Hone Alone

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Hone Alone Razor Sharpener Made in USA

It just takes a few seconds to sharpen a razor cartridge with Hone Alone. Break the chains of the razor makers by extending the life of each razor cartridge 5 to 7 times!

Save hundreds of dollars and be good to the environment by extending the life your razor cartridges.

Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!

Made in Mendocino, California from 100% USA content. Beware of Made in China knockoffs on the Internet, Hone Alone sharpener is the real American-Made deal.

Designed specifically to sharpen today's razor cartridges. Great for men's or women's razors.

Human powered, no batteries needed (or wasted).

Take anywhere. Easily fits in kit, bag, or luggage for travel.

Note: Sharpener included. Razors not included.

Made in USA