Made in USA Articles November 2012


Black Friday? How About Red, White, and Blue Instead?

A week from today the big chain stores want us to line up for their benefit in what they call “Black Friday” so that they can sell billions of dollars in foreign imports.

These are the same companies that blew the gates open to massive imports from China, etc. They betray our own nation, do serious damage to our industrial base, and put millions of folks out of work for their short-term greed. How does it make sense to put their own customers out of work, to pay their employees so little that many are still on government aid, and to cause thousands of our factories to close? Of course in the long-run it is a foul, man-made disaster that is costing our nation its greatness, just for the sake of their top executives’ bonus this quarter. Let’s not reward them.

Here is what I say – Tell them where they can put their Black Friday!

Let’s make it a Red, White, Blue Friday instead! This is not a red state or blue state issue, but one for every American who loves our country.

Let me give you a very recent example. The makers of the Bionic Wrench, a small, family owned business committed to making their products here in our nation, finally won business at Sears. After several good years, Sears used a Chinese source to blatantly rip-off the Bionic Wrench design and sell it under their once sacred Craftsman Line. The maker is fighting, but what chance do they have?

Tell Sears CEO Louis J. D'Ambrosio how you feel at 800-549-4505 ext. 5 or e-mail:

Link to Article on Sears and Bionic Wrench

New Items:

We had multiple requests for a $25 gift certificate level, so I am happy to say we now offer it. Like the other gift certificates we offer, they never expire, have no sales tax on initial gift certificate purchase, and there is no shipping cost on the e-mail version. We have an option for a nice card that is sent by Priority Mail for just $6 extra. Let your loved ones choose from among our thousands of USA items, and you won’t have to worry about picking sizes or colors!

We have added two new wood puzzles from Maple Landmark. A cute whale and dinosaur. Not only a lot of fun, but made of solid wood that will last for generations! See other toys by this great American toy maker under our wood toy section (link to Wood Toy Section).

Polar Bottle, who we helped first launch their impressive cold drink insulated sport bottle has just launched their new “Ergo” bottle for hot AND cold liquids. Plus, with just a twist you can drink without taking the lid off! It is substantial and will last years. This bottle pays for itself in just a few uses compared to buying drinks at Starbucks! Fun gift for under $20!


The Election is Over, Let's Fix Our Nation

The election is over. It’s time to come together as Americans to fix our nation. No more TV ads with political spins, yet the fact remains that we still have a weak economy that is not creating enough decent jobs. History shows economic decline is what brings down great nations. For example, the barbarians would not have gotten to Rome if the legions had not been hallowed out. Moreover, the Spanish Empire collapsed without even being invaded due to their weak economy.

We can fix this situation and make sure our nation remains great, but we need to act!

Government and business have their place, but we can’t continue to wait for them. The good news is that We The People have a lot more power than folks realize. Over 70% of the economic activity in our nation is consumer driven. Business and all levels of government combined are the rest!

Our forefathers built a great nation. Over the years, hard working people sacrificed and made things that raised our standards of living. Like all Americans, they wanted a better life for their children.

Since just before NAFTA, little by little it somehow became OK to sacrifice segment after segment of our industry and working folks to get “low, low prices” on chintzy junk that falls apart anyway. That’s wrong, and it has to change.

It is up to us. We make a real difference with each USA purchase made, not just at the factory it was assembled, but across the entire supply chain. Such as the farmer that grows the cotton, all the folks that supply him, the trucker that takes the cotton to be woven, and so and so on. There is a huge multiplier effect with every dollar spent here on manufactured goods versus imports.

Plus, the quality is typically much, much better on goods made here. They may be priced more initially, however, Made in USA products are far superior and last much longer.

The only way to really heal our national economy and our nation is by buying more of what we make. Please join me in making it a Made in USA Christmas and beyond! God bless the United States of America!

New Items:

“Green Toys” has new toys! We have been supporting Green Toys since the beginning and are one of the first to get a supply of their new toys – a Sea Plane, Airplane, and Submarine! All made in California of recycled plastic with no dangerous chemicals!

Clipa has invented something awesome for purses or handbags – an instant handbag hanger that looks great! Imagine not wanting to put your handbag down on that dirty floor, and “Click” hanging it one handed in two seconds! Clipa also has a cool key ring that won’t damage fingernails. Made in California.

MoTown Soup is a charity that feeds Detroit’s homeless. It is a wonderful organization for the truly needy. They sell a fun kit of soups that directly supports their efforts. This is hearty food made in our nation with all of the profits going to charitable work!

Our friends at Eddystone have developed another very cool titanium product! It is a“” logo bottle opener that fits on a key ring! Plus, it is shaped like a rock guitar! This is made out of real titanium, so it has some give, but will never, ever break.


Standing for "Made in USA"

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis” Abraham Lincoln.

It has been a tough week for the USA. A harrowing storm smashed into our East Coast adding to the troubles with our nation’s weak economy.

One thing I have seen time and time again is that our nation is at its best when facing adversity. Our people have faced hardship before and come through better and stronger.

Born from a struggle for freedom and fairness, our nation was founded on ideals by those from all over the world. People that believed they could make a difference took a stand and did just that. They made a difference.

I have lived abroad in Asia for work, traveled to many places, and studied their history to understand the cultures and backgrounds of many peoples. There is good and bad out there, yet the USA is unique. Our nation does not offer freedom for a few, but for all. It has not always been easy, however it is the hard times that defined us and forged our nation into something more; something greater. Freedom with compassion and a combination of ideals hardly seen in history and still rare in much of the world.

All those years in business here and in Asia revealed to me some truths that are not clear to our media. China is absorbing our factories on purpose not only for the jobs, but to become the (yes, “THE” in a singular tense) world’s superpower. Our own American businesses, big retail chains and conglomerates, are not only letting it happen, but opened the gates wide for their sack of short-term greed.

However, “We The People” have a say in the matter. We control over 70% of our nation’s spending (government and business COMBINED equate the rest), so we can tell them what to do with those chintzy imports. We can fix the storm damage and we can fix our economy.

It turns out that apathy, the lack of caring, is the most dangerous enemy of freedom. Folks that lost their jobs due to the tidal waves of imports are buying that same junk. Nevertheless, more and more of us are awakening to the issue. The energy on our website is increasing at an exciting rate and we now have over 12,000 have joined us on Facebook.

So what if the odds are long and people are apathetic? For me, taking a stand and possibly failing is better than not standing for something at all. Let’s put our own people back to work by buying the stuff we make in our own nation! God Bless the United States of America!

New Items:

As someone who often carries around bottles of water, I am very excited about the Gobie H2O water bottle! It has a filter built in to clean tap water! Why waste money on bottles of water when this makes any tap water just as good or better? Dishwasher safe, amazing ergonomic design, BPA free, cup holder friendly, and made in California. I love this new Made in USA product! This is a great gift idea for loved ones that exercise a lot, commuters, etc. Everybody drinks water!

Our very popular can opener maker EZ-DUZ-IT has come out with new economy model that is smaller and comes with red or blue handles. Made in USA, Missouri to be exact, and only $7.95!!! Now that is a bargain!

I take fish oil Omega-3 because I was advised years ago of the benefits to heart health. The big retail stores are full of fish oil from South America or even China, but now we have pure Alaskan fish oil right here! Caught in the pristine waters off Alaska and filtered to the molecular level in Ohio, I am proud to now offer this awesome American-Made product from Optimal Health Bridge.

Eddystone, the maker of our new titanium money clips has helped us come up with a logo money clip. A beautiful, titanium flag money clip with “” printed on it. This is a real titanium money clip that will never, never, never lose its spring for under $20! Made in Illinois. That is a great stocking stuffer!