Product Submission

New Product Submission

You may have visited this site or read our founder's book "Re-Made in The USA". Do you have a new American-Made product or know of one we should have on We really want you to let us know about it!

It is simple and free to be considered for addition, but it must meet to following requirements:

1.) Must be made in USA of USA-Made materials. Not imported, and also no “Assembled in USA of Foreign Components”. Please do not submit foreign products, as there is no exception to this rule.

2.) Products must not be offensive.

3.) High quality and safe to use.

4.) Must be in production now. No clearance items. Also, please do not submit ideas that are not yet in production.

Submit Your Product

The easiest next step is to e-mail photo’s or a link to the appropriate website to:

Alternatively, samples or information can be mailed or shipped to:
(you must include a pre-paid return label if you want the sample back)
1804 Ord Way
Oceanside, CA 92056

We usually follow-up rapidly, but feel free to check back. All new product submissions are reviewed for approval by Todd Lipscomb, Founder of

Some websites charge a fee to join or a lame “Marketing Fee”, but we do not. Once the product is accepted, we either buy it from you wholesale for shipment via our warehouse, or work with you to ship directly to our customers upon order.

Why join over other websites?

Exposure: We do much more extensive PR and advertising than other websites, meaning much more exposure for your products. Our founder has done over 300 radio interviews and multiple televisions interviews. He often discusses specific products during interviews. Plus, we have been mentioned in articles and in dozens of blogs. Our Facebook page has tens of thousands of readers.

Traffic: We have an extensive, and rapidly growing, daily traffic of distinct customers to the website. We get more visitors in a day or week than some similar websites get in a month. Plus, our customers are quite interested in buying American-made products.

Newsletter: New products typically get featured in our founder’s popular newsletter that is read by tens of thousands of people. This is not just another e-mail blast, but a real newsletter with content that gets a lot of good feedback and results. It is read by customers and bloggers alike. Being featured in this newsletter is free.

Cash Flow: This is all about supporting American manufacturers, like yourself. Whether we buy it wholesale from you or have you ship directly to our customers, the result is usually many new customers for you. That means a new stream of cash in these troubled economic times. Plus, unlike many other websites, we will never undermine your retail pricing or sell your products cheaply on E-Bay.

Ease of Effort: Some websites make you do all the work in loading products or submitting them in a certain format. We make it much easier: Once we agree to add your products, we do all the work from that point to give you an Internet presence on our website at no charge to you.

Relationship: Every accepted supplier has direct access to our Founder & President, and even his mobile phone number. We are in this for the long haul with you as a partner, advisor, and friend.

America desperately needs entrepreneurs and manufacturers like yourself. Small business generates 70% of all new jobs created. As long as your products are made in the USA, will be in your corner.


Todd Lipscomb
Founder & President