Made in USA Articles January 2014


Let Other Nations Buy What They Make: I Buy Made in USA

There are so many good reasons to buy Made in USA, such as helping OUR economy, creating good jobs here, better quality products, cleaner processes for the environment and so on!

It is key that we create economic activity with each purchase, not just at the factory where an item is made, but also at each of their many suppliers. Each of those suppliers in turn also needs services and support every step of the way. This chain of economic activity means that if the benefit does not immediately come right back to us, it still touches dozens and dozens of our fellow citizens! That is the “economic multiplier effect” of buying Made in USA.

For example, imagine that due to increased orders, a manufacturer orders more materials from his supplier. That supplier in turn may hire a person who had been long-term unemployed. The economic benefit to that person is clear, but also it benefits all of us: he or she starts paying taxes instead of receiving money from the government. Beyond that, that new employee gains a powerful, renewed optimism! The impact of that changed outlook may be more difficult to measure, but it’s vitally important to the growth of our nation.

Sadly, that optimism is often lacking today. We can win it back, person by person, by locking arms as Americans. No matter our background or opinion on other issues, we can improve our economy simply by buying Made in USA!

Let other nations buy what they make. I am Todd Lipscomb, and I buy what we made in the USA!

Featured Supplier: Patriot Plastics

Patriot Plastics is one of my favorite suppliers! We use their kitchen tools at home constantly! Spatulas, cooking spoons, a stir fry tool, a pasta tool and a skimmer. They are all tough, but flexible, easy to clean and stylish.

New Items:

We added a 2-Pack of unisex thermal shirts from Royal Apparel to help with all this cold! They are made of soft, flexible fabric that is colorful and fun to wear. Great for layering with other shirts, wearing by itself in a mild weather or even as pajamas.

The Water-Tight Key Case is great for hiding a spare key. It comes with powerful magnets to allow it to be placed where no one would expect it. They mean “water tight,” too; this case will definitely keep your key safe and dry in any weather.

The Grip Buddy Golf Training Tool is sure to keep one’s wrist in the correct position while improving his or her golf game! Check out their video within the product description. Made with pride in Minnesota.


China's Other Export: Pollution

According to a recent study, up to 25% of air pollution on the West Coast is floating over from China. Sadly, we’re directly responsible for much of that pollution. The study tied a significant amount of Chinese pollution to the production of goods for export to the United States and other countries.

Of course, the pollution we now know is drifting to our coast comes on top of the pollutants actually in the products themselves and the huge amount of pollution cargo container ships create. According to other studies, the largest 15 cargo container ships create more pollution than all the cars in the world combined, due to the nearly unrefined fuel they burn.

I saw firsthand in China that environmental laws are much less stringent and often ignored completely. Walking outside, the air was so thick it was like I was smoking cigarettes 24/7. In spite of the occasional PR push by Chinese government authorities, the pollution situation just continues to get worse there.

However, “there” is not a far away as it may seem. Sure they are seeing the worst of it, but there is no doubt that pollution is affecting us here the USA as well. In fact, experts already estimate that Los Angeles experiences at least one extra day per year of smog exceeding safe ozone levels because of pollution from China.

Our manufacturers are held to a much higher standard. Not only does manufacturing in the USA sustain our economy and create good jobs, but it is much better for our world environment. Letting the Chinese and others pollute at these crazy levels and ship products to us creates vastly more pollution than making items here in the USA. That’s yet another negative vote we cast with every purchase of Chinese imports.

Made in USA is not just better for our economy, it is greener too!

Featured Supplier: Real Maple Syrup right from the farm!

There is something amazing about maple syrup direct from the Kirsch Family farm in upstate New York! They collect ten to twelve gallons of sap, then boil it down to a single quart of the best tasting maple syrup I have ever experienced! It is not cheap, but well worth it for quality like this true American classic!

New Items:

Due to popular demand, we added 40 watt light bulbs from Aero-Tech made right here in the USA. Aero-Tech got a special waiver (for now) on the law banning these bulbs due to their ultra-long life. They also come in 60 and 100 watt clear and frosted bulbs.

We have added three Gatorhyde water hoses made here by Contractors Choice. They use recycled materials for this light but powerful hose! They come in three widths and four lengths, from 25’ through 100’.

Check out the brand new Apollo Lunar Landing Concert Style shirt! Fully made and printed here, this cool shirt not only tells a great story about the Apollo lunar landings, but is fun and stylish, too!

We have added two new types of Fox River Socks for women: a lightweight crew and a quarter sock perfect for exercise, weekends, you name it!

We have added six neat birdhouses and feeders made by the Chattanooga Goodwill. Goodwill does so much good for local communities, and this project is no exception! Plus, these are awesome products that beat any imported birdhouses!

We have started working with “CityMade,” which brings together sauces from cities’ popular restaurants! So far, we have “Best of” gift boxes from Rochester and Buffalo, as well as a collection of famous Anchor Bar hot sauces. This is a fun and interesting gift idea!


URGENT Message on Made in USA

The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) free trade agreement, the so-called “NAFTA on steroids,” is a terrible deal for the USA economy and kills jobs! A number of details have been leaked about this secret negotiation, and it will substantially shift power away from nation states to a binding international agreement. It benefits international corporations at the expense of our industry, farmers and middle class. The President is asking congress for “fast track” approval as early as THIS WEEK! I urge you to immediately contact your representative and senators and ask them to stand against TPP and against fast track approval for any international treaty.

Link to contact your congressman:

Link to contact your senators:

This is a defining moment for our nation and our future. Don’t sit quietly by and watch the USA take another step down the wrong path.

Featured Item This Week: Bully Tools Snow Shovel Instead of a chintzy snow shovel that breaks and needs to be replaced every year, how about one so good that it will likely be the last you have to buy? Plus, it is Made in USA! Link to Featured Item

New Items:

Lift, handle and shred meat with ease with the Bear Paw Meat Handler. This tool serves many purposes, from kitchen to grill, with “stay cool” handles. Easy to use and clean. We have added the Handi-Stir whisk by Rada. It quickly mixes so many kitchen items that it becomes unnecessary to get out bigger equipment. This whisk will soon be your favorite kitchen tool!

Our popular maker of hand cream, Udderly SMOOth, has something new – Udderly SMOOth Country Cream. A light, easy to absorb cream for hand and body, it is never greasy or sticky. It comes in a convenient six ounce bottle. Also popular, Waxelene--made from bee’s wax, organic soy, rosemary oil and other natural ingredients--has a new “carry anywhere” tube. Great for dry skin, lips, babies and many other uses. No petroleum or artificial ingredients. Duluth Pack has a new Money Clip Wallet, perfect for the guy who wants the thinnest wallet that will hold all he needs! No big wallet to sit on all day! Plus, it comes with Duluth Pack’s lifetime warranty.

Grip-Tuth hair combs, to hold hair in place, have been a staple of women’s fashion for generations. Unfortunately, many chain stores only carry cheaply-made foreign knockoffs that break or do not hold hair properly. We have many of Grip-Tuth’s items, and ship them all over the world, but have just added their French Twist Kit.

The Spinny Speller is not only a fun toy for little ones, it exposes them to letters in a way that teaches beginning spelling. Made in USA out of only USA grown wood.


Manufacturing is Our Nation's Middle Class

The United States of America grew and became a great nation because hard working people strove and sacrificed, creating a vast Middle Class. These people were not born with a stake in our prosperity, but made it happen on our farms and in our factories across the hills and plains of this great nation.

That Middle Class that pays nearly all the bills in the end, that fought and won two World Wars and many more and that proved to the world that hard work means something is under siege.

In the last few decades, we have seen our middle class go from the dominant force in our nation to a seemingly dying breed. Why? Because short-term greed at our own retail chain stores and on Wall Street, along with “today’s poll only” ineptitude in Washington, has allowed our great manufacturing base to be bled dry and sent to our potential enemies!

The lack of opportunity across the board today is a direct result of the disappearance of manufacturing. We can, we MUST, do something about it. Our Middle Class’s demise is simply the beginning of the fall of our nation. Protecting our Middle Class and encouraging USA manufacturing are two sides of the same coin – Made in USA!

We make a choice with most purchases. We can choose for that purchase’s economic energy to help our OWN people or some other nation!

If I sound energized, you know I am! This is one fight We the People literally cannot afford to lose! Even if we fail, I would rather be in that last figurative charge or trench protecting the great nation and people our forefathers created than warm in bed with regrets.

The old Red, White, and Blue is vital. This is not a Red State or Blue State issue. Politicians and the media use those issues to distract us. They must not take away from the real issue – Our great nation’s future is at stake! We must stand together, roll up our sleeves and fix this!

Save our Middle Class and protect our great nation! Buy Made in USA!