Koala Stuffed Animal 12" by American Bear Factory

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Koala Stuffed Animal 12" by American Bear Factory

G'day mate! Our Koala Bear hails from Australia (he prefer "down under"). Even though he's really a marsupial, Koala is fine with being called a bear because he knows he's as cute and cuddly as they are. Koala enjoys hanging around in trees eating eucalyptus, but is more than happy to come down and hang out with you!

Made in the USA

As with all other American Bear Factory animals, the Koala Bear teddy bear is an American toy made in the USA. All of our teddy bears and stuffed animals are handmade from scratch using American-made materials, resulting in a high-quality, unique and safe product for your family. American Bear Factory has been a USA manufacturer of American toys, stuffed animals and teddy bears since 1959. Learn more about why Made in the USA matters.