Made in USA Articles October 2013


Support Businesses That Actually Support Our Nation

Just as you might support a local business or farmers’ market, buying Made in USA does a lot of good for our nation and other Americans. It is not rocket science: we vote with each purchase, and voting Made in USA clearly puts our people to work.

Those employees, in turn, have a chance to put food on the table without government support, are able to pay taxes and so on.

Many “American” brands sold us out: Levi’s, LL Bean and Lands’ End, just to name a few. If they prefer to make it abroad, maybe they should try to sell it there, too!

Also, the big retail chains stores often do not want us to consider or act on what is best for our nation. Somehow, they decided that short-term greed is more important than their customers actually having jobs. They do not support us, so I created a way around them –

It is easy to understand the right thing, and to be willing to buy more Made in USA. Admittedly, though, it is sometimes hard to tell if it was really made by our people. All of the businesses on not only assemble their products here, but they also buy USA components! The site takes the work out of looking at every single label by making sure this important issue is covered.

That maximizes the positive effect for our nation, people and way of life!

Featured Item: USA Made Flags!

Don’t buy a foreign-made USA flag! Actually, there is no need to, as we have great ones at

New Items:

Christmas and Wendell August’s forge just go hand in hand! We have added new Christmas ornaments hand forged by them in Ohio! These will not only look great this year, but will continue to bring joy to your family’s Christmas celebration for decades to come!

Royal Apparel has new thermal shirts in organic cotton! These are great for toddlers through everybody in the family! Many with sensitive skin swear by organic cotton. Others like the environmental aspects. I just like how soft it is!

Royal Apparel also added a men’s and women’s full zip hoodie.

Maple Landmark, one of our fine makers of wood toys, has come out with a fun pirate puzzle to join their other fun, safe puzzles for young kids.


We are going to be doing our best to help our customers make it a Made in USA Christmas!

To make that affordable, we’ve just introduced a “Stocking Stuffer” section that includes many items under $10.

This section has launched with nearly 50 items! There’s something for nearly every member of the family! These gifts are perfect for those Christmas stockings or any reason at all!

Link to Stocking Stuffer Section

Featured Supplier: Real Grown in USA Coffee!

With the weather getting cooler, I wanted to take a moment to introduce two amazing growers of real USA coffee! These two growers raise, harvest and roast their very own coffee beans in the pure air and clean water of Hawaii. Like other items that ship directly from the farm, these are expensive, but I am absolutely certain you would agree both are truly amazing. The taste is so different from store-bought coffee that there is simply no comparison. Talk about a USA Christmas gift!

Please let me tell you more about Maui Ka’anapali Estates and Buddha’s Cup Coffee straight from the big island’s Kona Coast at the link below.

New Items:

We finally have tablecloths and shower curtains made right here in the USA! Homespun Weavers makes wonderful tablecloths, napkins, table runners and even shower curtains! The tablecloths come in more than two dozen colors, to match whatever kitchen or season you are decorating for. The shower curtains do not even require a liner! Proudly made in Vermont!

Know any Made in USA quilting fans? We have added three Quint quilting tools that will last a decade or more.

There is a brand new maker of super cute plush toys here in the States called Bellzi. Their adorable whale, kitty, fox and others are sure to delight! Made in California of USA materials.

We have added new thermal shirts for everyone in the family from Royal Apparel. These thermals layer well and can be used three seasons of the year.


The holiday season is about family, giving and many other good things! Particularly this year, with our national economy’s weak job situation, let’s also make it a “Made in USA Christmas” or Hanukah!

Made in USA adds another level of greatness to those special gifts for loved ones! It puts OUR people back to work, not just at the factory where the item was assembled, but across our nation at the manufacturer’s dozens of suppliers and so on! Giving all those workers a break just before the holiday season is a particularly neat thing to do!

That special Made in USA Hubby, Dad, Daughter, Wife or Son can have a real Made in USA holiday! There is something for everyone on

Don’t want to try to guess his size or what color she might prefer? My Made in USA gift certificates never expire, are good on all our USA suppliers and never lose any value! Here is a link: Gift Certificates

Featured Supplier This Week: Titanium Small Gift Items by Rightech

Rightech of Northbrook has a number of fun gift products made from real titanium for your man of steel! These include several money clips with flags, a bottle opener and dog tags that not only show patriotism, but also are made of a metal that is strong and surprisingly flexible.

Link to Featured Products

New Items:

Wendell August has added some gorgeous decorative items just in time for the Christmas season! New additions include Nativity, Santa and train-themed artwork that will be cherished for generations! Wendell August has become like an old friend with all their Christmas decoration stuff at our house! Their beauty and meaning helps make the holiday season special. I am sure we will pass them to our kids one day, and, God willing, they to their kids and so on.

Footskins, our awesome footwear maker in Minnesota, has added a new item for men and another for baby! So cute (the baby one)! Like many of the items we sell, this is a truly Made in USA option that many folks do not expect.

DRYZ Disposable insoles are an easy, inexpensive way to help regulate foot temperature and moisture. Did you know Dr. Scholl’s is made in China? Well, DRYZ aims to do something about that!

Wickers, our great supplier of USA sport clothing and underwear, has a new pair of socks for guys or gals! They are the experts in dealing with sweat, and assure me these knee-high socks will “…keep your feet dry and odor-free indefinitely, regardless of how much you perspire”.


Healing Our National Economy

Our national economy, much like a person, needs balance to be strong and healthy. We have lost that balance, which is clearly visible in ways that affect people’s lives every day – jobs are short, real wages are lower, our middle class is shrinking, government at all levels is getting lower tax revenue and so on.

Not that many decades ago, “experts” told us not to worry about factories going away and those jobs lost. In their “new math,” service jobs were supposed to make up the difference. Those who questioned their logic were ridiculed as ignorant, as if one plus one could equal three if we just wished hard enough. The reality is that facts remain facts: no matter how much pundits and professors pontificate, one plus one is always going to equal two.

So, the “new math” didn’t work, but the damage had already been done. Big retail chains had already turned to Asia and away from their own customers! Many manufacturers moved also, or simply closed.

The truth is that a healthy economy must have a balance that includes both manufacturing and service jobs. In fact, as Asia never forgot, manufacturing has a much bigger effect than the service industry because of all the suppliers involved.

The situation is dire, but I find that there are many suppliers of items that I had thought gone still making it right here in the USA! Many are small, family owned business where they know their employees and would never give up on our great nation!

Turning this situation around will take years, but you do something real with each USA-made purchase. We create something every time we buy Made in USA. We not only help that person making it, but directly assist many of OUR people at all their suppliers!

That is something to feel good about, and even adds up using the old math!

Featured Supplier: Made in USA Jackets!

With Fall in the air, I am featuring several USA jacket makers! There are still awesome jackets made right here in the USA from USA materials. There are a number of styles for both men and women.

Link to Featured Supplier

New Items

Our sock maker, Fox River, not only makes a wonderful sock that will shortly be your favorite, but they have been making socks here in our great nation since 1900! No new math silliness here, just true Americans making a quality product that will exceed your expectations. Is that a high bar? Compare how substantial Fox River Socks are against those chintzy imports and you will know why they last so long! We added a new pair each for men, women and kids.

Stuffington Bears is the last great maker of a wide line of stuffed animals in the states. They use all USA materials too, so you can feel safe with them around little kids. They have added a new Plush Puppy. Their animals are made for children to love and play with rather than an adult’s precise eye. My kids adore them, and they put up with all the love and abuse! Here is a link to Stuffington.

We have added two new items from our wonderful cutlery maker, Rada! This week, a ham slicer and also a bagel slicer with so many uses! You won’t believe the quality for this price! If every maker could hit this mark, all those boats full of junk imports would have to head back to China! In twenty years, Rada items will still be right there in your kitchen helping every day!


Let Washington Argue; Let's Fix Our Nation

There is an old story about Nero. He was the emperor of Rome when it burned in 64AD. According to some accounts, Nero played his lyre (looks like a small harp, but was strummed like a guitar), while the city was engulfed in flames.

Antiquity has many stories about how the fire started. Did Nero start it? Was he even in the city? Was it accidental? Was it sabotage? The truth may be simple, as accidental fire was very common in antiquity due to cooking and lighting using open flame.

History does show that Nero conveniently blamed the one group that almost certainly did not deserve it, the Christians. A dark time followed, terrible even by tyrant standards.

Today we live in a nation that was NOT created by tyrants, but by and for a free people. I share the frustration of many who view Washington’s antics as a figurative “Rome burning”. Washington’s supposed power lies in a grand façade of suggestions and worries.

A sad result is that many individuals stop taking positive action. However, this nation was created by men and women rolling up their sleeves and making it right. OUR people made our nation great, one sacrifice at a time over generations.

It’s our nation, our way of life and our responsibility. It does not matter what sound bite this politician gave that supposed news show. We, as Americans, can fix our nation and fix our economy by just insisting more on Made in USA.

It is that simple. As you know, 70% of our economy is consumer driven, with government and all companies combined making up the rest. WE make it happen when we insist on buying more Made in USA. Thank you!

Featured Supplier: Schaefer Ranchwear

Schaefer Ranchwear makes a broad line of very special western style clothes and jeans here in the USA from USA materials. This maker has the best quality clothing I have ever worked with, bar none. The prices are not low, but with products meant to be worn and used for many, many years, this is truly a value. I bought their Legend jean jacket a few years ago and still love it! Take a look: I know that if you like the style you or that special someone will adore Schaefer products. He will still be thanking you for that Schaefer jacket in 2023!

New Items:

Altus Brands proudly makes Pro Ears in Michigan. These provide unparalleled hearing protection at work, at play or even mowing the lawn. Our hearing is so important that these are really worthwhile for even occasional loud situations. For instance, a contractor that does not usually hear intense noise in his specialty still runs into other contractors making that much noise at the worksite occasionally. They have fun new color headsets too!