Diva Goat Milk Soap Bar Patchouli Ylang Cinnamon Made in USA

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Bold, confident, audacious--this is a true diva. This soap is no different. The Patchouli leads out unafraid of who it is and the Ylang follows, but not because it's in the background. The cinnamon sprinkled throughout adds the perfect ending note as you take it all in. Key Features of Our Soap: • Pure Goat Milk: Sourced from our own farm-raised goats. Packed with vitamins and minerals, the raw milk infuses into your skin, leaving it feeling conditioned, moisturized, and soft. I find myself using less lotion when I keep some of this soap by the kitchen and bathroom sinks, even in the harsh Nebraska winters. • All-Natural Ingredients: We only use ingredients straight from Mother Nature. No weird chemicals or synthetic stuff – just pure, wholesome goodness for your skin. Clays, seed infusions and charcoal are some of the ingredients we use. • Infused with Essential Oils: We've carefully selected premium essential oils to infuse our soap with natural fragrances.