Made in USA Articles September 2012


A Safe "Made in USA" Christmas

As if we did not need another great reason to buy Made in USA, with the Christmas season approaching product safety should be a top priority. Several years ago, 83,000,000 toys were recalled due to being tainted with chemicals, in this case mostly lead. All of the toys recalled were from other nations, though 80% were from China.

Due to the lack of safety standards with Chinese subcontractors, it is literally just a matter of time before this hits again. My time working in Asia left me convinced that dangerous food and toys are entering our country each day.

Anyone can drive to Long Beach, CA or dozens of other ports and see cargo container ships literally lined up to unload chintzy products from Asia. Sadly, no one is checking toys or other imports at all for dangerous chemicals. Our government has somehow chosen not to protect our nation’s children over the risk of offending China.

Next, the toys arrive at retail chain store shelves across the nation. They have managed to dodge most of the legal recourse folks have if they happen to buy a poisoned product at a local store.The retail company holds the foreign producer up as liable for safety, while knowing that USA customers have almost no legal recourse against foreign manufacturers. Product samples are tested, but soon forgotten.

Ironically, it is these same big retail chains that cost their customers their jobs when they opened the gate for Asia to swamp our market with chintzy imports. It is extremely shortsighted and in truth the big chains really do not care about their customers on so many levels.

Thus, we cannot trust the foreign makers, our government, or the big chain stores to keep our children safe. Thankfully, there are a lot more toys and other items made here in the USA. That is why I put Green Toys on a special sale this week.

Let’s make it a “Made in USA” Christmas season. Better yet, let’s make it a “Safe Made in USA Christmas”!

You can feel great about buying American-Made because it puts OUR people back to work, keeps our nation strong, increases tax revenue, and most important among many other great reasons, keeps our children safe!

New Items:

Direct from the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, Buddha’s Cup award winning estate grown coffee. Grown, harvested, roasted, and sent directly from their family farm. The Buddha’s Cup team is doing something very special. Kona is to coffee what Napa is to wine. This is the best of Kona. Gift packs from $50 and up.

Terox is a new company from Boise, Idaho that has created a super soft flip-flop sandal. Absorbs energy while walking to keep it easy on the wearer’s joints. Machine washable. They will become your favorites!

DeMadera has created a new selection of heirloom quality candle sticks. Made from hardwood, these will be passed down from generation to generation. Priced so more folks can afford handcrafted beauty at just $49.95.


Jefferson on Made in USA

"I have come to a resolution myself, as I hope every good citizen will, never again to purchase any article of foreign manufacture which can be had of American make, be the differenceof price be what it may" - Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson knew the importance of supporting our nation meant supporting OUR industry and workers. He knew the importance of keeping his money here. He knew that to make our nation great, we have to have production.

The de-industrialization (literally sending our factories to Asia) of the last thirty+ years has undermined our healthy economy. It is time to take a stand.

There are now over 310 million people living in the United States. They need jobs. Jobs that pay well enough to support themselves and their families.

Our tax base has fallen sharply from where it should beat all levels from local through federal. Government spending under both parties has spiked to try to make up for the weakness and to support foreign wars.

The trade deficit and budget have super spiked almost in unison. Importing products instead of making them ourselves results in fewer folks working here, consequently tax collections fall. In addition, more people end up on welfare, costing us even more.

Many of the nations taking our factories and jobs are hostile toward us, freedom, and our way of life. China is a police state where no one has any rights. It is run by a super elite who control those that point the guns.

Worst of all, our own corporations not only opened the gates, they blew them off their hinges in their rush to cash in on our nation’s middle class demise. By allowing tidal wave after tidal wave of chintzy imports into our nation, the big retail chains are literally putting their own customers out of work.

I am here to say we have do a choice. We do not need imported toys with dangerous chemicals, etc. We can take a stand, just like Thomas Jefferson did in his day to make a conscious choice to buy American-Made!

We are proud to support over 600 manufacturers at that still hold true to our nationand our people. Most are small, family-owned businesses that make something awesome, but cannot get into the big retailers.

I am certain that Thomas Jefferson and our other founding fathers would be horrified by the trade situation today. I am just as certain every one of them would be standing with us against this onslaught.

Thank you! And God Bless The United States of America!

New Items:

Hot Rooster Sauce by de Mars is a gourmet, all natural, vegan, gluten free hot sauce. Proudly made in Washington state.

Green Toys has added a new “Twist Teether”, which are loads of fun for little ones! Made in California of recycled plastic free of BPA, etc.

Fox River Socks has been such a huge hit, we are adding more and more of their types. This week a Wick Dry Hiker sock for kids and also an adult Tramper Hiker sock for him and her designed to resist friction that creates blisters. Made in Iowa.

Tired of tangled necklaces and missing earrings? The Roxsee Jewelry Hanger has you covered with over 400 earring holes, 16 sturdy hooks, and 5 posts.

Salt-Free Flavor Enhancer made in Mississippi is an awesome new spice concept without all the salt! Stay healthy without losing allthe flavor!

The folks at Mindspan Labs have new product called the Precious Thinket. This stress reliever is literally plated with precious metals, like gold. Made in Washington state.

Featured Sale:

I am very excited to be able to feature robes from Telegraph Hill on a special sale this week only. They are a supplier to very high-end spas, hotels, and yours truly. Luxury and comfort at that this price proves we can compete with anyone. Plan ahead please, as this is one of our top sellers at Christmas. Made in California.


USA Economy: Real Help vs. Shell Games

The Federal Reserve just announced a so-called "QE3", which is economist lingo code for increasing the money supply. The Fed will buy $40 billion every month in bonds, etc. to "hold down short-term interest rates" (they hope), but where do they get the money? Not long ago, they would have had to actually pay for these bonds, or print the money, but today it is a simple click of a computer mouse to create dollars. Such is the ease in the world today now that our money is undermined.

These intensified shell games have been going on with the Fed during the last few presidencies. Weak economy? Artificially stimulate the housing market. Trouble funding the budget deficit? Have the Fed buy the bonds from the Treasury. In fiscal year 2011, the Fed bought over 70% of new debt issued by the Treasury, surpassing China in that period as the number one buyer of our debt.

The official word is that it is to keep interest rates down. Lower interest rates by creating money out of vapor? That does seem like alchemy, but just as the alchemists were never able to turn anything into gold, this sleight of hand will not work forever.

First of all, even the thought of flooding the money supply would normally create an expectation of inflation that would raise interest rates. For the moment, the Fed is holding that at bay by focusing on the purchase of those interest sensitive bonds. A smaller supply of bonds means lower rates for those who buy them, and in effect a lower "official" interest rate.

Secondly, the European economic situation has made the USA look safe. More on that later, but let's just say that if Spain is too big to fail, it is also too big to save.

Thirdly, a key aspect to the game is shorter and shorter terms on the national debt. Big creditors are more willing to accept lower interest rates on short-term debt since they will get their money back sooner, can reinvest in something else rapidly, and perceive that they faceless risk. By focusing on short-term debt, the Treasury has been able to force down interest rates for the moment. However, all of that debt will need to be rolled over when it comes due. If the government were smart (cough, cough), while interest rates were low they would be issuing long-term debt to reduce the overall interest cost. Instead, borrowing massively using short-term debt reduces today's expense at huge, unknown future cost. Unlike when a person pays off a mortgage, the government just rolls the debt over and borrows again. What happens when interest rates surge? What happens if in ten years there are few willing buyers for our government debt?

The Fed is like a bull fighter holding a red cape in front of a bull, except the cape is massive bond buying using pretend money. Sooner or later the bull always notices the guy holding the cape

What CAN we do that really does help our economy? I discuss this issue in further detail in my book, but clearly when we buy what we produce here in the USA, we do so much better. We create good paying jobs here. We take those good men and women out of the unemployment lines, they pay taxes instead of collect welfare, and so on.

We really do make a difference with every USA-Made purchase!

New Items:

New winter work and hiking socks from Fox River Socks! Yes, it is still warm out there, but winter is coming. These great socks for men and women are built to last and keep your loved ones toes nice and toasty! Soft, wool blend hits just the right point between warmth and comfort. Made in Iowa.

My Very Own House offers great play houses, castles, grocery, even a pirate ship for the kids to play and pretend with! Even better, they get to color their playhouse themselves ANY color they want to! Encourage creativity in your little ones in a toy they will never forget! Made in Ohio.

The Cabinet Keeper is built tough to protect your under sink cabinetry. A shield against pipe leaks, cleaners spills, or anything that might make your storage area under the sink dirty. Easy to use, easy to clean. This solid, strong plastic product is made in Florida.

GlamEars protect your ears and GlamMat protect your counter up to 450 degrees from women's hair styling tools! Say goodbye to nasty ear burns! Same goes for damage to the counters! Your gals are safe to "glam" their hair without having to worry about those issues again! Made in California!

Featured Sale this Week Only:

It is still warm, but September means cool weather is just around the corner, so we have a special featured item on sale this week– Nearly two dozen men's jackets, vests, and fleece wear. Union-Made in Kansas. These jackets go head-to-head against foreign competition on price, while providing much better quality! They prove we can still get the job done in the USA! Great gift item and easy exchanges, so please plan ahead. Some go all the way to the size 5XL. On sale this week only, and price increase likely later this Fall.


Making A Real Difference for The USA

Occasionally, I get feedback that our effort cannot stem the tide. That the decline of our manufacturing base and nation has gone too far. That greed, ignorance, and foreign interference have pushed us over the edge. Why bother doing anything?

I realize it is hard to feel motivated as just one person in this storm, nevertheless let me show you how it really does matter --

Recognition + Hope + Action = Positive Change

Nearly all of us recognize the symptoms of decline – lack of jobs, falling wages, folks losing homes, fear, etc. Understanding the simple core issue is actually so easy – If we buy what we make we have jobs here. There is no “new math” around that fact.

Recognizing the issue is important. Word is spreading by the thousands, although many still say “How can just I make a difference”. “Hope” is not a political slogan, but a key motivator. A person understands the issue and sees how it can be improved. Hope shines through the clouds of apathy and is literally the key to taking action.

“Action” is just as vital. We can understand the problem and hope it changes, although without action hope is just a dream. Action manifests in many ways, though the common thread is doing something towards the goal. When one person plants a tree it is some shade, but when tens of thousands do, now that is a forest! Action is also empowering, as we take control of our destiny we feel great! We can and do make a difference!

In the 1940s, these factors came together and our people surged out of the Depression and defeated the Japanese Empire and Nazi Germany simultaneously!

Now our nation faces challenges that are less direct, but in many ways just as dire. We can fade into history or choose to turn it around and reach new heights.

It is not only doable, but in fact we are doing it together with your help right here at Even if we fail, better to fail trying than go down in bitter silence.

New Items:

The “Antblocker” pet feeding tray keeps those pesky ants away from your pet’s food dish without having to spray poison. Their unique design protects your pet and your home. This is a brand new startup proudly made in Florida where they know all about ants!

Appalachian Dry Goods is making neat, artistic, fun t-shirts and caps with outdoor design themes. This is one of a handful of USA-Made baseball style caps out there. Proudly Made in Georgia.

Mindspan Labs has updated their fun Thinket products. They are sort of an artistic handheld stress reliever. Mindspan isalso the maker of the popular Zoxso, Sizzletoad, and a travel chess game. Made in the state of Washington.

U-Color Design Sheets are a blast for kids! Kids just color any of the nine cute animal designs and an adult irons them onto their shirts! Use permanent markers or crayons. Impressive durability, very easy to use, and get new life out of old t-shirts!

Featured Sale this Week:

I originally came across Wickers years ago as I searched for comfortable clothing for the gym. I found them to be way better than anything from Nike or Under Amour. In fact, Wickers was so comfortable I soon found myself wearing them all the time! Their commitment to making it in the USA is unshakable. Products are not cheap, but come with quality and performance you can put to ANY test! Featured underwear and sportswear for men and women this week only.