To interview Todd Lipscomb or any questions, please e-mail with the subject heading "Media Request" or call 1-760-295-5900

Interviewed on San Diego Live 7/3/14 (see video above)
Interviewed on Fox National News (see link below)
Interviewed on KABC (see link below)
Interviewed on Fox & Friends 7/4 (see link below)
Interviewed by CNN (see link below)
Interviewed live on The EveryDay Show with Marcus & Lisa on the Familynet television network (shown in over 200 cities).
Interviewed live on Your Morning, CN8 (Maine through North Carolina), please see link at bottom of page to view on
Mentioned on Fox News, by E.D. Hill

"Star-Spangled Shopping" in AARP Magazine (our nation's largest circulation magazine)
"Made in America" in Bottom Line Personal (our nation's highest circulation newsletter)
"Are American Cars Really Made in America?" in Bottom Line Personal
"Cheap Goods and A Dire Future (from China)" in Industry Week (link Below) "Dreaming of Made in USA Forever" by Roger Simmermaker
Quoted in "Made in The USA" by Alison Medina in The Product Source magazine (link below.
MSN "How You Can Still Buy American" (link below)

Radio Interviews: (Todd has done over 300 radio interviews)
Top Twenty Radio Stations:
WOR NYC Steve Malzberg Show
KGO The Bay Area's No. 1 Station (Top 3 in USA) with Rosie & Greg
KGO with Karel
WJR Detroit several times
KLAA Los Angeles
KMOX St. Louis twice
KSKY Dallas with JD Wells
WRKO Boston
WGN Chicago multiple times
"The Apple" NYC

Other Radio Networks, Stations & Shows:
Weekly guest on The Ed Shultz Show (on 90 stations and XM Satellite)
The Savage Show with Michael Savage (on over 300 stations and XM Satellite)
The G. Gordon Liddy Show
The Roger Hedgecock Show
The Overnight Show with Jon Grayson (on CBS radio network)
Multiple appearances on XM and Sirius Satellite nationwide radio.
Road Dog Truckin' Free Wheelin' Show on XM
Your Practical Advisor with Vern Motor (on 50 affiliates)
The Richard Dixon Show (on 40 affiliates)
Financial Lifeline Radio (nationwide affiliates) (twice)
Dresser After Dark (on 30 affiliates) (twice)
Car Concerns (WKVL & affiliates) Radio Network
KTRS St. Louis
WWL New Orleans
WSJS Winston-Salem
KDKA Pittsburgh
WVTL NY The Bob Cudmore Show
WECK NY with Scott Leffler
WGY NY with Al Roney
WDVR NJ with Rita Cleary
WNTN MA The Frugal Yankee with Garen Daly
WBNW Boston Area The No Boundries Show
WBNW Frankie Boyer Show
KWNA Nevada with Rod Stole (twice)
WEKZ WI (twice)
WHBC Canton Ohio
WHTC Holland Michigan with Ed Verschure
WGBB Long Island NY with Victor Fusco
Talkstar Radio (seven times)
WAAV Wilmington NC
WAPI Birmingham
Cool 101.3 Delaware
WFTL Ft. Lauderdale FL
WERC Birmingham
WJBC Bloomington, IL
WPR Wisconsin Public Radio
WOOD Grand Rapids, MI
WILN East Lansing, MI
WFOB Bowling Green, Ohio
WKBN, Ohio
K104, NY with Chris Marino
WGBB, Long Island, NY
WDVR, NJ with Shep Cohen
WGTK, Louisville, KY
WGSG, Woodstock, NY
WOCM, Baltimore, Maryland
KGAB, Cheyenne, WY
WRVC, Huntington, WV
WCDK, Wheeling WV
WGCV, Columbia, SC
XM Satellite

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