Sea Stones Stone Stoppers Wine Bottle Stoppers 2pk USA Made

Sea Stones Stone Stoppers Wine Bottle Stoppers 2pk USA Made
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Sea Stones Stone Stoppers Wine Bottle Stoppers 2pk USA Made

Hand-gathered from the New England shoreline, these ocean-shaped stones both accentuate and preserve your favorite wines and gourmet oils. Each smooth, ergonomic bottle stopper has a stainless steel body completely immune to wine’s acidic qualities and a durable rubber plug that forms an airtight seal to keep contents fresh. Each creation is perched on its own wooden base, transforming the practical topper into a miniature sculpture that adds a touch of natural personality to your table or counter top. Pair with a set of Stone Wine Glasses to create the perfect hostess gift.

The Sea Stones Story

Since 2003, Sea Stones Inc has been based in Windham, New Hampshire, close to the rocky New England beaches and rivers that inspire us and shape the stones we use in our designs.

We are lifetime New England rockhounds. Our love for Mother Nature's artwork in stone and hardwood has inspired us to hand craft functional creations that bring the outdoors in. Each piece is made with attention to detail, quality and respect for nature.

Our work is entirely handmade in our studio nestled in the woods, and blends stone art with the practical ingenuity for which New Englanders are known.

The Artists:

Arra David: Working with stone calls for custom fixtures and techniques. Arra is an engineer and furniture maker, and it’s part of his normal care and feeding to put him in the workshop and let him make tools.

Anne Johnson: Anne is an artist with a keen eye for balance and harmony. She blends the endless varieties of nature's materials into pieces that decorate homes and will keep generations connected to their environment.

Eco Friendly:

Our designs bring the beauty of nature into homes, while leaving our shores and forests unchanged. We gather stones from private rivers and beaches, with permission. When a stone is collected, we want to make sure there will always be a replacement for future gatherers. So for each one harvested, a new stone (purchased from a quarry) is planted off the New England coast. Over the years, the water tumbles the rough ‘seed’ into a smooth, rounded stone.

In the same spirit, all of our hardwoods are supplied by Forest Stewardship Council sawyers committed to conservation and the future of our forests. We also plant 10 times the number of trees we use each year for responsible and sustainable production of our work.

Bringing natural materials indoors as functional art keeps all of us in harmony with Mother Earth.

Sold as a pk of 2 stoppers

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Made in the USA by Sea Stones Inc