Miracle Cloth All Purpose Polishing Cloth Made in USA

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Miracle Cloth All Purpose Polishing Cloth Made in USA

Miracle Cloth is an all purpose cleaning and polishing sensation that has completely stood the test of time. Since 1965, Miracle Cloth has been replacing an entire shelf of liquid cleaner / polish or paste and is also non-abrasive.

So easy to use. In just minutes, Miracle Cloth can not only make sliver, brass, bronze, gold and copper look and shine like new, but also stainless steel, chrome, magnesium, nickel, aluminum, silverware, pewter, tile, as well as porcelain.

Miracle Cloth also contains real coconut oil which adds depth and an extra protective coating to anything you apply it to.

Musicians use Miracle Cloth on metal and wooden instruments. Especially works great on brass cymbals and instruments with lacquered finishes.

Jewelers love how Miracle Cloth cleans and polishes tarnished and dulled jewelry pieces to where they sparkle like new !!

Sports enthusiasts like how Miracle Cloth removes rust and corrosion from metal parts like golf clubs, guns, boats and fishing tackle.

Removes: Bad corrosion from metals. Paint spots from varnished glass, metals, porcelain and tile. Rust stains from wash bowls and bathtubs. Burn marks from porcelain stoves and appliances. Rust from hub caps, wheels, trim, and chrome bumpers. Scuff marks from floors. Road film from metals and glass. Heel marks from tile and surface scratches from enamel

Made in USA