 4x6 picture and an included poem by Maya Angelou on an American flag. Includes a white backing and an easel back to sit or hang. Every part of frame is made in America. Made in USA.

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Sale This Week:

Toys, toys, toys! Yes, you can buy toys made here in the USA without all the chemicals that make their way into Chinese made toys.

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My Book Published Today!

It is hard to believe it is really here, but after so much effort, my book “Re-Made in The USA” is launching today!

Here it is:

I have to say that besides my family and founding, publishing “Re-Made in The USA” is without a doubt the most important thing I have done.

De-industrialization, literally the packing up and shipping off of thousands of our factories overseas is killing our nation’s economy. I saw firsthand while living in Asia the very real threats we face, and how we -- our government, companies, and ourselves as buyers took our eyes off of the big picture and opened the door to these threats.

I get the facts right, and back them up with the data. Though, the book is written to be interesting, yet real, dire, yet hopeful, passionate, yet plain speaking. Our nation is too close to the abyss to hold back.

PR for the book has already begun. I did six radio interviews last week and am aiming for 100 by July 4th. I am on the cover of a magazine for radio producers this week. One of the very neat things about this effort is how unifying it is – thankfully, I am welcomed on shows of every political background. Truly, this is not a red state or blue state issue, but a Red, White, and Blue issue. We have to roll up our sleeves and come together as a people to make things right. Just like we did in WWII, when our nation fought and defeated Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan simultaneously.

It was a great relief to work with a well respected publisher. Wiley and Sons has been around since 1807 and they live up to their motto “Knowledge for Generations”. There was no pressure me to change my tone or meaning in any way. They helped by encouraging me all the way through the process, making it a much better book.

Re-Made in The USA will be available in all Barnes & Noble’s from today. Borders is selling it also, but on a hit or miss basis store to store given their financial condition (they can order it if you do not see it), and Hudson will have it in 170 airport locations by May 1st. Any independent bookstores that do not have it in stock can get it for you in couple of days. The publisher guarantees any bookstore can sell it, or they refund 100% of the wholesale price back to the bookstore.

It is also available everywhere online including I am torn over whether to encourage purchasing it at or other locations. Sales via other locations count towards the best seller list, although I can sign personal messages to copies coming from’s own warehouse. Either way is fine.

Also, I understand things are tight everywhere, so feel free to check it out the library…

Want a free preview? Here is the first chapter:

New Products:

The EASE-L™ display stand is a simple, lightweight, eco friendly display medium that's easy to use, assemble, move, and store. One piece of corrugated cardboard folds into a sturdy stand able to hold up to 45lbs, with 'printability' for unlimited uses! Recyclable, reusable, totally green. Available in two sizes. Made in USA.

Remember your pet with a personalized memorial frame by Meet You at the Bridge. Meet You at the Bridge specializes in helping people cope with the loss of a pet, by offering unique pet memorial frames. These frames are made of solid poplar wood harvested in Montana. Each frame includes two copies of "The Rainbow Bridge" poem. Made in USA.

Touch Out Sports Swim Shampoo and Swim Conditioner repairs the damage water sports do to your hair. Chemicals in the pool dry out your hair, ruin its color and shine, and wreak havoc on color and texture. Now with Touch Out Sports Swim Shampoo and Swim Conditioner you can give life and shine back to your chlorine damaged hair. If you are a competitive swimmer, recreational swimmer, surfer, or just love the water then Touch Out Sports Swim Shampoo and Swim Conditioner are the perfect products for you! Made in USA.

Zuke’s makes healthy, natural treats for your pets. Zuke’s makes it easy to treat your pet right, with healthy, quality ingredients, made right here in the USA. Always free of fillers such as corn, wheat, and soy, Zuke’s delivers peace of mind for you and a tasty treats for your pet. Made in USA.

Have some fun in the garden with Seedballz! Inspired by a soil scientist, SeedBallz began mixing a special blend of rich organic humus, a whole packet of seeds and clay to offer the gardener a new way to grow wildflowers and herbs. SeedBallz are so unique, they grow in clusters rather than single seeds! Each pack of Seedballz is packed with seeds and rolled in an all-natural, protective growing blend designed to nourish your flowers. Adults with developmental disabilities prepare and package each ball by hand, right here in the USA. Made in USA.

We are pleased to introduce Masterpieces Puzzle Company. We have a compelling selection of their fantastic puzzles. There is something for everyone. Made in USA.

Mrs. Meyers makes aroma therapeutic household cleaners, laundry care, and baby products in the garden-fresh scents of Basil, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Geranium and Baby Blossom. Their products combine hardworking, naturally occurring ingredients and essential oils that are tough on dirt, yet gentle on your home and the earth. Biodegradable and packaged in recyclable bottles, the products are ammonia-, chlorine bleach-, paraben- and phosphate-free; earth-friendly, cruelty-free and not tested on animals. Made in USA.

Link to all of these great new products:

On Sale This Week: My book of course!

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A Choice

Talking to customers is one of my favorite things to do. Americans from every background with a lot more in common than most of us probably realize. The big chain stores want us to settle for what is best for them, not what is best for us, nor our community, and definitely not what is best for our nation.

Our choice is too often between the chintzy Chinese junk at one chain store or more of the same at the other chain stores down the street. We supposedly get low, low prices, but in exchange thousands of our factories close and our people cannot find jobs, wages drop, and our future looks bleak.

These faceless, faithless companies want us to go silently to the trough. My customers are not that kind of person. They want a real choice. They want to know their purchases make a difference. They understand the benefits of purchasing products made by our own people.

By the time I chat with them, they are very often so thrilled to have discovered a real choice that I usually hear a lot of happiness in their voice. What a neat thing that is for me, as well as a responsibility that I take very seriously.

We will always keep giving more American-Made choices. I will do all that is humanly possible to make sure the experience with us is excellent. Most importantly, we will always support as many small, ethical USA manufacturers as we possibly can.

The big chain stores are counting on people being apathetic. Our folks are the loud, brave, and yes, a growing group of people that care. No matter what else we believe, we share a belief in that shining light of freedom – The USA.

Just In – My upcoming book now has its own Facebook page --!/pages/Re-Made-in-the-USA-by-Todd-Lipscomb/139353299451235

New Items:

We have added a beautiful collection of greeting cards created and produced by Pieritz Bros., Inc. All the items came from their small family business in Oak Park, Illinois. All the images came from their store, neighborhood, and surrounding area. Established in 1895, 115 years has enabled them to collect quite a lot. They thought others might enjoy a little elegance.

Link to new products:

Sale – Union-Made Polo Shirts! Note only stylish, but several are specifically designed to breadth extra well for comfort in hot conditions. Link:


Progress Made

You might be wondering how things are going at and I am glad to report the company is doing very well. It has been a long, challenging road, but together we have made tons of progress. With your support and help in spreading the word, sales grew very fast in 2010 and so far 2011 is running twice 2010's high level!

In fact, we are growing faster than my ability to assure the excellent level of customer service that you deserve. Therefore, we will be adding more employees to ensure you always know there are real Americans here that care and are ready to help.

One of our biggest issues continues to be the shipping cost. To that end, we now offer a Priority Mail shipping option that is particularly useful for small orders that fit in the Flat Rate envelope. We can now put an item, say a wallet or single clothing item, into any hand in the nation in three days or less for $5, including a live tracking number e-mailed to you. Over a pound or so, unfortunately, the price jumps to the Medium Flat Rate box of $11 and above that Large Flat rate at $13, including a tracking number. Even at those rates, Priority Mail often beats UPS in speed and cost, particularly to rural customers that are vital to our effort. Nevertheless, we are also researching our options with FedEx and UPS and expect to make further improvements to the shipping costs in the next few months.

You may have noticed something new on our website! We recently launched new ways to stay in touch with you via Facebook. I am particularly excited about our growth on Facebook to nearly 1700 "friends" in less than ten weeks. My plan is to have real content added four times weekly, plus many folks have started adding very cool content. Following is the link: Facebook:!/pages/Made-In-USA-Forever-MadeInUSAForevercom/137443706309785

It is hard to believe, but my publisher, Wiley & Sons, is currently printing my new book "Re-Made in The USA" and it will start shipping to bookstores in just a few weeks! I invested over 1000 hours last year in writing something that I hope will be enjoyable, yet open eyes in an inspiring way. Barnes & Noble and the company that runs the airport bookstores have both made major commitments to it. Borders Bookstore will also carry it, even though they are mainly focusing on their bankruptcy reorganization and unfortunately closing many stores.

Indications are the time is ripe with the launch of the book to get lots of media attention for our Made in USA effort. You saw my CNN interview last issue (link:, I am also going to be on the cover of the mid-April issue of the main magazine for radio and television producers. While I have done over 140 radio interviews in the last three years, I am working with Wiley & Sons and through my own effort to do 100 from April through July 4th this year. It's an exciting and aggressive plan that should be extremely beneficial. Speaking of my book, if you could take a moment and check the "Like" box on Barnes & Noble and, that would be really helpful. Their computers will note the attention and boost the book's ranking when others are browsing. Thank you for your help and support. Here are the links to those:

Barnes & Noble:

New Items:

Creative Sales Company has created American-Made items for your home. They have a fun new product, the Floating Bobber Cooler for your keeping your canned drinks cool. They have several handy sharpeners: the Axe & Tool Sharpener, Knife & Scissors Sharpener, and Lawn Mower & Garden Sharpener. They also bring us the Byers' Super Snap, for securing or repairing tarps. Made in USA.

MCM Manufacturing, Inc. has created the world's best tricycle. The Dirt King is virtually indestructible. Hand welded and constructed of heavy duty 14 and 16 gauge steel. The Dirt King comes equipped with all terrain pneumatic tires mounted on heavy duty steel rims with 5/8 inch steel ball-bearings. The adjustable seat and tilting handle-bars allow the Dirt King to adapt with your growing youngster for years of thrills and healthful fun and exercise. For Big Kids and Adults, Dirt King offers a big kids tricycle and adult trike ride that is sure to impress and be the envy of the neighborhood. Unlike with typical solid tire trikes, rugged ground is no match for the Dirt King. Thanks to its air-filled floatation tires, making old and uneven sidewalks and gravel yards just another Sunday drive. Made in Kansas.

The Knapp Made CM Scrubber is the world's best pot and pan scrubber. Handmade from the finest materials. Cleaning well-seasoned cast iron cookware with the Knapp Made CM Scrubber is safe, fast and easy. Your beautifully seasoned cast iron pans will now stay seasoned. The CM Scrubber is the perfect kitchen tool for cleaning your finest cookware - stainless steel, hard anodized, carbon steel and copper. Nothing works better for cleaning baked on, caked on casseroles - metal or glass. 100% Guaranteed. Made in USA.

ExtRemedy is a natural, homeopathic, over-the-counter topical pain Lotion or Spray that alleviates ANY pain in seconds. ExtRemedy Pain Lotion or Spray is the best pain reliever you will ever find. Simply rub it on pain and the pain is gone in 15 seconds, guaranteed. They are so sure of this that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. What has been discovered in ExtRemedy is a way to get pain relief to the source of the pain almost instantly in a natural over-the-counter homeopathic topical lotion and spray, without the usual discomfort of irritation or any dangerous or unhealthy chemicals or the strong or foul smell usually associated with topical pain relievers. This is an amazing lotion with a slight, pleasant smell, that when rubbed on, alleviates pain instantly. Made in USA.

We have added some additional Schaefer Ranchwear items. They proudly make American-Made products in their family owned and operated factory. This means they design, engineer, cut, sew, and inspect each and every garment in their product line. New to us are cowboy hats, wild rags, scarf slides, and cuff links. Made in USA.

We are excited to offer several new products from Sinclair Manufacturing LLC. They have three styles of full grain bridle leather belts. Belts come in brown or black and have a "removable" buckle and keeper. Pack your hunting rifle in complete comfort all day long with their premium leather Gun Sling. Slings adjust from carry position to shoulder-ready in only seconds. Single loop design with an innovative sliding knot never over-tightens; can be adjusted instantly with a minimum of effort when your quarry is sighted. Makes the perfect choice as a comfortable, dependable carry sling or helps improve accuracy when used as a hasty sling. Made from thick, high quality, U.S. tanned bridle leather. Finally, we offer the Cartridge Carrier, which holds 5 cartridges. Constructed of full grain bridle leather in brown or black. Will work on belts up to 1 1/2" wide. Made in USA.

United Spirit of America has produced Innovative products designed for everyday use by Military professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and law enforcement personnel, providing top level protection and excellent hygiene in easy-to-transport packaging. The Emergency Preparedness hygiene kit is meant to provide essential products for up to 72 hours in the event of an emergency or disaster. It is perfect for camping, boating, fishing or hunting trips as well. The Outpost Edition Products Kit is designed for water restricted environments. Aimed to provide high protection against the harmful effects of the sun, wind, biting insects, bacterial and fungal infections often suffered by people operating under adverse conditions and extreme environments throughout the world. Take a look at all of the kits we offer. Made in USA.

Elmer Hartman is a mechanist who has created some really beautiful, heavy candle holders. They are made of 6061 billet aluminum. The holders do not get too hot and will not tip over. They fit all tea light sizes. Made in USA. Please take a look at all of these great new products at:

Sale Items: On sale through Sunday evening the 20th are Poof soft Footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and basketballs.

Link to sale items:


Todd Interviewed by CNN

Exciting news!

I spent the day with CNN recently and here is the first of potentially several segments of the interview.

Because of your help, encouragement, activism, and prayers we are gaining traction in our effort to get the word out how important it is to buy Made in USA.

CNN sought me out because they see a growing interest. That means folks are talking, word spreads, and it reached their producers. That may very well have been because of someone you mentioned it to.

Below are two links to the video just in case. It may show a brief UPS commercial before my interview.

Thank You Again!


Link to Todd's CNN Interview

Also, here is my upcoming book on Barnes and Nobel at a special price. Just one more month until my publisher, Wiley & Sons, releases it. Todd's Book on Barnes and Noble:


The Local Factor

Readers have written a number of times asking an important question. It has also come up on our new Facebook page (!/pages/Made-In-USA-Forever-MadeInUSAForevercom/137443706309785), so I thought I would address it here – "Is it better to buy local (near my home) even if the product is not made here?"

It seems like a simple question, yet there are actually several levels of complexity. Doing something such as buying locally grown vegetables at a farmers market clearly keeps most of the money both in our nation and our local community, except most purchases are not so clear cut.

Buying American-Made keeps the money flowing in a virtuous circle of employment throughout our nation to suppliers and beyond, while buying local supports local employment. Let's analyze this from worst to best:

Buying a foreign product from a large chain store – It varies widely, but roughly 30% of the value of that product goes immediately overseas. Additionally, there are the cargo container ships using the dirtiest, cheapest, barely refined bunker oil that spew more pollution than hundreds of our regulated trains or trucks. A clerk did put that item on the self and help you checkout (unless you self-check), nevertheless it adds up to approximately 5% of the purchase more or less staying in your community.

Buying a foreign product from a locally owned store - Locally owned stores keep a lot more of your dollar in your community than big retail chains. Depending on the product it can range from less than 10% for locally owned gas stations to over 30% of some retail items. Locally owned, independent stores are much more likely to contribute to the local community's wellbeing. My own observations are that the level of customer service is much better. Still, if they are selling you a foreign item, the virtuous circle of making it here is broken.

Buying American-Made at a big retail chain – Much of the value of that purchase still leaves the community, although it does get back to others all over our nation as that virtuous circle is intact and the multiplier effect energies our economy.

Buying American-Made from or other similar website – The money does not stay in your community directly, but does go to your neighbors through our over 400 mostly family owned venders. All of the money stays in the USA. I rank us higher than the retail chains for service and for carrying so few American-Made products.

Buying American-Made from a locally owned store – Purchasing an American-Made product at a locally owned store is the best choice. You support the store that best supports the local community, while the virtuous chain of American production remains intact.

It might surprise you that I am recommending a store other than, yet that is how the facts play out. If you find an American-Made product available at your locally owned store at a fair price, that is the best choice.

New Products:

Schaefer Ranchwear has created several new styles of jackets and vests. Each Schaefer Ranchwear garment is proudly American-Made in their family owned and operated factory. This means they design, engineer, cut, sew and inspect each and every garment in their product line. They not only produce American-Made garments, but firmly stand behind purchasing American-Made raw materials right down to thread, snaps and labels. Made in New Mexico.

We now carry a neat little invention called Hang Away™ Universal Toothbrush Holder by SB Products. Attach Hang Away™ to your bathroom wall to secure any size or shape toothbrush. De-clutter and uniformly organize your toothbrushes. Made in Wisconsin.

We are pleased to introduce a new line of toothbrushes by RADIUS®. They have created toothbrushes that are comfortable, enjoyable, and effective. With a mass of very soft bristles, a large head area for low pressure brushing and a comfortable handle, these toothbrushes let you brush lightly and accurately. Beautiful award-winning design. Made in Pennsylvania.

Jacob Bromwell had an idea back in 1819; handcrafted, quality baking, cooking, and food preparation products that American families could count on to last year after year. He began manufacturing everything from sifters to colanders to popcorn poppers. In the early 1900's, Mr. Bromwell moved his business to Michigan City, Indiana where it is still located today. Nowadays, Bromwell is the oldest 100% American Manufactured company. They take pride in their American heritage, and are proud to say that all of their house ware products are made right here in the USA. Made in Indiana.

To view these great new products, please click here:


Through today (Sunday the 27th), our new Radius Toothbrushes! From this Monday, Footskins shoes. Yes, there are great shoes still made here from real American leather!

Here is a link:


A Tale of Two Deficits

The federal government budget released this week was frightening. The total amount borrowed continues to surge, while the lawyers from both sides are failing to grasp the basic economics of it. What they need to understand is this: If we do not make it here, we do not tax it here. Meaning the budget deficit and trade deficit are intertwined.

The proposed 2012 budget has revenue (taxes) of $2.6 trillion and spending at $3.7 trillion.

How does the government fund spending over 40% more than they take in? Largely through borrowing, much of which comes from foreigners. The interest on the debt alone is forecasted at $242 billion. If Washington had been smarter over the last few decades, that would be money for schools, roads, or in our pockets! That figure is also a point of vulnerability as the Treasury has been borrowing short-term debt to get a lower rate today, yet leaving us vulnerable for higher future rates. That combined with a budget situation that is not sustainable, meaning the government will face much higher borrowing costs in the near future. That interest figure could easily double or worse in just a few years. As the Treasury tries to feed the government's spending habit at some point simply printing more and more money is going to look like a good option.

Economies benefit by making products in their homeland. My wife and I bought an American-Made couch last summer. Not only did that purchase employ folks where it was assembled, but also think of the all of the things that go into making it such as cloth, cotton, wood, etc. So many people had to be involved in a virtuous circle of employment, PLUS they paid taxes! If we had bought a Chinese couch (for the sake of argument) all of that economic value would have been transferred abroad.

We talk about free trade, although while living in Asia I found that no other nation is that naïve. Other nations encourage manufacturing since they know it adds real value. Washington has allowed a trade policy that encourages factories to be moved abroad without grasping that the trade and budget deficits are intertwined. In my upcoming book (here it is at Barnes & Noble: ), I show that if we had balanced trade in the 25 years up through 2009 over 70% of Washington's budget deficit would have been eliminated.

Meanwhile, according to the Associated Press, China is moving rapidly ahead with its new "Carrier Killer" missile development ( designed specifically to destroy our aircraft carriers. The admiral interviewed aboard the USS George Washington in the article does not call it insurmountable, although I would not want to be in his seat if these missiles were to be fired at his ship. Regrettably, we helped pay for it through the trade deficit.

Disappointingly, we have funded and aided China's military development. That is, funded through our ongoing trade deficit with them and aided through the transfer of factories and knowledge to them. With every Chinese purchase, we assist them in becoming the next superpower.

Featured Product:

A reader pointed out their son's toy Recycling Truck was featured on the TV show Modern Family. This fun toy is made from recycled plastic from Green Toys. My son has one as well and it stands up to his toughest play, plus he likes storing stuff in it.

New Products:

Hardcore Hammers has created six beautifully made original hammers. Hammers are available in several colors with a curved or straight handle. Inserts are forged into some of the hardest steel on the planet. The recessed milled traction surface is protected from striking anything but the nail by the smooth outer rim. This eliminates the need for two hammers because it combines a finish and a framing hammer all in one. Made in USA.

A fun new novelty/gag gift is the Original Hairbrush for Bald Men by MIK Enterprises. It's a great conversation piece meant to make people laugh. Perfect light-hearted gift for a retirement party, birthday party, Father's Day, April Fool's Day, etc. Made in USA.

Now available from Earth Creations are spring and summer women's organic shirts and skirts, as well as children's tees. Years ago Moulton, Alabama was a big time sewing town, unfortunately over the years the sewing was outsourced. Earth Creations has put second and third generation sewers back to work. Once more, we have the opportunity to help support the Gulf States. Made in Alabama.

We are pleased to introduce tabbi™, a new versatile vitamin and supplement organizer. Perfect for travel, tabbi™ is soft-sided and easy to pack. It's flexible with customizable, detachable pockets. It's durable, made from industrial strength nylon. You can depend on tabbi™ to simplify travel, protect you on your journey, and get you to your destination ready for health and success. Made in Colorado.

Take a look! New products can be viewed at:


Foreign Light Bulb Fiasco, New Products, Sale

I grew up in the heartland, but eventually moved to California because of working in the technology industry. Several years ago, I felt aghast as the state of California faced brownouts and even blackouts due to the inability to produce, or even import, sufficient electricity. The answer pushed by the state government and utilities was that we had to use less, a lot less, electricity as citizens.

Normally, I am all for using less imported energy, as goodness knows we need to buy less oil from those countries that hate us. Just to let you know, I do put my money where my mouth is and therefore drive a Ford Escape Hybrid. Additionally, using less energy is by and large easier on the environment. The backbone of the supposed plan to reduce electricity usage in California was an aggressive, early adoption of florescent bulbs shaped into the size of regular light bulbs. This plan was pushed into law a year ahead of the rest of the nation.

Conceptually, these bulbs must have looked good on paper as they are supposed to use a lot less electricity and last ten years. The facts are very different.

First of all, these new florescent bulbs contain the dangerous element mercury.

Secondly, it is my personal experience that they are in fact lasting much less than ten years. We replaced ten old bulbs with the new bulbs in our house one year ago to comply with the upcoming law. The fourth new bulb just burned out. Nearly half are gone in barely a year!

Thirdly, since they were supposed to last so long, there is no state or local plan in place to deal with disposal or recycling of these bulbs. Clearly many thousands have already made it to the landfill and that mercury they contain will eventually become exposed to our air and water.

Fourthly, my kids managed to break one, so how do we safely clean up the mercury? California's official poison control center told me "It is somewhat like breaking an old style mercury thermometer" (except that those are no longer sold, but we have these bulbs all over the house) and to clean it up we should "Open a window while sweeping up the glass". Somehow I don't feel safer…

Fifthly, the energy savings are a joke because these bulbs are in fact dimmer. Most of the time, we end up turning more lights on. My electric bill shows our usage is actually up!

Finally, and certainly not the least important all of the new bulbs are made in China. Meanwhile, we are closing American factories that produced Edison's version for so many decades to chase after this half-baked plan!

Personally, I do not care what the state says. We are going back to the old bulbs. Illegal or not in this house we will use Mr. Edison's bulb.

New Products:

Vintage Body Spa has created a number of new natural skin care products. Vintage Body Spa offers paraben-free spa products and natural product skin care that seamlessly blend classic style with a modern approach to healthy skin. Their bath and body line helps you create your own natural and indulgent spa experience. Family owned and operated, all of their products are cruelty-free. Proudly made in the USA.

Atrix International, Inc. is a premier USA manufacturer of vacuums and filters. They are the leader in industrial and commercial vacuums. Vacuum types include: HEPA vacuums; ULPA vacuums; Electronic vacuums; Toner vacuums; Office vacuums. Some applications/industries are: Office Equipment-Laser Toner, Electronics, Cartridge Recycling, Large Volume Printers, Manufacturing, Banking, Metallurgy, Food Processing, Gaming, RRP, Renovate, Repair and Paint, Lead Paint Dust and Chips, Window Installation, Painter, Electrician/Plumber/HVAC, Hazardous Particulate, Abatement, Mold, Lead, and Hazardous Particulate. Made in USA.

Please take a look at these great products by clicking here:

Sale/Feature Product:

Speaking of a green product that is truly safe for the environment and great for kids, check out all the products I have on sale from Green Toys. Please click here:


Stand With Me Against The Korea/USA Free Trade Deal

A couple of issues ago I discussed the fiasco around the recently announced free trade deal between Korea and the USA. Once again the USA is getting the short end of the stick, as the Economic Policy Institute reports, we will lose about 160,000 jobs and increase our trade deficit by $16 billion.

I was concerned that congress would sneak through approval while our nation was distracted by the holiday season, but luckily there is still time to act.

Neither house of congress has addressed this yet, so we still have time to take action. I spoke to my state senator's staff person on this issue, who said I was literally the first person to call regarding this issue. That is surprising, but actually gives us a potential opportunity.

If we take the trouble to fill this gap, we can convey our opinion to both houses of congress and literally become the voice on this issue. No one else is bothering, so who better than us?

It turns out that other than emotionally charged issues, our government officials rarely get contacted by more than a few people. The staffers that closely advise a representative or senator assume that if they suddenly get a couple dozen calls or e-mail messages on an issue than there are many thousands more that feel just as passionately. If we take a stand when others do not bother, we can affect the outcome.

This is only the second time I have asked you to write or call Washington about an important issue that affects us all. Please join me in contacting your state's congressmen. There is no bill number to reference, although they all know what the Korean/USA Free Trade Deal is.

It is super easy to get your Representative's contact information. Here is the link:

Senator's information is here:

Thank you!

Featured Product

How about a Made in USA snow shovel that lasts decades? Talk about timely! Bully Tools really knows how to make them:

New Products

We are pleased to offer a number of new knife sets including: steak knives, kitchen knives, hunting, fishing, and camping knives, plus whittling and carving sets. Made in USA.

We have new banded bottom short sleeve shirts in many sizes and colors by D'Accord. These men's shirts self-band for a look of elegance and comfort. Easy care fabric, just wash and wear. Made from microfiber polyester. Nice silky texture that feels soft on your skin and breathes. Made in USA!

Kathy Guyton has written a fun new book that not only give the history of each state name, but is quite entertaining too. U.S. State Names, The Stories of How Our States Were Named is a fun educational book! Makes a great gift.

Link to New Products:


Merry Christmas!!!

The holiday is almost here and I want to wish you all Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your support this year! Thanks to you, we have grown well beyond my most optimistic estimates! Together we are making a real difference.

I already received a special gift this year that I'd like to share with you… When I launched the odds of success were too miniscule to calculate. I knew quitting a lucrative job and investing my time and money was rash. All the same, I saw what was happening to our great nation – industry and jobs dying, businesses only interested in boosting short-term profits, incoherent government trade policies leaving us at the mercy of nations who have never known freedom, etc. I could see a bleak future for our nation and my young children. I felt the shining light of freedom flickering, but what could one person do? I decided to take a stand fully knowing, even expecting to fail. Therefore, I put forth the effort, energy, money, all I have learned in business, and even a Yankee twist on a trick or two I learned while working in Asia to create this website to make a difference.

What I did not expect was your enthusiasm! There are tens of thousands of you using the website to research products available beyond Mega-Mart's shelves. Or, that we would have added our 400th supplier and 2,300th product in just three years. All of you, Americans from every part of our nation, from every background ready to do what true Americans do best – rolling up our sleeves to fix things.

You have given me something that I only recognized a few weeks ago – faith that we will succeed. It may take many years, but we will turn this situation around as a people and as a nation.

Not to say hard economic times are not here, and may even get much worse before they get better. Nevertheless, I see embers all over the nation, like small companies that simply will not give up and folks like you. Our vitality is alive and growing again.

That faith is a precious gift and I thank you! Can you feel it too?

Merry Christmas and God Bless the United States of America!


South Korea Trade Deal Lies, New Products, Sale

Did you know South Korea has been using trade tricks to block imports into their country, like having their IRS audit almost everyone there that buys a non-Korean car? Keep reading…

I have been watching Washington's efforts on the South Korean free trade deal with growing alarm.

Let's start with the big lies – our government says that this deal will add $11,000,000,000 in exports and add 70,000 USA jobs.

I have been to Korea many times when living in Asia. Korea is already a very saturated market for consumer and industrial goods. Will they suddenly need $11 billion in American goods? What are these goods? The newspapers say food we produce, like oranges. That is a lot of oranges! In fact, every single Korean would have to eat a bag of our oranges every day to get to that kind of number.

It is the same for 70,000 jobs created. Where, when? Orange pickers? I joke, but literally no details are coming through about these supposed jobs. Creating 70,000 real jobs would mean the creation or massive expansion at hundreds of factories creating goods to ship to Korea. If the politicians can find a dozen examples creating more than a hundred jobs I would be shocked and apologize right here.

Some people are saying we will export lots of new cars there, although there are other factors blocking that growth. For example, did you know the Korean government has been auditing the taxes of nearly everyone that buys a foreign car? That is literally like having our IRS audit everyone here that buys a Hyundai or Kia. The trade deal only address tariffs, ignoring the other usual gambits used in Asia to protect local markets. Also, the Korean car market is one of the most saturated in the world. There simply is not a pent up demand there waiting for our cars.

Sadly, I believe our automakers are staying out of this fight for two reasons – parts and bailouts. Parts, meaning literally car parts, which Detroit buys a lot of from Korea. Our car makers have been throwing their own USA based suppliers out at an alarming rate. The real gain they view is saving a few cents on a part at the expense of our national industrial base. Second, the automotive bailouts of GM and Chrysler left them so under the thumb of our government they dare not criticize the government.

Our so-called leaders say 70,000 jobs as if that is a "net" of jobs created versus jobs lost figure, but it is obviously not even close mathematically possible. They should speak in terms of the jobs created in the USA minus the jobs destroyed, except they do not bother. The truth is more factories, like those auto part makers, will cut shifts or close completely in the USA rather than open because of this bad deal.

The fact is this a much better deal for Korea, meaning Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, LG (yes, "Lucky Goldstar" is Korean), etc. than the USA. It is much more likely this will net a gain of 70,000 jobs in Korean, while the net will be tens of thousands of jobs lost here.

Why is Washington going to this extreme effort to sell us what is clearly a bad deal? I believe it has more than a little to do with the fact that South Korea owns nearly $250 billion of our foreign debt. That is part of the money Washington has been using to help fund these many years of free spending. It is a huge number, though not as large what we owe Japan or China. Korea's ownership of our debt is not the biggest, although they are closest to the exit. China and Japan both realize that they cannot dump our debt at once without causing historic economic chaos (that threat will be further addressed in an upcoming issue). Korea is starting to consider moving out of USA debt, not only to stop loaning more money, but also selling the USA debt they already own.

I believe this bizarrely one-sided deal favoring Korea is Washington's way of keeping Korea in the debt game for a few more years. Washington is trying to give Korea a bigger share of the USA in exchange for more short-term loans.

If only our leadership had the gumption to help grow our own domestic industry. That would not only pull us out of this recession, but actually tax revenues would rise too and they would not have to borrow from foreigners.

New Products:

American Discovery Home has created several styles of comfy dog beds. Beds are reasonably priced. They are made with removable/washable outer liner with zipper and filled with a Poly Fiber/Cedar Chip mix. Made in Missouri.

We have added several new leather and canvas products from Duluth Pack. They create high quality products that are handmade in Duluth, Minnesota, since 1911. Each piece of Duluth Pack gear is painstakingly built by hand with the attention and detail that only a true artisan can provide. Duluth Pack stands behind their work and are proud to offer a lifetime warranty covering all craftsmanship and hardware used in the construction of their products. Made in Minnesota.

Looking for an inexpensive but very unique gift? Try something that they are sure to love and definitely will use. 100% Pure Maple Syrup, the 'natural sweetener', made by Kirsch's Maple in Upstate New York. We now offer a four pack of pint-sized maple syrup for nice holiday gift-giving. Also, for a great new gift idea are maple sugar pieces and granulated maple sugar. Taste the difference of real, fresh maple syrup shipped right from the farm in upstate New York to your home. Their all natural products are made only in the Northeast and come entirely from the sap of sugar maple trees. The beginning of the winter season starts the maple production. They begin to prepare the equipment and get the woods ready for collecting the sap. Throughout the spring, 10-12 gallons of sap are collected from each tree in their Sugar Bush, then boiled over a wood fire to yield about 1 quart of that sweet tasting treat. If you want to learn and see how this is all done, then attend their open house, held the 3rd and 4th weekends in March every year. It takes 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of real Kirsch Maple syrup. Made in New York.

Mattress Safe has introduced a new Ultimate Mattress Encasement and a LuggageSafe™ Suitcase Cover. It is a fact that bed bugs can spread easily in hotels, apartments, dormitories, and other settings. This Georgia company produces mattress covers that literally eliminate the ability of bedbugs to live there without using pesticides. The Ultimate is impermeable to Dust Mites, Bed Bugs, Mold and Bacteria. Made in Georgia.

Quick-Glo is a rust remover/metal polisher originally invented over 50 years ago. Quick-Glo cleans, waxes, and polishes in just one application. The original formula works best on hard surfaces such as chrome or plating, glass, sinks where heavy oxidation is present. Available in Original or Light Oxidation. Made in USA.

On Sale this Week: Some gift ideas for her are on sale. That extended through Monday evening the 13th.

Here is a link to the sale:


Black Friday Drones, New Products, Sale

I have been watching the growing media frenzy around the so-called "Black Friday" sales with scorn. Our once great retailers are desperately pandering to those willing to wait outside practically all night in the cold to save a few dollars on more imported junk.

It is the same short-term greed that has driven retailers to throw open the gates to chintzy Chinese products without consideration of the effects on our nation's workforce, industry, environment, etc.

In the eyes of those retail executives, we are just consumer drones. They want us to ask no questions and just keep on buying no matter what.

Planned obsolescence, where they intentionally sell poor quality at "low, low" prices is the name of the game. They have looked at the details and calculated that by "churning" customers this way they can squeeze a few more pennies out of them in total.

It does not have to be that way. Real value is in buying products that last many years instead of replacing junk every few months. For example, the Texas Jeans and Schaefer Dungarees we sell may be more than the initial price of the Mega-Mart brand. However, if the American product last five times as long, it is in fact cheaper in the long run!

I am not saying American products are perfect, but I can tell you that the mostly family owned businesses that supply do take quality very seriously. They know their workers and are often more comfortable in the plant then the front office. It has been a real honor to work with these real Americans.

New Products:

No Touch Baking Sheets by CBJB Enterprises make 12 perfect cookies in every batch. Sheets are made from high quality food grade aluminum. The underside has raised dots which leaves a circular mark or "dimple" on the top of the cookie sheet. The dimples help you know where to place your cookies, so the chance of them running together while baking is minimized. The dimples also form an air bubble under each cookie that keeps them from burning or sticking. Made in USA.

Two Car Garage (The Ventures and The Fabulous Wailers) Music by Blue Horizon Records. Long been considered the first garage bands, The Ventures and The Fabulous Wailers started in Tacoma, WA. Two Car Garage features seven songs by the Ventures, (with a saxophone for the first time on many of their tracks) seven songs by the Wailers, and four featuring members of both groups. Whether you are a long time fan of the Ventures or the Wailers or just a fan of good music, this fifty year celebration of these two legendary bands belongs in your collection. Available in a CD, First Pressing Black Vinyl, or Second Pressing Blue Vinyl. Made in USA.

We are pleased to introduce a variety of new jackets by American Fit. Styles include: baseball, windbreakers, two-tone, and hunting camo. One great thing about these jackets is that we have all sizes available, ranging from child size 1T to Adult 10XL Tall. Made in USA.

VitaVault is a vitamin dispenser that makes the task of taking vitamins and supplements much easier. It is a new way to store and dispense vitamins. The VitaVault eliminates the problem of opening, removing, and spilling vitamins on a daily basis. Simply fill your VitaVault once every 60 days and dispense the vitamins/supplements as you need them. Made in USA.

Now available is the Go-Go Caddy golf club carrier for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Go-Go Caddy mounts over the middle of the bike utilizing the suspension so you do not have to worry about moving any taillights or license plate brackets. Go-Go Caddy, the easy-on, attractive and rugged golf club carrier, makes use of the same mounts used for a detachable backrest which already exist on the bike. Made in USA.

To take a look at these great new items, click here:

On Sale This Week:

Would that special guy be happy to get something made right here in the United States? This week we have a sale for American guy gift ideas. Just think when he opens it, you can say "See Dad/Husband/Brother/etc., I found this great _____ AND it really is made here in the USA!" This sale runs through Sunday evening, 12/5.

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Greece and Ireland's Debt Meltdown's Vital Lesson for USA, New Products, Sale

Today's news indicates the EU is preparing $136 billion emergency loan facility for Ireland, much as they did last summer for Greece. Ireland's banks were caught by massive bad loans to their nation's real estate sector. That, on top of other large deficit spending has been enough to drag the weakened government towards the abyss. Unfortunately, for Ireland the other shoe is about to drop as this fiasco does not even include the cost of dealing with their skyrocketing home mortgage default rate.

Portugal and Spain are also nearing the edge and will likely need bailouts next year. The entire premise of the European Union and Euro currency is being called into question.

What do these countries have in common versus say Italy that is safe in spite of a large government spending deficit? The four nations circling the drain - Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal all focused their economic growth policies on real estate speculation and service industries. Italy still has a manufacturing industrial base (albeit under pressure from China) and high personal savings rate.

Service jobs can be eliminated literally overnight. A government encouraging speculation, whether it be in real estate, gold, Internet stocks, etc. is no way to run an economy. A real industrial base is the only way to tame economic chaos.

This is a scary lesson for the USA. California just announced a "surprise" $26 billion deficit. New York, Illinois, California, and others also face massive government pension deficits that would have been difficult to pay for in the best of times. De-industrialization, the hollowing out of our manufacturing base, makes this situation untenable. Which state will be our Greece? There seems to be an unrealistic sentiment out there that Washington will bail them out, but who will bail out Washington? At least Europe has Germany as an unwilling, but likely fallback.

Our only chance is to reverse the economic prosperity lost due to the trade and energy deficits that have drained trillions of dollars from our economy. We must renew our economy, deal with these harsh issues, or face truly dire consequences.

Buying American-Made is the right thing to do. You have made the choice, now let's encourage others to do the same.

Featured Product:

The Sun Aire Ductless Furnace is made in Arkansas and uses clean electricity instead of burning gas or kerosene. Feedback is that it substantially reduces utility bills and is built rock solid. Beware of Chinese knockoffs at the store. This is pricy, but will last a decade or more.

New Products:

King Louie is a union made apparel manufacturing company based in Kansas since 1937. King Louie America proudly continues to provide union made apparel in their tradition of quality and value. We are pleased to introduce exciting new styles to our line of men's outerwear, including many jackets and pullovers. Union Made in USA.

Footwear by Footskins offers fine quality handmade leather moccasins including slippers, shoes, and knee high boots plus chukka-style moccasin walking boots and teepee boots. We have several new styles available, just added to the collection of styles for men, women, and children. Shoes are handmade of high grade deerskin leather or tumbled cowhide leather with hand-laced toes, and soles that are both glued and stitched by hand, for long-lasting quality. Being handmade rather than mass-produced, each pair is carefully crafted with much attention given to detail. The result is high quality workmanship and craftsmanship that you can count on. Choose from a variety of leather styles and colors handmade from all USA leathers. Made in Minnesota.

Now available from Ener-Gel™ Insoles is the Green Earth Insoles for men and women. The Green Earth Insoles are environmentally friendly, utilizing soybean oil instead of petroleum in the polyurethane foam, and provides superior cushioning and shock absorption. Every day your feet take a beating. Ener-Gel™ Insoles can relieve or even eliminate foot and heel pain by giving your feet the impact-absorbing cushion and support they need. Ener-Gel™ Insoles are an effective, economical alternative to expensive orthotic inserts. Made in USA.

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Fun, colorful thermal shirts on sale for guys and gals this week only at under $10! Made from USA grown cotton in South Carolina. This sales ends Sunday evening the 21st.

Here is a link to the sale:


Exciting Update, New Products, Sale

You may remember that our nation's number one business book publisher, Wiley & Sons, is publishing my new book this Spring.

It has been a very grueling six months since signing the book deal, but I am so excited to let you know that "Re-Made in The USA: How We Can Restore Jobs, Retool Manufacturing, and Compete With the World" is a reality and will be hitting book stores on schedule.

It turns out that the folks at this publisher are also very concerned about how our nation is hollowing out. They have been truly supportive and great to work with. They have not tried to change my artistic content at all, which is very common in the industry. I tell it like it is rather than worry about whether Mega-Marts will be willing to carry the book.

Getting to know so many of you has been a real inspiration. In the beginning, I felt sort of alone in this effort, but decided that it was time to take a stand. Now I am heartened to know that so many of you care too! You are true Americans from every state and background with moving stories about how our nation's shrinking ability to produce for ourselves is hurting our nation and people. Your good wishes and prayers help sustain me through hard days.

Wiley & Sons has begun publicizing my book on their website:

My goal is to awaken the millions that are sympathetic to buying products made in our nation, but have been lulled into not checking labels. Like a sleeping giant that energy is right there waiting. If we can get the giant to open his/her eyes, just watch out!

Time is not on our side, as factories close every day. Please help get the word out by forwarding this message, or if possible posting the link above to your blog, Facebook, or Twitter account.

New Items:

Now available from Seventh Generation® are Chlorine Free Diapers, Training Pants, and Wipes. The cloth-like comfort and premium absorbency will keep your baby feeling soft and dry. Seventh Generation considers their present impact on future generations by creating products with circular lifecycles. Their absorbent polymer material is both non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Products are hypoallergenic, chlorine, fragrance, and latex free. Made in USA.

We are delighted to introduce Diane Shapley-Box, an author of children's books from Texas. She has written two Apple Bunch books and has a cute stuffed alligator for your child to cuddle by our favorite stuffed toy maker, Stuffington. Her first book is "Apples for Fred". Fred is a lovable, young frog with a big heart and a bigger problem. Fortunately, Fred has wonderful, imaginative friends who each offer humorous, well-meaning suggestions to solve Fred's dilemma. Apples For Fred will leave you with a smile as the friends band together with a charming mix of support and perseverance. Diane's second book is called "Tator's Big Race". This time, Tator feels left out, sad, and ordinary. He needs the help of the clever, caring crew to help him find his special talent before this year's Applefest. Tator is convinced that the only way to feel important and appreciated is to win a magnificent trophy. He soon learns that true pride and joy can come in exciting and unexpected ways. Both books are hard cover first edition for ages 3-7. Made in USA.

Lil' Buddha Baby is an all natural and organic baby product company located in Auburn, Washington. The owner is a mother of two who couldn't find the products she wanted for her children, so she created her own and shared them with friends and family...and as they say, the rest is history. They have created amazing lotions, hair and body washes, and sheet sprays. The product base is created in Oregon by a certified organic cosmetic company with all products from the US. All essential oils are certified organic and grown in Eugene, Oregon. The recyclable, reusable, or refillable brushed aluminum bottles are made in Seattle, Washington. Lil' Buddha Baby offers three scents in lotion plus hair and body wash, they are: Organic Sweet Orange & Tangerine, Roman Chamomile, and Lavender. The Nighty Night Lil' Baby Sheet Spray is made with pure distilled water and a mixture of certified organic oils. The fine mist, sprayed lightly on sheets or a favorite blanket, will help promote peace and calm. The spray is available by itself or with the lotion and body wash at a discounted price. Products made entirely in the Pacific Northwest.

We are pleased to introduce new Men's and Women's Short and Long Sleeve Training Tee Shirts by Eclipse Sportswear. These performance shirts are made from bamboo charcoal and polyester. They include SPF 50+ sun protection, are antimicrobial, and have a very soft feel. Made in USA.

The Patent Pending Portion PadL and Portion PaL Rocker Knife are designed for every home where pizza is served! The generous 14 inch surface fits nearly every size of pizza whether frozen or homemade. The unique circle and groove technology, found only on the Portion PadL, accommodates four or eight slices and makes it simple to cut every pizza slice equally. Whether you are practicing portion and nutrition control or just trying to keep things under control by making sure everyone gets the same-sized slice, this all-in-one pizza peel, cutting board, portion control tool and serving utensil is for you! Plus, the Portion PadL Rocker will rock your pizzas! No more messy cutting wheel to drag the cheese and toppings off your pizza. The beveled edge of the Rocker perfectly fits the cutting grooves of the Portion PadL. The lightweight, sharp and balanced rocker knife will cut your pizzas with ease. The Portion PadL and Portion PaL Rocker are dishwasher safe. Made in USA.

We are inspired by the creator of Knit Knack Needle Shack. The owner is a 70 year old Wisconsin woman whose family lost their textile business to outsourcing. She felt that she could not give up, so she created the patent pending Knit Knack Needle Rack. The rack is the answer to all of the clutter that surrounds knitters. A back of a door or wall in an office / craft space allows easy access to knitting supplies. Each slot can hold a variety of knitting needles and accessories. Made in Wisconsin.

Bloomin' Flower Cards is a manufacturer of earth-friendly, handmade, seeded greeting cards. When the cards are planted, they grow! In time for the holidays, we have a variety of festive gift tags, flowerbox cards, ornament cards, as well as a 2011 desk calendar. Write on the seed paper cards, then plant them and watch your holiday cheer flourish into a wildflower garden. All products crafted from wildflower seeds which will grow when planted, 100% post-industrial paper, soy-based inks, and organic pigments. Bloomin Cards is committed to diversity by employing individuals with disabilities to help create each unique set of tags. Great for stocking stuffers, gift tags, party favors, ornaments and New Year's resolutions. Made in Colorado.

We are thrilled to present an opportunity for everyone to help support the Gulf States. Years ago Moulton, Alabama was a big time sewing town, but, unfortunately over the years the sewing was outsourced. Earth Creations has put second and third generation sewers back to work. Earth Creations has created beautiful women's organic shirts, skirts, and pants as well as children's tees. Made in Alabama. Please take a look!

All of these wonderful new products can be viewed at:

On Sale: Telegraph Hill Bathrobe

Made in San Francisco of 100% USA grown and weaved fabric, this unisex rob is so soft and comfy that it quickly became one of our favorites.

This week we have them on sale for the only time this year. The generous cut easily fits sizes S through L. It makes the perfect gift or a guilt free splurge on yourself!

Here is a link:


Elections, Bedbugs, Contest Results, New Items, Amazing Coffee Sale

With the election almost upon us, it has me thinking about how thankful I am to have met so many of you, and the amazing group of Americans that care about our great nation's future from every background.

In spite of the media and politician's hype, we actually have a whole lot in common as a people coming together at We all recognize the USA's ability to produce is melting away and that something needs to be done about it. We know that factories closing mean good jobs gone, not just at the plant, but throughout the community, and at their suppliers as well. In the end, we are all Americans.

Now it is time to do what real American's do best - roll up our sleeves and fix the problem.

We know it won't be easy or quick, but The USA is worth it.

When I lived in Asia for work, one thing that I learned is that they look far beyond the next election or fiscal year. China's leadership thinks in terms of decades. I think that is an important lesson and have adjusted my thinking in that respect. Living abroad was a valuable experience where I learned that and a lot more about how the game is really played. To my way of thinking, whether protecting our nation's manufacturing capability takes ten, twenty, thirty years or more, God willing, and I will be here with you for as long as it takes.


I could joke that bedbugs are spreading due to politicians, but actually this pest has gone beyond a laughing matter.

It is a fact that they can spread easily in hotel, apartment, dormitories, and other settings. Multiple folks have sent me notes saying they can come in on imported clothing, although I have not read that in the newspapers. Past generations would have just gotten out the really strong chemicals to deal with it, but we have a better way. A Georgia company has mattress covers that literally eliminate the ability of bedbugs to live there without using pesticides on our beds!

Check out the Superior Mattress cover here –

As a special treat for subscribers, if you mention this newsletter in the order comments, I will refund $5 of the purchase price of this mattress cover in any size. Refund is available from today until 10/31/10. Simply write "Newsletter Bedbug Refund" in the comments section when ordering.

Contest Results

No one guessed correctly that beyond Canada, both Australia and Italy are where we export the most products from Since nobody guessed exactly, I gave $20 gift certificates randomly to three folks that got at least one of the countries right.

The USA's friends, Australia and Italy, go back and forth as far and away the second and third ranked for our international sales. From there, it is roughly Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Britain. The degree of business from Norway and Sweden impresses me considering their size.

New Items

We are excited to share with you a number of beautiful braided rugs by Rhody Rugs, Inc. We have many styles and sizes to select from of these beauties. The braided rugs are crafted in New England from the highest quality materials. They use the finest wool, the finest dyes and the finest yarns, all come together in perfect harmony in carefully coordinated braids. These braids are then hand sewn with the strongest stitch to ensure your braided rug will last longer and look as beautiful as the day you purchased it, for years to come. Additionally, you can further coordinate your room with a matching accessory to your rug. We offer matching chair pads and stair treads in all available styles.

We have added a few new items from our environmentally conscientious friends at Preserve. We have a new junior toothbrush in a 6-pack. Junior toothbrushes are constructed of 100% recycled #5 plastic, are BPA-free, 100% recyclable, and includes a reusable travel case with fun animal facts from the National Wildlife Federation. We also have a 6-pack of adult toothbrushes with travel case. We now have Triple Razor Replacement Blades which are innovative and sustainable, promoting and protecting our environment while providing you with a useful item. Finally, we have added an innovative tongue cleaner. It is the regeneration of a fleet of 100% recycled #5 plastic, making it superbly sustainable and eco-friendly. Additionally, the post-consumer recycled tongue cleaner is completely BPA-free so you can feel safe when you clean your tongue of potentially harmful plaque and bacteria day after day. Preserve Products strive to waste nothing as all products have been used and reused in previous lives.

We have added a number of new household cleaning products. From Mrs. Meyers we have Clean Day Countertop Spray, Window Spray, Dishwashing Soap, and Automatic Dishwashing Soap. From Better Life we have added Even the Kitchen Sink Gentle Scrubber, I Can See Clearly WOW! Window/Glass Cleaner, what-EVER! All-purpose Cleaner. From Eco Cleaner, we have a new Bath and Bowl Cleaner. Finally, from Dr. Bronner's we now offer Sal Suds Liquid Cleaner in two sizes.

For the cat lover, we have a new treat from Castor & Pollux. ORGANIX® Organic Chicken Cat Treats in a multi-pack containing three 2 oz. packages. These 95% organic treats are made with certified organic free-range chicken at less than two calories apiece.

To help keep your food safer and cleaner, we have a new Wash and Dry Kit from Eat Cleaner. Kit includes one produce spinner, one bottle of all natural fruit and vegetable wash concentrate, and one produce scrub brush.

In time for the holidays, we have two new games. First, the ChessMate® Ultima is an upgraded Pocket Chess Set. The ChessMate® Pocket Chess Set gives you what you really want and need in a pocket chess set, namely; durable and high-quality casing, board, and pieces. It is so compact that it will fit smoothly and easily into your shirt or jacket pocket. Second, Sizzletoad!® is a fast-paced mix of artful luck, strategy, and pure "psych-out" fun for 2 to 4 players, ages 5 to 105. It combines the timeless fun of "Rock-Paper-Scissors" and "TIC-TAC-TOE" to create an exciting leapfrog race around the pond! You can easily view all of these new items by clicking here:


With the weather turning cooler and the holidays not all that far away, I am thrilled to have our coffee direct from the beautiful island of Maui on sale for our first time ever!

Ka'anapali Estates coffee is grown in one of the cleanest, most special places on earth. Picked, and roasted right there, it is sent direct to you Priority Mail! Talk about fresh, this is the real deal!

I absolutely guarantee this coffee blows anything at Starbucks out of the water! (Not that you will see any real Hawaiian coffee there).

20% off this week only. This will not be on sale again for a very long time.

Here is a link:


Good news! It might interest you to know that we are doing our part to help the trade deficit in our modest way. Sales to foreign countries have quadrupled year-to-year. We now ship American-Made products all over the world. It is no more profitable to do this than to ship across town, and a lot more trouble with customs forms, shipping fee calculations, and such. Nevertheless, I make it a priority to take special care of these customers. It is exciting to export these great American-Made products abroad as well as to be a part of the solution.

What motivates these people living on the other side of the planet to pay a lot for shipping and buy from us? For many, "real" or "genuine" American products such as jeans should be made where they originated, in the USA. Some fashion-minded folks believe that true Americana defines cool. They are able to buy Levi's locally, although they are no longer made in the U.S. Buying Levi's that were made in Vietnam is just not the same (that fact still bothers me too).

Canada is naturally our biggest foreign market. Their shipments are easy for us to handle and their strong currency is a plus. Many Canadians that call have told me that they look at every label and prefer to buy locally made, but always consider USA products to be a good second choice. Nearly all have mentioned the huge influx of cheaply made Chinese products with serious concern.

The second and third countries run very close to each other and we ship a lot to them. They might surprise you – which is my contest this issue. The first three folks to guess correctly will immediately win a $20 gift certificate to Just reply to this note with your guess. One entry per reader please.

One clue – Britain might seem like an obvious choice, but no, they are barely in the top ten.

I will share the correct answers in the next issue.

On another topic, several folks asked if I could explain the cargo container ship pollution issue for cars from my last issue more simply and in a couple sentences. Here goes…

It has been documented that those big cargo container ships burn fuel with sulfur and other pollutants at 2000 times the level of our diesel fuel. To ship cars here from Asia produces a lot of pollution. It creates the same amount of pollution to bring one car from Asia as running that car for 133 years. It is not easy being green, but it really helps if the car is made here.

New Items:

We are happy to introduce a fun new board game known as "The New Ancient Game" from Mindspan Labs. ZoxSo™ is a fast-paced mix of fierce placement and clash of forces. It's a traditional-style, abstract strategy game for two players, ages 8 and up. Hand-Made in America.

Our rustic sign maker, Lou Page, has created several new handmade wooden signs. There are five eye-catching styles to choose from with various background colors. Signs are made by a retired US Army veteran in Maine.

360 Cookware has put together four cookware sets and have added a slow cooker base. Cookware is designed for Vapor Cooking, which is very healthy, green, and cheaper! Every 360 Cookware product comes with a lifetime warranty. Made in America.

Thepillowgallery has added several new styles of handmade pillows. They have created beautiful decorative pillows for your home. You'll definitely want one. Made in Olympia, Washington.

Finally, we have an additional hamper from LaMont Home. The Impact Hamper is the work horse of the laundry room. This hamper is made of paper wicker with padded vinyl lid. Quality crafted with pride and made in Iowa.

On Sale This Week – We just got in a new shipment of logo caps from New Jersey, so they and our logo t-shirts are on sale through Sunday night.

Here is a link:


I have always wondered about the math on how it can be profitable to ship items halfway across the globe and still charge low prices compared to our domestically produced items.

I have known that unregulated cargo container ship pollution was a significant cost advantage and environmental factor, but was shocked to learn the astounding extent of their pollution. As our loyal trucker customers will tell you, pollution emissions for their trucks are highly regulated both in the diesel fuel they use and from the engines themselves. The fuel cost alone is a huge factor.

The ship owners are not burdened by having to buy highly processed fuel. In fact, according to The Guardian, they burn the dirtiest "bunker fuel" with 2000 times the sulfur and other pollutants as the diesel fuel our trucks burn (source:

This is not only terrible for the environment, but is a huge, unfair cost advantage. For example, the truckers that bring the pallets of jeans we buy from Asheville, North Carolina are delivered to us by trucks that must meet or exceed regulated standards. However, the cargo container ships pulling into ports on both our coasts near key markets are at a huge cost advantage. Just last year regulations were introduced for these ships to burn cleaner fuel when they get within 230 miles of the coast for air quality sake. Yet, I do not see any evidence that even these rules are being enforced.

It gets much worse, while these ships burn through tons of dirty fuel to move they are spewing out pollutants at huge rates. The Guardian claims secret shipping sources show that due to the dirty fuel used and energy required the pollution from the 15 largest ships equates to the pollution created annually by all the cars in the world. There are 760 million cars in the world today. Even if they are off by a 100 times the real rate, that is still a shocking figure considering there are 90,000 of these big cargo ships in operation today. It turns out these ships are the real source of pollution today and a completely unfair advantage for foreign manufacturers.

That got me thinking last night, is a "green" cars like the Honda Prius or Hyundai Accent really green when we take into account the pollution spewed out by the ships that bring them here? The big PCTC ships that carry cars in operation currently carry about 6500 cars per trip. This is an estimate on my part, but if a ship from Yokohama or Pusan to Long Beach is moving at full steam for seven days, assuming a very quick unloading process, it could make the round trip (returning to Japan or Korea nearly empty) 25 times per year. The biggest ships produce the pollution rate equivalent in a year to 50 million cars according to The Guardian, but let's use half that rate at 25 million cars. That means one round trip to Asia and back creates the pollution equivalent of 1 million cars. Since there are 6500 cars on that ship, dividing 1 million by 6500 equates to 153 cars pollution per year per car in pollution created just to get it here.

Meaning transportation across the Pacific alone creates the equivalent of 153 cars polluting for a year just to get just ONE Prius or Accent here to the USA! That is not green at all, and does not even include getting the raw materials to Japan or Korea! How can Toyota or Hyundai claim they are green?

New Items:

We are proud to introduce American-made CD-R and DVD-R discs by MAM-A, Inc. The distinguishing feature of MAM-A resides in the fact that they have mastered all the manufacturing stages of CD-R media and are the last recordable optical disc manufacturer with CD-R & DVD-R lines in the United States. Products are made in their Colorado facility. Let's support the only maker left in the USA!

We are pleased to introduce American Discovery Outdoors. Now available are a variety of sleeping bags for all of your outdoor adventures. Made in Missouri.

Tazi™ has created the Ultimate Hydration Bottle, 20 ounce. It has a patented ergonomic and aero-dynamically angled design for comfort and safety. Especially made for those involved in walking, running, cycling, skating or any activity where hydration is desired. Enables full eye contact with the path/road while hydrating. Made in Illinois.

On Sale: Hunting gear on sale through Sunday the 26th.


In doing so much analysis for my book, I am very troubled about the validity of the Gross National Product (GDP) data we are supposed to accept from our government as fact.

Firstly, nearly every politician will look each of us in the eye and talk about the increasing GDP as economic progress, except they use data that does not account for inflation. In fact, the data shows that when the GDP number is adjusted for inflation it has not grown at all since 2005. All that trouble, spending, effort, and media hoopla, while in fact their own inflation adjusted numbers show our nation had no economic growth at all for the last five years.

Secondly, the GDP numbers are made up of about 70% estimated "consumer spending". This estimate of consumer spending from 2008 to 2009 supposedly only dropped about 1% in spite of the surge in unemployment, credit issues, people losing their homes, etc. The tax revenue data on the other hand, showed what you might expect in a downturn, a sharp drop. Apparently the tax revenue data is much harder to game as the government still has to pay the bills. They are able to make up for the tax collection shortfall by borrowing more cash (selling treasurer bills), much of which come from foreign sources to pay for all federal government expenditures. As that borrowing is in the open, it has to be explained, which is why the shortfall in tax revenue data looks real, while GDP does not. It simply is not plausible or even vaguely possible that consumer spending did not drop more. In fact, a lot more in that timeframe.

Thirdly, the "consumer spending" that makes up the bulk of our GDP measurement of the economy erroneously values spending equally on foreign imports or domestically produced products. For example, we are to believe that when I purchased a Ford Escape Hybrid made in Kansas, that vehicle has less value than the person in the imported Mercedes that cut me and my family off on the I-5 highway last night. She probably spent twice what I did, yet most of her money goes overseas, whereas the money I spent stays right here in the USA. Which is more valuable for our economy? The truth is not hard to see…

A true gauge of the economic health of our economy would value domestically produced items higher than foreign produced ones on the basis that the benefits to our economy are so much greater. Even assuming the validity of the GDP data, it has given a false sense of economic health while our economy has hallowed out. A corrected GDP would have been sending warning signals about the true condition our economy for decades.

New Products

Our friends at Green Toys™ have created some new eco-friendly toys for kids. Toys are made with no BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings. Their products are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Toys are packaged using only recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks. Made in California.

We now have some beautiful handmade pillows by Thepillowgallery. They have created luxurious decorative pillows for your home. Take a look at the safari, snowflake, or cowhides. You'll definitely want one. Made in Olympia, Washington.

We have added some jovial handmade wooden signs for your home. There are three styles to choose from of these charming and amusing signs. Signs are made by a retired US Army veteran in Maine.

We are proud to offer eco-friendly men's and women's clothing by Read the Green™. Read the Green™ uses recycled cotton and recycled polyester. Recycled cotton does not need to be dyed. There are no chemicals, pesticides or liquids of any kind used in its process. There are several environmentally friendly garments to choose from all of exceptional quality.

Sale: Pillows on Sale through Sunday night. Pre-Season jacket sale from Monday.


We have supposedly made "green energy" a priority. There has been a lot of press about it and the government has done some posturing and spending. Naturally, producing energy without having to import foreign oil or create pollution are both very good things.

However, many of the green jobs are installing foreign-made products. We are missing the boat on this vital industrial trend through our government and business naiveté and short term view.

China is just as committed to this movement. Though, they are much more cunning about implementing and protecting their local business' ability to succeed in this area.

China is a member of the World Trade Organization, therefore they are supposed to limit use of tariffs. So, how do they protect their industry? According to Tuesday's Wall Street Journal, their sleight of hand on the production of solar panels and other green technologies is by not telling potential foreign investors how much they will earn from over a hundred ongoing projects there. The foreign firms literally do not know how much money they will get back. Who would invest without knowing the return? Nevertheless, the Chinese firms are thriving on them. Officially, the local firms do not know the returns either, but you can be sure they are told the numbers privately and therefore know how to bid.

Sadly, we seem to be letting this key industry slip away. It seems we are not yet ready to play this game, as other nations do.

One the other hand, there is a way around the WTO rules. Japan declared microprocessors strategic to their national security years ago, and look at the results. We must follow suit and do the same with the green industries here in the United States.

In America, we rightly go to great lengths to protect our family farms and thereby food production. We need to do the same for key industries, even if some of our own businesses would prefer cheap imports.

Making sure we are the producers of green industry products will be a tough fight over many years, but I say let's at least make sure we don't lose in the first round.

New Products:

We have a great, yet very reasonably priced new anti-wrinkle lotion from Leading Organics at less than $10 for a sixteen ounce bottle. It was developed by a team with over thirty years of experience made from natural ingredients. This team also develops products for many famous brands, but this one is available for us direct. All USA components developed and made in California. Interesting a free 8oz sample bottle? See below.

Doja has added several stylish men's and women's clothing items. Doja is located in California. All of their clothing is made in USA and printed in Santa Cruz.

We have added a number of new household products made in USA. New household cleaning products from Better Life are: Simply Floored! Floor Cleaner, 2am Miracle Nursery Cleaner, Einshine Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish, Take it for Granite Stone Cleaner, and Oak-Y-Dokey Wood Cleaner & Polish. New natural hand sanitizing products from CleanWell are: All Natural Foaming Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizing Wipes. From Preserve, we have two new kitchen kits available. Get further value for your dollar by buying a deluxe or starter kitchen set. Also, for the kitchen, we've added Seventh Generation® Recycled Trash Bags in 3 styles and 500 count Recycled Napkins. For lunch on the go, we've added the award winning eco•ditty™ Organic Snack Bags and eco•ditty™ Organic Sandwich Bags in a variety of colors.

We have a number of new pet items. From Castor & Pollux we have: Curious Cat™ Organic Catnip and Refill, ORGANIX® Organic Dog Cookies, and ORGANIX® Organic Dog Jerky. From Pawblem Solvers, we have See Spot Run Lawn Treatment and Refill size. See Spot Run is a concentrated formula sure to quickly and safely relieve your lawn of urine stains. From Purely Botanical, we have Flee Flea! Anti-Flea Spray for Cats and Shampooch Shampoo for Dogs. From Citrus Magic, we have Litter Box Pet Odor Eliminator, plus two other odor fresheners and eliminators.

Free Samples:

Want to try the Leading Organics anti-wrinkle lotion? We have free 8oz sample bottles for readers of this newsletter to be included with any purchase, while supplies last. Please just put "sample" in the comments. If there is any extra shipping cost, I will pay it.


For the first time ever, we are putting our popular Big & Tall items from Sovereign on sale. Great stuff in all sizes for every guy, in lots of colors too. Made in Allentown, PA. This will be the only time this year these products are on sale.


Bad jobs numbers came out last Friday. Employment dropped with the government shedding over 60,000 jobs, in addition 120,000 temporary census workers were let go. The only reason the official unemployment rate did not spike is that this government statistic does not include the millions of folks that have given up or been unemployed for longer than 1.5 years. The real unemployment rate is 6 or 7 percent higher.

That is scary enough, but only tells part of the story. The media cannot fit it in a sound bite, but the fact is that wages are dropping as well. That undermines not just those families affected, but all of us. Time and time again, I talk to folks that have faced a year or even two or more of unemployment. When they do finally get a job, the wages are much lower than before. New college graduates are also seeing this problem, if they are lucky enough to get a job at all. After borrowing tens of thousands of dollars to get an education, they are accepting jobs that pay barely more than minimum wage.

Our economy is hollowing out because of the trade deficit. When a factory is moved to China, it is easy to see how the former employees suffer. Although a less obvious truth is that negative economic effect spreads well beyond that community. Our economy is like a giant web in which buying something made in the USA has an effect that spreads well beyond that single transaction. A person buys something in Davenport that is made in Rochester using supplies from a dozen other places. Subsequently, an employee at one of the suppliers is able to afford to get his daughter braces, and so on. Erasing that positive economic effect causes that positive energy to disappear all along the chain of events. The pressure on wages downward flows along it just as rapidly.

The cool thing is that also puts the power squarely in our hands. We get to choose whether we want that purchase to support the USA, China, or some other nation.

Back to School Sale:

A special sale this week, I have put together bags useful for school, college, or even just going to the gym, etc. on sale. He does not need to carry a chintzy foreign bag every day. Get him something of quality that will last years.


New Products:

I am thrilled that we have finally been able to add Okabashi sandals from Georgia. They are not only stylish and comfortable for guys and gals, but are also mostly under $20! Talk about value!

Hand made in Virginia by Andree is a very special leather baseball cap. These will last a decade or more with just the mildest care. We have a dark or light brown, and USA flag version.

Stuffington Bears our maker of lots of super cute stuffed animals has over two dozen new products! All made in Phoenix of all USA components. The prices are reasonable too.

Eat Cleaner products help you make sure your food is clean and safe from illnesses.


More exciting news on the book! You may have read in the last issue that I am authoring a book on USA renewal with the renowned publisher Wiley in the spring of '11. There will be a chapter on excellent American companies making products here, and the publisher is cool with me getting nominations directly from you!

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get a lot of free publicity for a great company that you know about, buy from, or work at. Their products need to be made here from USA components. I will make sure the company is OK with being in the book and do a brief interview with their management.

Plus, credit where credit is due – I will mention the person who nominated that company with a quote from you about why you think the company is great. If you prefer not to have your name mentioned, that is fine. Plus, for those folks who submit a winning entry, you will receive a $100 gift certificate and a free signed copy of my book thanking you for all you do. Not to mention, your name will be in print for all posterity.

Everyone is a winner! Each reader that submits a real American company with a reason why they think that company is great will receive a $10 gift certificate. Please feel free to submit as many ideas as you like, however, only one gift certificate per person will be given out.

Please submit your ideas by 8/10/10 by replying to this note. It will likely be several months before I settle on the winners and talk to those companies nominated. Therefore, winners will be notified in that time-frame.

New Products:

We have some great items from Preserve. All made from BPA free recycled plastics, nobody is greener than Preserve. We have added new cups, plates, storage containers, colanders, and measuring cups. I have heard that hot weather can cause leaching of dangerous BPA from plastics, so you can avoid all that and buy American-made too.

Bradfield makes some amazing organic fertilizers here in the USA. No Chinese sourced components. They have a special fertilizer for lots of different types of plants. Check it out.

Begley's Best glass cleaner is derived from all natural feedstock and other all natural ingredients; it is considered a biological nutrient. The glass cleaner is an efficient and powerful home cleaner that won't pollute your home environment or the natural environment. It is completely eco-friendly and non-toxic to the environment.

We have added seven new Citra-Solv cleaners for all over the house. Made from all natural ingredients to clean what you need to clean without using harsh chemicals. No petroleum products in these cleaners. The ingredients vary depending on what you are cleaning, but all Citra-Solv products are all natural and made in the USA.

Direct from Alaska, Organic dog treats! These take dog biscuits to a new height and your pooch will certainly appreciate it! He or she may not know organic is healthy for them, but they do know yummy!

Speaking of pets, who out there has a cat or dog that you've never had to clean up after? Urine issues are an occasional fact of life with most pets. Pee Whiz™, an Arizona startup, has an enzyme based cleaner that doesn't damage the environment and is easy to use.

On Sale this week – Genuine, Logo T-Shirts! Help me spread the word with these heavy cotton t-shirts for less than $10!

Thank you again!


One of the neat things about our effort to promote products made here in the States has been the strong support from unexpected sources who are also very concerned about our nation's future.

I mentioned a few newsletters ago about being in New York City during which happened to be the weekend that terrorist tried to attack Times Square. What could have drawn me away from my family and this very busy USA effort? We need to reach out to the millions who are sympathetic, but apathetic or unaware there is a choice.

You are the first to know the famous publisher Wiley & Sons, an icon of publishing since 1807, and I have signed an agreement to publish my upcoming book on USA renewal.

They and I have agreed to launch it in the Spring of '11 with a heavy PR and advertising effort. They will make sure it is in most of our nation's bookstores, including every airport bookstore before July 4th.

Now I just owe them the rest of the book! Wish me luck!

New Products:

We have added the only source for extra wide socks in the nation. Great for men and women that have wider feet or calves naturally or for medical reasons. Made from very soft cotton. The crew socks do go high up or over the calve, depending your height. From Martins Big & Tall in Illinois.

A brand new bottle opener perfect on the wall for beer or soda. It has a manly look out of welded stainless steel and proudly stamped "Made in USA". Just try to find one of these still made in the USA besides this new product. Crafted in California by K-Fab.

Essiac softgel eight herb premium blend vitemins co-created by Dr. Charles Brusch, who was physician to John F. Kennedy. It uses only USA components and according to the maker will "cleanse your body of toxins", strengthen your immune system, and rejuvenates your organs". Made in California.

Our pet food bowl maker Melia has added a whole line of less expensive hand painted bowls. They are so cute! A real work of art, yet able to stand up to your pets use. Dishwasher safe and lead free. Made in Georgia.

Have you have seen LaMont's gorgeous hampers? We are thrilled to add these beauties crafted with pride in Iowa. You may only need to buy one for the rest your life. That is a shame, because they are such a work of art!

On Sale this Week: Loggerhead Tools

I probably should not do this, but I put Loggerhead's popular tools on sale this week. Solid steel grips, wrenches, both specialty Immix multi-tools and even the Bit Doctor. This is not that cheap, soft steel stuff from China, but actually something that will last a lifetime. If you are a tool guy, or love one, check it out, because you will definitely not see these prices again. Perfect to stash away for future gifts!

Here is a link:


Happy July 4th! Enjoy and please stay safe!

Why do Korea, Japan, China, and Germany purposely run large surpluses of exported manufactured goods? It is government policy for these nations because, unlike Washington, they have not forgotten about the economic multiplier effect.

One dollar worth of a manufactured item purchased adds about 1.7 times that items value in positive economic activity. Consider not just employees at the factory that made the item, but all the suppliers and companies that support them. All have individual employees that are touched by that purchase and in turn they go out and spend money too! "Multiplier" is the word literally because the good is "multiplied" well beyond the initial purchase.

Service jobs are needed too, but have a much lower multiplier effect of about 1.2 times the dollar spent. The rate is lower because they have a lot fewer suppliers. This is a key reason why service jobs cannot evenly replace good manufacturing jobs. A community that manages to replace 1000 manufacturing jobs with 1000 service jobs will find itself much poorer as there is simply a lot less positive economic activity generated.

The Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, and Germans support not only their own economic growth, but also their whole model on exporting manufactured goods in order to take advantage of this multiplier. When Hyundai or Toyota sends a car over here, the benefits to Korea or Japan are much more than just the price of that car.

Unfortunately, the USA is the main export target of these four countries. We talk about free trade, however, I have seen firsthand how hard it is for the US to export there. Our borders and ports are wide open to foreign products, but the game is stacked against us abroad.

The good news is the multiplier effect allows us to do a lot more good as individuals with our $1 spent on made in USA products. It actually causes 1.7 times that amount in economic activity here in the USA. It is like our own stimulus plan, except it works.…

New Products:

Due to popular demand, I have added the color "linen" to the Magnificence towel line. Linen is a classy light beige that goes with many bathroom colors. It is a nice alternative to white. The new towels are orderable now, but due to ship from the mill in the next week or two. They will be ready to ship to customers in early July. Made in Georgia.

We have added some new, very cute boy's and infant's outfits from Little Baron. Check out the new sheriff or park ranger outfit. He will have a blast with it! Made in Florida.

Saf-T-Lite has added several new products including a new version of their Stubby light that uses LED light bulbs on either a 25' or 40' cord. These LED lights use one watt of electricity and are rated to last 50,000 hours! In addition, they have now added some cordless lights using these same LED bulbs and long lasting batteries. These are the same guys that make the only heavy duty extension cords that I know of still here in the USA. They really know electrical goods. Made in Indiana.

What could be more American than Mark Twain? We have added his classic books in audio format read by a noted actor Richard Henzel as Mark Twain himself! Available unabridged as download, MP3 CD or regular audio CD. Made in Illinois.

New Hampshire Bowl has added two neat products hand crafted in New Hampshire (where else?).– A moose shaped camp board made from Rock Maple and a beautiful set of Cherry wood tongs. The tongs go through 17 steps to reach perfection.


Ginny's Ear Nest has very kindly agreed to donate two of their beautiful Earring/Necklace racks for this week's contest. Two lucky winners will get one each. I will pay the shipping. To enter please reply to this message by July 5th with one line about why you would like one, and where you would like it sent. Winners will be selected randomly. Here is a link:


On sale this week: Men's and Women's shoes! No need to buy foreign shoes when we have some on sale this week from Minnesota or Missouri. Here is a link:

Thank you again!


Father's Day, Video, New Products, Sale

Sunday, June 20th is Father's Day, which has turned out to be a busy time for, now second only to Christmas.

That has me thinking about fatherhood. As a father of a 4 year old and a 1 year old, becoming a Dad has really changed my priorities. It is such a joy to watch them play, to see their imaginations run wild, but as a father what a responsibility too. They must be protected, sheltered, and nourished on so many levels, yet we also must do our best not to show the weight we carry. That is a burden Dads lovingly, and sometimes imperfectly, carry.

Our daughter was our first child. Holding her in the hospital for the first time and looking into her bright eyes is what really inspired me to launch I longed for her to see the same America that I did as a kid. A time when we did not have to lock our doors and nearly everything was improving. My goal is to help protect and bring back good jobs to the United States, so other Dads and Moms can provide for their kids too. It is not so complex.

Nearly all of our 350 venders are small, family owned businesses. I did not plan it that way, but it makes sense. An owner that knows his employees personally is a lot less likely to give up on them and America and move those jobs to China.

Thanks to you, we are making a lot of progress. Thank you!

Check out this neat video by a graduating college senior. It is great to see a young person like her with her arms around the real issues:

New Items:

We have some amazing fly fishing reels handcrafted by Bill Ballan Reels. These are not just for any fisherman, but if you know a true fly fisherman…

Our friends at Pro Tool, that have been making the Woodsman's Pal, a military issue machete since 1941, have a new product line! They have just released three very high quality Camp Utility Knives. Made in Pennsylvania, these knives will last decades for that special sportsman. We are among the first to carry these knives.

Our popular fashion t-shirt maker Brand of The Free has quite a few fun new shirts for both men and women. Not only are they very stylish, but they make you think. Made in Virginia.

Duluth Pack just released a very neat Binocular Bag. Perfect for that birdwatcher! Lifetime warranty and made in Minnesota.

Sale This Week:

The Father's Day Sale was such a hit last week, so here is Part II with more great gifts on sale for Dad:


Japan vs. USA, Father's Day Sale, New Products

After living in Japan for work years ago, I was always impressed by how many "made in Japan" items there were on their shelves versus "made in USA" products on our shelves.

Japan is an island nation basically the size of California with roughly 130 million people and very minimal natural resources. Just based on the cards they were dealt, they should be way behind nations much richer in natural resources. Nearly every raw material has to be imported before being formed into the items they export. It is a lot more efficient to actually produce items either where the resources are or where the customers are, thus they need to be that much more efficient. Industry and jobs come first for their government, and to think that "free trade" agreements have opened the Japanese markets to American products is delusional. If say, 20% of Americans really want to buy American-Made, the percentage is at least twice that in Japan. Also key is their large companies like Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Toyota, etc. who have a much, much greater commitment to buying local when possible and using Japanese production, unlike American companies such as General Electric. GE alone has shipped hundreds of thousands of jobs outside the USA.

Not all is good in Japan though. They are facing serious issues like a rapidly aging population, a very low birth rate with the average couple only having 1.2 kids, government budget deficits, and the younger generation just not buying into the need for self-sacrifice like previous generations.

For better or worse, the Japanese have some good lessons to consider. For instance, a government that actually is far from perfect but is usually a part of the solution, plus widespread awareness among the population that buying local means jobs.

New Products:

Just in time for Father's Day, we have added some very cool new shirts from our supplier D'Accord. These stylish shirts really breathe and hold their form. I should know, as I have three! Designed and made in Florida.

We have added a reasonably priced bath mat from 1888 Mills in their Magnificence lineup. Previously, our only bath mat choice was an expensive organic cotton one, so I am glad we have invested in this inventory. Also new from 1888 Mills is a complete towel set including the bath mat priced cheaper than buying everything individually. These are made in Georgia.

New from Colorado is an awesome new pet food and water bowl designed by a teacher! The Ol Reliabowl is sure to be a hit with your furry friend! Please help us support this brand new company who has consciously invested in doing it here in the USA instead of China!

We have also recently added XXL to the sizes we carry of men's boxers and briefs from Wickers in every color. Designed for athletes, Wickers products are not just made here, but far superior to makers like Under Armor or Nike's foreign made clothing.

Sale This Week: Father's Day!

No need give Dad or Grandfather some chintzy import! He will be particularly impressed and happy if he gets something made here in the USA! We have great stuff for guys on sale that run the price gambit.

This sale runs through Sunday Evening June 6th. Here is a link:


NYC Times Square Bomb Attack - I Was There!?! New Products & Sale

Sometimes the international and domestic issues we discuss and the personal reality really do hit home. I was in NYC's Times Square just minutes before the latest attempted bomb attack!

I had gone to the city for some meetings with the media that hopefully will lead to a lot more press coverage regarding USA issues (something big I hope to share with you soon). These meetings finished Saturday afternoon, so I bought tickets to see a concert at the Lincoln Center. It was several miles, but the weather was nice, so I decided to walk and see the sites. Times Square was packed with tourists, including lots of families with a very large number of children. I stopped to compliment the mounted police on their handling of their beautiful and amazingly patient horses, when I realized the time and walked north towards the concert. Minutes later the police starting clearing the area, as those very same mounted police were the first on the scene of what turned out to be that car bomb.

It was another attempted attack with all indications that radical Islamic elements were behind it.

I can attest first hand to the number of innocent people in the area and how it is not at all a military or government target. It was placed just down the street from the show "The Lion King". In fact, a large portion of the crowd were international tourists, and I would venture more than a few were Islamic.

I really have to complement the NYPD on their amazing emergency police response – rapid, professional, and brave. They showed true grit and American spirit. Men and women that run towards danger, to serve and protect… God bless them and keep them safe.

The cowards that planted that bomb were clearly going after innocent lives. Their motivation has troubled me since. Do they expect Americans to fight each other after an attack? Such tragedy brings us together as a people. Do they expect us to surrender? They only strengthen our resolve. Did someone promise them an Islamic "paradise" to kill that young family with an infant in a stroller, the sailor on leave, the couple on a date, etc.? Surely even the dimmest of their people cannot equate any just god with murdering innocent children.

I can say it was an act of repulsive cowardice. Of those that prefer shadows to the light of day. Those that would hurt someone like a mother and baby strolling by, rather than stand like a man for what they believe in. Indeed, it won't be paradise they go to when they meet their maker.

New Products:

Just in time for Spring, we have added several dozen new yard tools by Bully Tools. No one makes a better tool anywhere in the world. Plus, these would make a great Father's Day gift! Made in Ohio.

Need a very cute Tutu for your daughter or granddaughter? Check out these very cute, handmade tutu's from Tutu Terrific! Made in Illinois.

Designed and made by a woman, for women, these beautiful wood earring and necklace racks turn her jewelry collection into a work of art! Developed and made in Oregon is Ginny's Ear Nest. Ginny has thought of everything, and every little detail shows her love of what she does, and how she truly makes the best earring and necklace rack around.

Our popular shoemaker Klogs has come out with two new and fun models just in time for Spring. These non-marking polyurethane shoes are very comfortable. Folks that walk at lot at work will immediately notice how comfortable they are. Designed and manufactured in Missouri.

Just in time for Father's Day, Duluth Pack has come out with their new Soft Sided Tackle Box. If your guy likes to fish, he will cherish this tackle box for decades. This and all Duluth Pack products have a lifetime warranty. Made in Minnesota. This special gift would be remembered and used for years to come.

On Sale: Cotton Crew and Sports Socks for Gals & Guys!

Here is a link:


History's Lessons, New Products, Sale

I really enjoy reading history, though lately between the kids and the business, it is lower on my list than I would like. History is fun, interesting, and there is always more to learn. More importantly, history moves in cycles that can provide us with some guide to the future.

Recently, I have been stumbling across disturbing points that do not bode well for our future…America's future.

For example, during WWII the battle at Midway in the Pacific was the turning point in a number of ways. We lost the aircraft carrier Yorktown, but the Japanese lost three major aircraft carriers. That is common knowledge, but do you know how many new aircraft carriers Japan and the USA added after that? Japan was only able to launch two major carriers for the rest of the war. How about the USA? Excluding those sent to Europe, during that same timeframe we added seventeen new aircraft carriers in the Pacific. American know how, steel, shipyards, tooling skills, labor, and gumption out produced Japan on this key item over eight to one. Incredible to think! Even as we were fighting Germany at the same time! Could we do that today?

Spain was once the greatest power, but they went into deep debt on useless wars in places like Holland (similar to our trillion+ dollars spent on Iraq?), allowed its ability to produce domestically to die (this may as well be Washington's motto), and eventually spent so much that they could borrow no more (note our recent government spending and record debt levels) and financially collapsed. It was economic ruin that killed the empire, not an invasion of the homeland. At our government's present borrowing and spending rate, we are mathematically only a couple years away from the debt fiasco presently happening in Greece.

Britain keeping their currency artificially strong right up to the doorstep of the Great Depression undermined their industrial might. Strong currencies make imports cheaper and exports more expensive abroad. Somehow, we took on this burden after WWII and it is still seen in how ridiculously low China keeps there currency compared to the dollar, and how we allow it. This makes their goods artificially very cheap here, and we can see the result in hundreds of closed factories moving there.

If only our government leadership could just manage to be a little less naïve and use a one sentence reminder from history, "China remembers the lessons of history and intends to be the world's next superpower."

This fact should color every interaction we have with China. For example, on the hundreds of billions of dollars we borrow from them, why they are so interested in "making it for us", their lack of open markets to our goods while our market is wide open to their goods, etc.

New Items:

I often get inquiries from folks looking for emergency packs. They find that what is available at the store or even provided by local governments is full of chintzy foreign stuff! Therefore, I am thrilled to be adding a new emergency survival kit from ParaPak. It was developed and is made in Arizona by an ex-Marine who knows what survival is all about. His background and training inspired him to create this personal emergency and survival kit. It is high-quality, durable, weatherproof, and compact. Plus, ALL of it is made here in the USA!

Our favorite startup is back with another new product. Patriot Plastics has developed a neat stir fry tool that is handy when any hot food in the kitchen needs to be pushed around. No need for cheap foreign kitchen tools that could contain chemicals when these are now available. Also, this means the Patriot Plastic "complete set" is up to eight kitchen tools and is available at a special price. Developed and made in Michigan.

Just in time for spring, Duluth Pack has added some very neat bags for bicycles. All bags come with a lifetime warranty. The bags are handmade, durable, stylish, and practical. They are a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys biking. Developed and made in Minnesota.

Got coffee or wine stains? I do! Try these neat new products from Blue Tide to clean those stains out. Help your furniture look new again! They are safe to use on all types of fabric, upholstery, and carpet. Developed and made in North Carolina.

On sale this week: Jeans! What could be more American than jeans! Too bad Levi, Lee, and Wrangler don't agree, as they make all of theirs in foreign countries… Here is your chance to stock up on real American jeans. As always, FREE hemming on ANY size of Texas jeans.

For readers only special, an automatic 20% rebate on all California North and Appellation Spa products continues in April only. No coupon needed. Money (20% of retail price) will be automatically refunded when the order is processed.

Thank you for reading and helping to "Do Something Real for America's Economy". God bless America!


300 Suppliers, Our Economy, New Products

Hi Team,

We just added our 300th American supplier! It is Bowery Lane the bicycle maker. A number of others will be added in the near future. This effort to provide you new alternatives and to support small manufacturers committed to producing in the USA will absolutely continue.

Sometimes it is difficult, but I take heart in the thousands of you who have signed up for this newsletter or shopped with us. It started a few years ago with a half dozen suppliers and a couple dozen customers. This newsletter has also grown very rapidly.

The really amazing thing for me is getting to know many of you. Real folks from every background and part of our great nation who sense that a struggling America can, and will, turn this around.

Speaking of which, the twin deficits of government spending and trade deficit really reared their ugly heads in October. Over a $170,000,000,000 federal budget deficit in October alone. Yes that is over $500 added to the national debt for EVERY citizen in just one month. Entire years of budget deficit were not this bad not that long ago. The trade deficit also appears to have spiked to the $35,000,000,000 range last month, meaning more than a billion dollars is hemorrhaging from our economy every single day. I shudder to think of the magnitude of good that could be accomplished if even a part of that money stayed in our economy instead of being shipped abroad. All of the painful economic issues – unemployment, wage deterioration, dropping tax revenue, product safety, etc. are ultimately tied into the shortsighted effort to move our manufacturing ability abroad.

I say “our economy” purposely, because I can say as a person who has worked in many various business roles around the world for 20 years and is an avid reader of history that we do “own” our economy and it does not own us. Many in Washington would like to create the image that “the economy” is something out of our control. But the politicians act like they can do something (hopefully positive) about it if we just hold our noses and reelect them.

There is something sad and ironic about the government spending borrowed money on “stimulus”, like repairing the sidewalks in front of closed factories, while those real jobs are shipped to China. To add insult to injury our government is borrowing that money from the Chinese, who got it by selling to us!

We do not have to blindly accept what is happening to our economy. We can make that choice to buy American-made. We each make a difference to that person who makes it. And when thousands of us make that choice things really begin to change…

The contest – Last issue had a contest for a $100 gift certificate to the reader that guessed the number of suppliers. Thanks to each of you that entered! Since no one exactly guessed 300, I picked a winner randomly – LM from Florida. Congratulations!

New Products:

It is hard to believe but we have located a bicycle maker still here in the USA. Bowery Bicycles makes a wonderful vintage style bike in NYC. They are certified manufactured in New York using American steel, etc. They cost $590 delivered anywhere in the lower 48 states! Now that is what I want for Christmas!

Look at a windshield under a microscope and see that it is not actually all that flat. It is really full of microscopic gaps that particles can cling to. Bullet Proof, which is developed and made in Georgia, is a coating that fills those gaps and thereby helps protect your windshield from damage. It is also a water repellent and improves visibility. At under $20 it makes a great stocking stuffer for that car guy you know…

For anyone that uses or who knows someone who uses a CPAP tube to help breath at night, you are fully aware of the issues using that tube comfortably. Bro-Gho of North Carolina has developed and makes the HoseBuddy to hold that hose comfortably and allow a real night’s sleep. They also have a travel version.

Our favorite dog snack maker, Star Spangled Pets, has added some awesome baskets in time for the holiday season. They are always baked in Ohio of only American sourced components, there’s nothing but good safe stuff in these treats!

Women’s shirt specialist Eagles Way has added two more awesome styles. They are made and decorated right here in the USA. I am thrilled to be partnered with this growing company!


Small Business Heroes, New Products, Hunting Gear Sale, Contest

Who works nearly every day and gets paid last and often not at all, takes all the risk, carries every burden, knows stress and heartache, but has big dreams and can really make things happen?

The governors of California, Illinois, or New York? Ha! Ha! That’s a good one.

It is most small businesspeople. I work with a lot of them here at Not surprisingly, most of our suppliers are “small businesses” who are the ones that refuse to sell out the USA and our workers. I know for a fact that many get e-mail from China, etc. everyday offering to sell them their own products for pennies on the dollar (no doubt with cheap quality to boot) but that is not their way.

Small businesses not only makes all sorts of products and provide all sorts of services but they also include the family farm that grew the apple my infant son and I shared for breakfast this morning (some of it actually made it to his mouth).

Big companies like the one I used to work at can seemingly look at outsourcing without considering the cost to our people. Many small business owners look their employees and customers in the eye every day, and to many that really means something.

The ones that make their goods here in the USA can be on I am proud to work with such women and men. The least I can do is provide them an outlet to reach you and earn revenue on Plus, it is in effect free advertising. For example, there is no lame fee to join or be featured in this newsletter. I take no paid advertising. Those that stand against this tidal wave closing our factories are my heroes. I know their struggles and their ups and downs. Plus, we remember what Washington and Wall Street long since forgot – small and mid-sized businesses create 70% of jobs. Large businesses, corporations, and all government entities COMBINED only create about 30% of jobs. It is actually amazing how few jobs hundreds of billions in stimulus money will create. It is no secret, just basic logic, that small business is the missing ingredient. It is also true that real growth in our economy can be driven with surprisingly little government spending, but just a bit of help – help like stopping other countries from importing here if they break the rules like on currency manipulation, lack of environmental controls, poor worker safety, and poor product safety. Mostly though the Senators and Representatives just need to please get out of the way and stop adding new burdens.


You know we are closing in on 1600 different products made all over our great nation, but we are also approaching an important milestone on the number of suppliers on I will share with you more about that in the next issue. Can you guess how many suppliers we have? The first person to reply to this note with the correct number of suppliers that we are working with at various levels will win a $100 gift certificate good for anything on the website even shipping.

New Items:

Bates Mill had been a tradition making beautiful bedspreads in Maine for literally 150 years. I say “had” because they went bust and closed the mill. However, rising like a phoenix from the ashes some former Bates employees bought the mill and are again weaving bedspreads. These bedspreads are not just soft, beautiful, artistic and just plain gorgeous, but are keeping the tradition and a piece of our American heritage alive. Most learned their weaving skills from their parents and grandparents in families that worked the mill for generations. The cotton is pre-shrunk, washable and American-grown.

Speaking of history, just in time for Christmas the forge at Wendell August has been making beautiful ornaments in Pennsylvania since 1923. They are not about to give up on their American workers now. We have added a number of their ornaments in sets that come in either aluminum or brass. These will last not just a season or two, but for generations. The way it is supposed to be.

Paper Confections is the creation of Rebecca Schreiber. She is a true artist, printing her designs on only American-Made paper to create wonderful cards. She has a box of ten for us just in time for the holidays. In an age when greeting cards are just printed by the millions and increasingly imported, Patricia has created something unique and special that your recipients will cherish. Here is a link:

On Sale This Week:

A sale on Hunting gear runs through this Sunday the 1st of November. Here is a link:

The last jacket sale of the year starts the 2nd of November. Thank you for your time, and a special prayer for that reader who just e-mailed me that she is stuck on a Wyoming highway due to that heavy snowstorm.


Jobless Economy? Supplier Folds, New Products, Sale

There is a lot of talk in the media recently about a “jobless recovery” apparently meaning the economy can somehow “recover” with the official unemployment rate at 9.8%. Not to mention the real unemployment rate including the millions that the government does not manage to count very well is well over 15%. Meaning over one in six Americans that want employment cannot find it. This myth that the economy can recover without jobs is more of the “new math” that I believed when coming out of school but now makes me laugh sadly at the irony.

The old math, where one plus one equals two, and you cannot have strong economy without good jobs is as true today as it was in 1950, 1900, 1850, or 1776.

Saying we can have a jobless recovery we might as well say something just as ignorant – how about a “jobless economy”? The last two economic booms were caused artificially by the .Com/tech stock and real estate price boom and bust, plus associated borrowing as folks felt richer. Did you know total household debt increased by 60% since the year 2000 while the savings rate hit record lows? Many people were making themselves poorer just before the worst downturn since the depression.

A customer called the other day. She asked, “What is wrong with having good jobs here?” I wish I had an answer. Another e-mailed me asking why USA corporations appear to be acting against our own nation’s long-term interests? This one I can answer to some degree as a former corporate ladder jockey. The compensation bonus structure is set in terms of only this quarter, versus Japan and China who think in terms of decades. This ultra-short-term view causes some pretty strange decisions to be made, not least among them are to cut back on investing in our future and outsourcing to China. Also, corporate leaders used to remember that ultimately we are Americans first (actually, many are not even Americans) but many seem to remember that now only when they need a bailout.

A sad farewell to our clothing supplier of infant and children’s clothing “Can You Dig It” who I am sorry to report has ceased operations. This maker was hot at independent children’s stores. However, refusing to use any foreign or non-organic materials she could never get to the prices the chain stores were demanding. As the economy has left many independent shops looking like lemmings after a long swim “Can You Dig It” after hard consideration and facing a very difficult financial situation with no hope of sufficient relief, has closed. Thanks to your purchases we did inject revenue into their operations and help them last as long as possible. But sometimes it is not enough. I have received their last shipment of goods and will be winding the line down over the next few months. Farewell Can You Dig It, and thanks for fighting the good fight!

A lot of bad news again, but we “the people” can and will fix this, though it will take many years. I am heartened by the thousands of you that have signed up for this newsletter. From every corner of our great nation and every possible background there are men and women who sense there is a problem and want to save the USA, despite the noise from Washington. I won’t rest until my kids have the chance to see the America I saw when I was their age.

New Products: We have added some very cool dog biscuits from Star Spangled Pets. They are baked one batch at a time in Ohio using wholesome healthy ingredients. Everything that goes into them is produced right here in the USA, so there are no worries like the melamine that was in the imported Chinese components that caused many pet illnesses a couple years back. Flavors include Lab Lamb, Nutty Mutt, Buddy Bones, Health Nut Mutt and Puggle Pumpkin. We will likely add more later so please check back.

Our friend in Allentown PA, Sovereign Manufacturing who is the maker of our Big & Tall line has added some very fun Tie Dye shirts, shorts, and sweats. They come in sizes from M all the way to 10XL.

Doja clothing not only completely supports our USA mission, but they do it by making some very stylish men’s and women’s clothing that is very creative and meaningful. Doja is already widely worn by popular musicians, and I am certain their hip look has a very big future.

We have added more items made in Minnesota by Battle Lake including hunting gear, bike gear bags, ballistics briefcase, etc. Please check them out!


Frightening News On Our Economy, New Products, Sale, Special Deal

Hi Team,

We all have seen that even with the government’s “Official” unemployment numbers that this is the worst recession since The Great Depression, but the reality is even worse. Our de-industrialization, which means the moving of factories to Asia, primarily China, has created an economic situation far worse in other ways as well.

These three aspects scare the heck out of me:

First, according to last weekend’s Wall Street Journal the folks who have been unemployed for more than six months now account for over 33% the total measured unemployed. The rate would be higher but the official government statistics mysteriously drop folks off the unemployment rate they report if the worker has been unemployed for over one year. These folks are less likely to get interviews, much less offers, and suffer from huge wage cuts even if they are able to eventually get any job. These are our neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and let’s just say it – us! Often late in their careers their retirement savings are drained, if they even had any. Some are losing their homes and losing hope. I suppose in todays economy that cheap goods at the Mega-Marts and jobs in China mean more than our own citizens who have worked hard for three decades or more…

Secondly, hundreds of thousands of our women and men in our military face the most dire employment situation ever when returning to civilian life. I have read hundreds of history and economic books, and I know for a fact that after wars like WWI, WWII, Korea, even Vietnam, there was growth in the economy to give our returning heroes at least a chance to land a decent job, but not this time. Small businesses create 70% of new jobs and they are mostly getting clobbered. Government can create some jobs but rapidly declining tax collections have left many states and cities making sharp cutbacks. When I was a child I was moved and sickened as I watched TV and saw the wretched way our returning Vietnam veterans were being treated by some people here. The vast majority of our troops have always performed to the highest levels and deserve our praise and thanks for their many sacrifices. Today we are treating them poorly in a different but more insidious way – “Thanks for your efforts in Iraq/Afganistan, the unemployment line is over there.”

Thirdly, unemployment among young people is at record rates. This is both true among teenagers and those that have just graduated from college, where only a whopping 20% managed to get a job when they left school. They face this situation with no knowledge from experience or resources. Potentially deep in debt the lucky ones may end up back home with their parents for a long time. Instead of starting their careers, building a life, and adding to our great nation they are yet another casualty to inane trade policies.

Forget what is in much of the press today, as history shows trade was never supposed to be completely open and one sided without any consideration of fairness on issues like currency manipulation, lack of environmental controls, and lack of worker or product safety. As noted in my most recent blog (, China’s currency manipulation gives them a 40% cost advantage on just that one factor alone! No other nation is completely wide open on imports like us, yet Washington does nothing. Paul Newman once said to the effect, “If you are playing poker and do not see the patsy at the table, it is you”. If we could imagine Beijing, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul, Washington, etc. around that poker table, there is little doubt Washington is the patsy.

We face difficulties and long odds but standing together we can make a difference if we each just look at the labels of the things we buy and make an informed, conscious decision to buy American-Made.

New Items:

A new supplier really has got me thinking how many straws I waste every day, and how that plastic probably is not good for me or the environment. Glass Dharma makes very cool straws out of strong glass. Yes, glass! Think Purex strong, but with a style that won’t go wrong. They are not unbreakable but the supplier with replace them if they do break.

Eagle’s Way has provided us with some fun stylish women’s shirts. Casual, yet stylish and fun. Take a look! I am so excited! I had to buy in big bulk but the truck just showed up recently with our new, even better towels! The Magnificence line from 1888 Mills in Georgia is bigger and fluffier than our Rapture line, and yes it does have a washcloth made right here in the USA. You can now stop asking for a washcloth made here because I did listen and have a great one for you! These also come in convenient and a bit cheaper sets.

Newly developed and made in Michigan, our friends at Patriot Plastics have done it again with a new 14” spatula. Strong, yet flexible and easy to use they come in either slotted or regular spatula types. Or buy both as a set and save.

New from Minnesota! We have added some really cool day packs and bags from Battle Lake! Battle Lake builds an excellent stylish product and means to keep it that way. They could have shifted production to China and maybe made more money in the short-term, but they are not that kind of people. I am thrilled they have joined us!

New from the startup Sanlid – Soda can protective covers in assorted colors. Shaped like baseball caps, they protect users, while keeping the drinks straight about whose beer or soda is whose. Ever take a sip of someone else’s beer by accident? Not pleasant. They are dishwasher safe and a single part, so there are no small pieces that could come off or become a hazard. Here is a link:


My Favorite USA Websites, New Products, Wickers Sale Dear Team,

I often get asked, what are my favorite websites concerning “Made In USA issues”? There are several that I really like: American’s Working by David Riley at is an excellent resource for hundreds of American-Made products, plus I completely agree with his pro-America views. David also does an amazing free newsletter which you can sign up for on his homepage.

I also like at which has a very extensive database of products made in America. Plus, if you cannot find what you are looking for you can e-mail them and they will try to locate it for you for free.

Naturally, Roger Simmermaker’s website How to Buy America at is an inspiring resource (Please ignore my competitors advertising there. Ha! Ha!). Roger is author of the book “How American’s Can Buy American” and it is available there or on He has had many TV appearances, while maintaining his job as a union machinist. He has done more for American industry recently than anyone I know of. He is my hero.

With every American-made product we buy we help put someone back to work. These three websites are in the thick of the fight, and I am proud to stand among them.

New Items:

Something happened when I tried the maple syrup from Kirsch Family Farm. The taste took me back to a memory of when I was around six years old and my mother was making us pancakes on a cold winter morning. I suddenly remembered how we kids were so thrilled. The taste brought back the memories of that happy time with the taste and smell so vividly. It must have been soon after that we switched to those cheap colored sugar water syrups from the grocery. The extreme difference between the real thing, boiled down from 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of real maple syrup, and that fake stuff is amazing. That is why I am thrilled to add real maple syrup that is sent to you fresh from the Kirsch Family Farm. If you are not impressed with the difference just let me know and I will refund your money.

Our friends at Patriot Plastics, who brought you their popular spatula, etc. have a new product. “Tag-It” invented and made in Michigan is a quick and easy way to mark soda bottles, medication, baby bottles, etc. Each pack comes with 20 Tag-Its in various colors and sizes. No more confusion about whose drink is whose or when that medication was opened, etc.

We have added fun new products from our bib maker Bumkins – A cloth diaper that will definitely save the user money and is greener than disposable diapers. and a fun “Quickie” waterproof storage bag. We have the Quickie bag in four fun fabrics, much like their popular bibs.

Our friend, reader and customer Diane, founder of San Diego’s Flexsystems has developed some fun “Keep Christ in Christmas” items, including a soft rubber-like pin, bracelet, and key chain. We have them available as a set. A renown toy designer has started his own firm called Dano2. We now carry some of their awesome infant toys. He is absolutely committed to producing them here in the USA and keeping them safe. We have two now, the “Circus Teethers” and “Bug Bite” teether, and there will be more in the near future. Be among the first to get one of these toys from this hot new toy maker!

Our pin maker has developed some awesome new pins for us. The flag, etc. pins have been so popular that he wanted to follow up with something special . Take a look at these new items. The “Take Back America” Flag pin, “Freedom Isn’t Free” Flag pin, and a “U.S. Army” pin. These are handcrafted in Massachusetts and you will not believe the quality versus those chintzy imports.

Lastly, the women’s jean pant from Ion Actif has been popular and we just added their new Deep Blue color. They are in stock and ready to ship.


Making a Difference, New Items, Coat Sale

Hi Team,

A Customer called me the other day and said she “felt alone” in being worried about America making nothing, and walking into the big stores and seeing almost nothing made here. She was wondering what Americans will do in a few years? What will her kids do? Will they have the opportunities she took for granted? What will become of America?

I had to tell her I felt the same way when first quitting my job to start Was I some sort of Don Quixote facing an impossible dream or deluding myself that I can make a difference? Though today, I am even more disappointed with most of the retail chain stores, I have been thrilled to have seen through creating that many people are concerned about these issues and are not alone. In fact there are thousands or even millions of us from every corner of the country and every background that are VERY concerned.

Another call a while back was from a student who said actually came up in her community college class, and her instructor insisted “Their packing materials cannot possibly be made here”. I told her indeed it all is made here – the tape is from Minnesota, the boxes are from Waukegan, the tape dispenser is from Michigan, etc. Every bit of it, even the pens that I use to write thank you notes are made here in the USA. I heard the doubt in her young voice, so I took the time to go through each item and show how it really is doable. Plus, explaining why it makes a difference for the family of the person who makes the tissue packing paper, etc. It seems to me it is easier to make a person doubt than show them they may actually be able to make a difference, but it is worth the extra effort.

Another person said to me, “These are issues that are too big for me. What can I do about all these jobs being lost?” We can control the things within our circle, and though that may not seem like much compared to the tidal wave we face it really does touch others, and so on. Plus, just taking some small actions personally really does empower a person and that doubt rapidly fades. If we pull together and that part we each do gets multiplied by thousands then we will make a huge difference.

In the end, we are all Americans and though we may sometimes lose our way we will eventually do what we do best – roll up our sleeves and make things right again. Make it a great day and God bless America!

New Items:

For those that are interested in organic products, the validity of the organic claim is always a question, particularly when considering buying imported products. Native Organic goes right to the American farmers, contracting to buy his organic cotton direct at a fair price. From the ground up it is all skill as they weave the cloth themselves in California and craft amazing organic cotton robes, sheets, towels, and lots of amazing kitchen items! When they first sent me a sample I just couldn’t help but say “Wow!” My wife and daughter had a similar reaction. Our 3 year old daughter was so amazed with how soft it is she ran off with the washcloth to make it a blanket for her doll. These items are not cheap, but if you are looking for something extraordinary and truly organic take a look.

For those “real men” who barbecue with charcoal and not that wimpy propane gas, there is the Cadillac of grills made by a firm run by a father and son team in Minnesota called “German Grills”. These grills are solid steel, weighing a couple hundred pounds and they are meant to last for decades.

Rapid Rain of Oklahoma has created the ultimate watering devices. Fully water powered (uses no electricity), these small mobile sprinklers will even roll themselves up when finished. The 625 version has a hundred foot hose and is perfect for yards up to an acre and even small horse arenas. The 860 version comes with a 200 foot hose and is meant for up to three acres and larger horse arenas.

Sun Aire of Arkansas has developed the Cadillac of air purifiers and also a very impressive ductless portable heater. Both are extremely well made and require very little electricity. Both face cheaply made Chinese made competition. The air purifier cleans a 2000 square foot house, destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi. It neutralizes odors and helps those with allergies or asthma. Plus, the filter never needs replacing, saving a lot of money over devices that use Hepa and other disposable filters. The ductless heater simple to operate, comfortable, economical to run compared to other heating alternatives, portable, and set in an attractive Oak cabinet.

On sales this week: Jackets & Coats (Sale extended through Tuesday)

Yes I know it is still hot out, but August is almost over and Fall is right around the corner. Therefore, this week we have a pretty good sale going on coats and jackets. There is no reason to buy those cheaply made coats at Mega-Mart with these prices on true American-Made quality stuff.

Also, we have a new sale through the end of September on pool cues master crafted in Wisconsin by Viking. Everything that goes into these means quality, from the aged wood to the lifetime warranty. Now we have a special deal with Viking to do two lines of engraving, up to 24 characters per line for only $20. The Hustler wishes he had a pool cue this nice!


Service Economy Lie, Back to School Sale, New Products

Hi Team,

Before founding I had several experiences that gave me an inside view on the truth about service versus manufacturing jobs. Early in my career I was pretty focused on climbing the corporate ladder. The first few rungs are about doing a good job, then it becomes being part of how able you are to help management hit that quarterly goal, then it is just about politics. I had a lot of concerns with that last part, especially as it came in before the good of the company and country. Difficult to manage, but hard working, effective and able to think outside of the box, I eventually found myself overseeing all worldwide spending for Finance of $180 million per quarter. It is easy to pretend at first that the choices are for the good of the company, but it is really just about hitting the numbers. That is when I realized the truth about “service jobs” – they are like dust that can be wiped away. It might not seem like it lately but factory jobs are much harder to pare back or close than service jobs, like HR, IT, etc. There is so much money tied up in the equipment, facilities, and training that any idleness or closing them is extraordinarily expensive. If you are closing a factory you need to consider in terms of months or years, whereas service jobs can be cut in days or weeks.

For several decades Washington, Wall Street, and the media has been spoon feeding us the myth that the “service economy” was going to take the place of our factories. Unfortunately, that is just a pretty lie. There is no new math that is going to prove that it is fact that we do not need to make products here anymore and still somehow we can magically create a lot of good jobs. First of all most of those service jobs don’t pay nearly as well as a good factory job. Visualize $8 an hour pouring coffee versus $20 to $25 making something real in a factory. Secondly, like I described above, service jobs can disappear almost overnight. Two weeks ago there were literally three Starbucks coffee shops within two miles of my house, but today there is one. They can close and eliminate those service jobs that rapidly. Thirdly, the recessions keep getting worse because these service jobs are so easy to eliminate versus the difficulty of closing a factory. And as we all know companies have little interest in sustaining employment for very long during downtimes.

I faced undeniable evidence that the corporate system I was a part of was enriching me, but making my country poorer. Indeed the truth points out our decline as a nation. That left me no real choice. There are no “Golden Parachutes” for guys like me leaving a corporation, but I had saved, invested and in effect sewn my own “not-so golden parachute”. My eyes had been closed long enough; it was time to act.

Instead put all my resources, intellect, and energy into this company and work seven days a week creating something that helps. It helps small businesses from every corner of our nation. To give folks a chance to make and buy something real, with purpose. To stand up against the tide of chintzy foreign products that are engulfing our nation. While I draw breath and blood still flows “Made in USA” will still be proudly on labels.

I am so glad that thousands of you feel the same. Standing together we make a real difference.

New Items

360 Cookware of Wisconsin has created something really special. They are not just a set of pans with a true lifetime warranty, but they also allow cooking to be healthier, quicker, and you will use less energy! The initial price is not cheap, but they are not cheaply made. Someone told me once they couldn’t afford to buy cheap junk. We also need to think about the dangerous chemicals leaching out of the cheaply made Chinese cookware. The energy savings with this cookware alone will pay for them in a few years. Each comes with a free DVD and cookbook with lots of great suggestions.

Outside The Box Gifts of Minnesota has developed some really fun, artistic cheese plates and boards from melted wine bottles. Choose from a wide selection of wine labels. Little G Organics of Colorado has developed a really positive line of organic t-shirts for kids. Themes include Kind, Brave, Joyful, Seed, Blessed, and Strong with the scripture reference. With the dark references on many of the kid’s t-shirts nowadays, it is great to see a designer reaching unabashedly towards the light.

Join me in congratulating our reader and customer Margaret Schrader for publishing her first children’s book, Green Knee-High Farm! Illustrated by her talented daughter Kimberly, this book is loads of creative fun. My daughter really enjoyed it.

The very popular t-shirt maker Brand of The Free has added several ultra-cool new designs. “Misrepresentation” for men and women, and “Buy US” for men. Check them out.

On Sale: Back to School Sale

I had something to prove with the sale this week. That any high school or college student (or anyone for that matter), could have an entire outfit still made here in the USA. Therefore, I put together the most extensive sale in some time with stuff from head to toe. It was a long time ago, but I remember walking into to school wanting to look cool. Real American-Made stuff is definitely cool, and made right here is not just stylish but it also has meaning. What can be more fashionable than that?


Todd Todd Lipscomb Founder or

July 29th, 2009

History, Giveaway, & New Products!

I enjoy reading history, not that I have much time lately between and the kids. Our son’s first birthday was last weekend. Here are a couple lessons from our past that hit me recently. Both of these incidents have convinced me of the dire need that we have to teach more of our unique and important history to our young people.

Firstly, Mercedes is running lots of radio ads in my area touting how they have been making automobiles for nearly 120 years. I almost drove my Ford off the road the first time I heard it. Yes, they are indirectly pointing out they were around long enough to help supply many products to Democracy’s enemies not just once, but twice. They were serving the German Kaiser in WWI and the Nazi’s in WWII! They are unique in having that much of a role both against us and freedom, as well as selling many expensive consumer products here. That they knowingly run such ads says we have a lot of educating to do.

Also recently as I was driving I saw a charity car wash. I did not really need a car wash but as it was being run by our Marines I decided it must be for a good cause and pulled in. There is more in my blog (link below). I got to talking to a young Marine who was very excited about his new sports car. I had to bite my tongue not to burst his bubble because the maker was the very same company who made the Japanese Zero fighter aircraft! The AM6 Zero fighter aircraft did a lot of damage to us in the Pacific in WWII, both as a fighter and later as a primary plane used in the Kamikaze suicide attacks. Think back to when our young Marines, and other troops were on ships sailing towards Okinawa and many other places. The ships come under attack with sirens blazing, the hum of the engines as the Kamikazes approach and all these young heroes wondering if they will live through the day. I bet they never thought their grandson would be buying a car made by the very same company – Mitsubishi.

We have too much ignorance and apathy. Look how other countries nurture their industries while our factories fade away along with our ability to defend freedom. Remember, buying American-made helps protect our way of life. And possibly even your job or your neighbor’s job.

New Products

One of our favorite startups has taken your customer input to heart to launch several new products and they have plans for more too. Patriot Plastics of Michigan makes the highly popular spatula on and has just launched two types of cooking spoons. All are available individually or in sets. Team – we have pumped money into this startup with each purchase. Helping enable them to have the chance to survive and even grow in this horrible economic environment. I am convinced this firm will be a major player in the not so distant future, and we can say we were there when the embers were barely warm.

Another startup I am proud to introduce is the maker of the High & Dri storage pallets that were invented in and are currently made in Massachusetts. I am very impressed with the inventor’s clever design, and her tenacity and dedication for getting it built here in the USA. These easy to assemble pallets keep boxes, etc. up off the floor in garages, basements, you name it, and can hold up to 500 pounds indefinitely!

We have added some very neat, lightweight but ultra-strong key chains that are handmade in California by an ex-Aerospace machinist. I use one myself and I know you will be pleased. It is not just functional but the simple utility and style of this product is a work of art.

Indulge in bath and body spa type quality products without the SPA price by using products made by Vintage Body Spa. Made by hand in Kentucky, Vintage Body Spa is all about you. They use only the highest quality ingredients. And they contain zero paraben additives in any of their items. Relax, refresh, enjoy! Plus, here is a little secret – they give you a fun free sample with every order!


Speaking of Vintage Body Spa, they are kindly donating two items for our giveaway this issue! I will pay the shipping, so this is completely free for the two winners. Just look at the Vintage Body Spa area and reply to this message letting me know which item is your favorite in one sentence and where you want me to send it. Reply by this Sunday evening August 2nd. Relax, refresh, enjoy, and win!

On Sale

This week on sale is our logo t-shirts and polo shirts at quite low prices. I hope to encourage those of you who might want to wear one occasionally and help spread the word.

Sincerely, Todd Todd Lipscomb Founder

12 July, 2009 Tax Effort Attempt to Wipe Out Small Internet Retailers, and New Products

Hi Team,

Firstly, a serious subject this issue, as large chain store retailers are pushing a legislative effort in Washington purposely in an effort to wipe out many small Internet retailers.

Catalog publishers and small Internet retailers have something in common in that we do not have to try to calculate and charge customers their local sales tax on interstate orders, as long as they have no physical presence in that state. All of the USA’s tens of thousands of communities have different sales tax systems, so hiring people to try to calculate it and pay each location would bankrupt most small Internet retailers.

Efforts to force small Internet retailers to tax its customers in this way have been defeated multiple times, but once again at the request of the large chain stores, congress is considering this tax. Catalog publishers apparently have a better ability to lobby congress as they are being conveniently ignored in this effort. This is a new tax on you, our customers, but also a huge, complex administrative burden on all small Internet retailers.

The large chain store retailers disguise their true intent by claiming “fairness” in their efforts to levy this unbearable burden upon small Internet retailers. In fact, small Internet retailers already have an unfair disadvantage as rising energy costs have caused UPS, etc. to substantially raise shipping fees.

The big chain stores know the small Internet retailers are already at a disadvantage, and are using this effort in an attempt to wipe us out. Why? We provide better service, specialized products, better selection, and often lower prices. For example, where else but can you get all these made in USA products? Certainly not at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. In short, we make them look bad and give you a real choice. The big retailers cannot fight us in the light of day, so they are using this dark method to attack us.

Please take two minutes to contact your representative and say “No Internet Sales Tax”. Link to Senate: Link to House of Representatives: Thank You!

New Products

We have added a number of impressive, purposeful t-shirts and other products from “Just Be”. They are not only made in the USA and fashionable, but have an important messages designed into them. For example, Be Proud (of the USA), Be Organic, and particularly fun ones she has created especially for women. They are all “soft printed” meaning the design melds in with the shirt rather than just layer over it. The founder and artist also does much of the printing herself – by hand. It’s fashion and art. I know you will be pleased.

For that patriot that has everything, I bet he or she does not have this – a Patriotic Polo shirt! The shirt is very comfortable, high quality, and of course made in USA! Invented and made in Missouri, the Veggie Cage and Tomato Rings are perfect for any garden! The Veggie Cage helps with any vine grown plant, growing them in a controlled way the direction you prefer. Tomato vines would in fact like nothing better than to take over an entire garden, to the Tomato Rings tame those trouble makers.

You may have seen on the CBS Early show recently a brand new toy company, Ten Ton Toys, showing off their new brand new Hand Trux Digging Toy. Fun for any kid over five who likes to dig in sand or dirt, and what kid doesn’t? This is just the start for Ten Ton Toys, as we will be seeing lots of new toys from them in the near future.

A flag case is a very important way to display it and honor memories. These are handcrafted by a master woodworker one at a time in Missouri. He uses only local hardwood. The trees were not cut for this purpose, but salvaged rather than go to waste or in a fireplace. It is amazing what a true master can build versus the imported junk at the stores. These cases will last generations.

June 29th, 2009

The 4th of July

The date marking the birth of our nation is almost here. This is a time to remember, but also to celebrate. After all, apathy or the lack of caring, is the biggest threat to democracy and freedom, so celebrating our nation’s birthday is all the more appropriate.

Let’s toast our nation, our freedom, our democracy, and those who have served in every way to build and preserve what we have created.

Our nation is not just a place, it is an idea; it is a commonly-held system of beliefs about what the USA is -- and should be.

Over the thousands of years of human history, what we have created is special and unique. The Greeks and Romans started something like democracy, but only for a very small group of citizens. The British can point to the Magna Carte with pride, but really what that document did was shift some power from the king to another elite, not the people. There are other examples where people made it part of the way, but the USA made true freedom and democracy a reality. Even today most people around the world live in the darkness of tyranny. We are the exception every other real democracy looks to. It is not an accident the factories closing here are moving to dictatorships, like China.

In spite of the economic situation, we have a huge amount to be proud of and thankful for! Let’s put our issues aside for a day to remember and celebrate this 4th of July! Other news: You may have seen in my blog that one of our friends and readers, Joe Allen, called JC Penney out on their “American Made” t-shirt that was actually made somewhere else! Business Week actually printed his story and I heard it discussed on one the USA’s top news radio stations! Awesome job Joe! Here is a link to the story at Business Week:

New Products:

I really like stories that show renewal in our industrial heartland! Invented and made in Michigan, the Tape Wrangler is the ultimate packing tool and shipping tool! Not only is it easy to use, it also has a tape measure, cutting knife, and permanent marker built right in. We use it everyday and with all those tools included, cannot believe how much time it saves us in the shipping process! It is like four tools in one! For example, if I need a tape measure or cutting knife while packing shipments, they are right there built into the tool. The design is genius!

Yvonne Bags have been with since nearly the beginning. They are literally a mother and daughter team running this business in Wisconsin, and produce some very fashionable, yet useful bags right here in the USA. They just released two new bags – a Canvas Tote Bag and an Athletic Tote bag that I am sure will be big hits!

We just added some beautiful patriotic pins handcrafted by a true master in Massachusetts with thirty years experience. It is hard to describe the amazing quality unless holding it in one’s hand. Making these at this level is a true art, that I am glad is still done here in the USA. He has crafted some pins for us showing our flag, the US Marines flag, USA flag with Veterans, USA Flag with Marines, a POW Flag, and a “Don’t Trend on Me” flag pin. Two types are in our “4th of July Sale” right now! Also, he can create pins for almost any business or organization needs, so just let me know if you are interested.

We also have two new great men’s shirts from our supplier D’Accord made in Florida. One called “Blue Hawaii”, which does great in any casual event, and another shirt is a tribute to Clint Eastwood and John Wayne. I have three shirts from D’Accord and really like how they fit and wear, especially in the heat! Not only do I stay cool, but they keep up their look and don’t become soaked with sweat.

Freebie for Readers:

I have free samples of Ibunex, the topical Ibuprofen lotion. I can attest firsthand how it really helps with joint and muscle pain, but don’t take my word for it – try it for free. Just reply to this note that you want some and where you want it sent. I will pay the postage. Alternatively, if you are ordering something anyway, just put in the order comments “Ibunex sample please” and we will put some in there too.

This Week’s Sale: 4th of July Patriotic Items! This sale is being extended through Monday, since I am late getting this newsletter out to you.

Please have a great holiday, with of fun, and please drive safely!

Your Friend, Todd Todd Lipscomb Founder