MyVeryOwnHouse® Castle Cardboard Playhouse USA Made MC4428Rc

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MyVeryOwnHouse® Castle Cardboard Playhouse USA Made

Stories, legends, myths and your child's imagination finally have a place to call home.

Medieval myths come alive amid King Arthur’s Camelot: a sword in a stone, damsels in distress and dragons guarding lost treasures. A wizard gazes into his crystal ball while a knight on horseback protects the castle from unknown dangers. Outside, “storybook” images await your child’s personal touches: decorate with markers, paints or crayons, construction paper, gems and jewels. Once inside, children can create their very own framed portraits, label books on their library shelf and peek through their castle battlements to look out over their kingdom. And, because we care about your child’s real world as much as their imaginary world, our products are made from bio-degradable, eco-friendly materials that are formaldehyde-free and completely recyclable. MyVeryOwnHouse® - Castle, Model MC4428Rc. US Patent No. 7,552,563

WARNING: Not for children under 3 yrs

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