Session Savers Sunscreen 10pk Made in USA

Session Savers Sunscreen 10pk Made in USA
Session Savers Sunscreen 10pk Made in USASession Savers Sunscreen 10pk Made in USA
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Session Savers Sunscreen 10pk Made in USA

Sunscreen on the go!

Born from necessity, the idea for Session Savers Sunscreen came about in the early 1990′s. John thought about creating it, but always figured a major sunscreen company would eventually fill the void in the sun care market and produce something that he had always wished existed and always needed. -It never happened.

In 2011, the ground work for Session Savers Sunscreen as a “back-up” or “on-the-go” sunscreen solution began. An ultra-convenient sunscreen application meant to be used on those days when you either forget to apply sunscreen at home or in your car, or you wanted to carry along a small amount for that day’s outdoor activity. Without being hindered by even something as small as a travel size tube or a sunscreen stick.

As far as size and shape, John wanted to design a small, flat tear open packet that you could stash in a very small key pocket on a wetsuit. Not only could it apply as a surfers back-up sunscreen, but would go along in or on any outdoor gear, equipment etc.

Now you can place one or two pocket size packs in a purse, golf bag, snow/ski jacket, glove compartment, anywhere! Places you can keep Session Savers are endless and there it is when you need it. Just the right amount to allow you to keep going and NOT turn around and hassle finding your primary full size bottles of sunscreen.

Session Savers Sunscreen is a small, easy to carry, even stash-able amount of sunscreen that can be carried anywhere easily! Not a whole lot, just enough to cover exposed body parts most susceptible to burning. That being your nose, cheeks, forehead, ears, and forearms. And since in most of our outdoor activities, we usually have on at least a t-shirt, golf shirt, a wetsuit, or some sort of clothing protecting the majority of our bodies. Having just a small amount of sunscreen for the burn zones will save the day! backpack

Not only are Session Savers perfect for women to keep in even the smallest of purses, but moms can feel secure knowing they have put Session Savers pocket packs in their kids backpacks on sunny days. Having your child return from a field trip or a soccer game with a sunburned, sore face is not healthy and for the child painful and no fun. In addition, Session Savers Sunscreen includes a small colorful ball-chain in every package so that you can attach them to the outside of a backpack, jacket, keychain etc. For not just convenience, but to also serve as a visual reminder. Sometimes with sunscreen out of sight is out of mind. Especially for kids!

So here it is: Session Savers Sunscreen. The small amount of sunscreen for active sports applications, convenient travel, and back-up, unexpected outdoor situations.

Made in San Diego, CA by Session Savers Sunscreen, LLC.