Patriotic Donkey 11" by American Bear Factory

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Update 12/13/2020 Please Note: These are made to order and take about two weeks to ship. Therefore they are no longer available before Christmas. 

They ship direct from the maker, meaning you will not get a shipping update direct from us, but they are on the way. This process cannot be sped up. Choosing faster shipping will not move your place in line. If you need sooner than two weeks, please order something elese among our wonderful toy selection. Thank you for your understanding.

This cute patriotic donkey is made right here in the US! All materials are American-Made too!
Clip-clopping his way into the American Dream, this snuggly donkey wants to take you for a ride! With star-struck fabric coating its nose and hooves, look no further for a perfect and patriotic cuddle-buddy.
Size: 11"

Made in USA.