Mighty Spikes 50-Count Made in USA

Mighty Spikes 50-Count Made in USA
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Mighty Spikes 50-Count Made in USA

Mighty-Spikes™ can be used for holding down most any product securely to the ground including:
* Landscape Fabric
* Artificial Turf
* Erosion Cloth
* Grass/Seed Mats
* Tarps & Tents
* Pond Liners
* Landscape/Driveway/Walkway/Patio Paver Edgings
* Secure Seasonal Vegetable Plant Covers/Mini Greenhouses
* Tie Down Support for Small Trees/Shrubs/Vegetables and much more.

They will:
* Will Never Rust
* Last For Years
* Re-Usable
* Sharp Point
* Large 3/4" Head
* Super Strong
* 6" Length

Mighty-Spikes™ are injection molded in one piece with super strong polycarbonate plastic.

Made in USA