Ranger Axe - 36" Handle Made in USA

Ranger Axe - 36" Handle Made in USA
Ranger Axe - 36" Handle Made in USARanger Axe - 36" Handle Made in USARanger Axe - 36" Handle Made in USA
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Ranger Axe - 36" Handle

The Ranger is our biggest axe, with the 4140 alloy steel head weighing in at 4lbs, this option on a stout 36″ hickory handle. Ideal for both chopping and splitting firewood.

After perfecting hatchets, weve decided to take on something a little bigger that has been conspicuously absent from the marketplace. An American-made, full size axe that can fill the #1 spot as the best in the world. Take a look at our selection and give one a try, and you will not be disappointed! Using the same approach we took in redesigning the hammer and hatchet, weve finally arrived at an amazing tool that works the way its intended to.

FINISH OPTIONS: Oil Finish - Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO) has been used for centuries and is considered by the "gurus" to be the only way to go. It penetrates the wood and causes the wood to swell and displaces water, so the handle doesn't shrink and stays flexible and does not get brittle. It does require maintenance and the handle needs to be regularly wiped down or soaked in the BLO, and the oil finish tends to attract dirt and dust, since it doesn't really dry out for a long time.

Clear Finish - Polyurethane clear coat does the same in sealing the open cells and repelling water, and keeps the handle from shrinking, but it much easier to maintain. It's pretty much one and done, and doesn't attract dust and dirt like the oil does.

Made in USA

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