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Why Choose America?

We are making a lot of progress. Thanks to you, year-to-year growth, visitors to the website, and orders are all very impressive. has added over 9000 “friends” on Facebook over the past year ( Word is getting out. It even has me looking at bigger office and warehouse space!

That said, it is still a bit disheartening to drive home past a “Mega-Mart” and see a parking lot full of apathy. Apathy is when folks just do not care. History shows that when good people stop caring about doing the right thing, trouble is not far behind. Luckily for us, the spirit of America cannot be wiped away so easily.

This is real. We are at well over 500 mostly small, family owned suppliers that not only make it here, but make it out of USA content. That means the cotton and other components must be from here too, not just the final assembly. There have been some growing pains, as I have chosen to maximize the number of manufacturers we are able to assist. In this economy, better bold than cautious, if it means helping a few USA suppliers stay in business.

The big retailers just don’t care. Their goal is to churn ever increasing sales even when it means planned obsolesce and selling out the very suppliers that employ their customers! I suppose Wall Street views that as strength, though I see it as a grave weakness. That is why we can beat them in the end if they are a hundred times our size or more.

Here are some excellent reasons folks can feel good about buying items made in our nation:

1) We employ Americans all along the supply chain and put folks back to work.

2) Putting folks back to work this way costs the government nothing and actually raises tax revenue!

3) The quality made by small suppliers is almost always way better than those chintzy imports. These items last many years, not weeks.

4) Better quality USA-Made items is actually cheaper than replacing stuff all the time and better for our environment too!

5) Worker and Product safety standards are vastly higher here than in Asia. Much safer factories and no lead in toys, etc. are important points to consider.

We often hear the comment, “Yes, but it is too hard to find American-Made.” Actually, there is a lot available on the Internet. Just Google search “Made in USA (product)” or of course come to!

New Items:

Earth Creations has added some new items to their line of high quality, eco-friendly clothing. Clothes are made with USA organic cotton. Earth Creations has put second and third generation sewers back to work in Moulton, Alabama. Moulton used to be a big time sewing town, but over the years sewing was outsourced. Once again, we have the opportunity to support the Gulf States. Made in Alabama.

Hartstone Pottery produces hand decorated stoneware of the highest quality and value. Pottery is freezer and dishwasher safe and can be used in the microwave and oven. Hartstone kitchen and dining products are fully vitrified stoneware produced from the finest raw materials in North America. Handcrafted and decorated in Ohio.

Kentucky Cutting Boards and Lazy Susan’s are excellent quality boards. Distinctive designs showcase beautiful and substantial Appalachian Maple boards. Cut on the back, serve on the front. All are made from sustainable yield hardwoods and support our hardwood industry. Made in Kentucky.

Birthday Greeting Cards by Maggie’s Quill are distinctive and unique. Each card has a genuine antique family photo on the front as well as the family name identified on the back with an actual date. Printed in the USA on the highest quality recycled paper. Includes a pack of ten different birthday greeting cards. Made in USA.

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On Sale This Week Only: My book “Re-Made in The USA” on these important issues. I just noticed 155 of you “liked” it via for Facebook. How awesome you are!

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Worst Trade Deficit in History

According to government figures, our 2011 trade deficit with China is the worst ever in the history of the world at $295,500,000,000.

That is over a billion dollars every single weekday being sucked out of our nation. It is nearly $1000 for every single U.S. citizen for last year alone.

Imagine the good that could have been done if only a fraction of OUR money had stayed here.

It simply is not mathematically sustainable for too many more years. We are charging towards the cliff with each passing day, making us look more like Greece.

This is not a red state or blue state issue. It is a red, white, and blue one. We must come together as people, like our nation did on December 7th, 1941 when hundreds of Japanese aircraft attacked Pearl Harbor. A Mitsubishi (yes, the car maker) Zero taking off from the carrier Akagi to join the second wave of the attack is pictured at left.

China takes a long term view. They intend to be the world’s next superpower. Beijing knows it needs industry to achieve that goal, and they are taking it from us one factory at a time.

We get cheap, chintzy goods at the cost of our jobs and future. It’s a bad deal.

Though circumstances are bleak, I have never been more optimistic since this effort began. Americans all over our great nation, from every background, are waking up by the thousands.

Even if our efforts were to fail, this nation is worth taking a stand for. No other nation gets to decide our fate. Only “We The People” have that power.

New Items:

Royal Apparel offers a variety of cotton and organic cotton clothes for infants, children, men, and women. Royal Apparel has a wide selection of colors, fabrics, and sizes. Made in USA.

Karenhelenz Handiworks has created adorable hooded capes for your infant or toddler. Handmade, cute, and cozy, available in several colors. Made in California.

Ciao Bella has added a Gentle Exfoliating Cream with Jojoba Beads to their line of high quality spa products. Renew your skin with this luxurious cream. Made in USA.

OsciStand® Sprinkler Stand is a perfect solution for your lawn and garden. The OsciStand® has a swivel connection that allows for multi-directional changes to allow irrigation of the exact watering area desired. Affordable and user-friendly. Made in USA.

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On Sale: What could be more American than blue jeans? Too bad the big makers, like Levi’s have sold us out. Through this Sunday, we have jeans on sale from two great makers – Texas Jeans and Roundhouse. At these prices, everyone who needs a pair of real American-Made jeans should take a look.

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Who Benefits from American Decline?

If you have not seen it, here is Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl Chrysler Ad “Halftime in America”:

It is a meaningful, important message about rallying for our future.

I am not sure who really “feels lucky” enough to challenge Clint on why the USA is great, although sure enough a few popped up. The money he earned from the spot was donated to charity. He is not even a supporter of the President.

The so-called controversy got me thinking about who benefits from our nation’s decline. De-industrialization, literally the moving of our factories to Asia, is undermining our nation and moving us towards decline. We lose good jobs and wages drop. Government tax revenues fall causing surging levels of debt and drops in service. We cannot be a super power without the ability to outfit our troops. The basic fabric of our society is coming undone, as folks lose a stake in our culture and the belief in what makes us great.

Who benefits from that? In the short-term, corporations save dollars by shifting work to Asia. Big retailers benefit as they force prices down and hide the true cost of “low, low prices”. Politicians get money from corporation’s massive lobbying efforts.

That is greed, but it is a foolish short-term greed, as it is the American Middle Class that pays every bill in the end. By decimating our middle class to get a lower price from Asia, corporations are putting their own customers out of work. Who will shop there when no one has money?

This destruction of our middle class must halt if our nation is to be saved. Manufacturing jobs are key to our prosperity.

Some say we cannot compete on wages. Though, Germany pays even more than we do and manufacturing is the backbone of their economy as well. As I saw firsthand overseeing the Asian Finance for a USA Tech company, we cannot compete with them on wages. Furthermore, wages are only one factor in China’s shell game. There is more on this issue in my book, “Re-Made in The USA”.

It is time for our politicians, business leaders, and yes us citizens too, to remember that we are Americans. All folks part of something special, something great – The United States of America.

New Items:

Wickers thermal wear for men, women, and children. Moisture wicking clothing combines the finest fabrics with some of the most advanced garment-making technologies. Wickers clothing is not only soft and comfortable, it’s also incredibly durable. Made in USA.

Accucope Tool is an innovative way to cope inside corners in baseboard and base shoe moldings. Accucope is designed to save time and money as well as increase accuracy. Made in USA.

Bee-Blessed Soap Cottage uses a time-honored cold process that takes up to six weeks to create their beautiful handcrafted soaps. Choose your own 3 pack from a selection of five appealing scents. Made in Tennessee.

Royal Apparel offers a variety of shirts, tanks, and hoodies. Royal Apparel has a wide selection of colors, fabrics, and sizes for men, women, and children. Made in USA.

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On Sale This Week: logo gear. T-Shirts and caps made in the USA for under $10, pens and bumper stickers for under $1. Definitely “Made in The USA”!

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